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The Best of the First Half of 2018

Here’s something fun. Folks, as you see me write each and every single year around this point (either the final days of June or first days of July), time really flies, doesn’t it? We’re just about to hit July and officially enter into the second half of the year. That[...]

Spotlight on the Stars: Jessica Chastain

The way Jessica Chastain burst on to the scene, it’s hard now to envision a cinematic landscape that doesn’t involve her. One of Hollywood’s biggest stars, she mixes charisma, activism, and sheer talent to be one of the most high profile A-listers in the business. Already a favorite for the[...]

“Leave No Trace” is another compelling showcase for Ben Foster

There’s no shortage of underrated actors in the movie industry. Frankly, Hollywood is lousy with them. Few are as underrated as Ben Foster, however. Immensely talented and shockingly dedicated to not taking mere paycheck jobs, Foster offers up something special. This week, he again puts forward his huge talents in[...]

“Sicario: Day of the Soldado” is an unlikely yet winning sequel

We certainly didn’t need a sequel to Sicario. That top notch procedural worked quite well as a stand alone movie. Luckily, despite Sicario: Day of the Soldado being unnecessary, it’s also way better than it has any right to be. Opening this week, the film isn’t the shot of near[...]

“The King” is a compelling documentary that asks big questions

Over the weekend, a new film came out that, below the radar, manages to be one of the year’s more interesting titles. It’s a little documentary from filmmaker Eugene Jarecki called The King. Having made the film festival circuit over the past year or so, it’s a look at Elvis[...]

“A Star is Born” and “First Man”: Academy Award predictions for June

We’re approaching the second half of the year folks. Believe it or not, there’s only a little of a week left in the first half. In a matter of days, I’ll be posting my best of the first half, which is nuts. As such, with June almost in the rearview[...]

“Gotti” targets critics but has a disingenuous agenda

Normally, I don’t bother to cover poorly received films here. It’s easier to focus on the positive, at least outside of the awards race. However, this is a unique situation. The mob film Gotti opened last weekend, to some of 2018’s worst reviews. Well, some of in the sense that[...]

Trailer for “Creed II” continues the family legacy

This morning, the world saw the release of the First Trailer for the boxing sequel Creed II, the latest unlikely sequel in the long running Rocky franchise. A few years ago, the thought of more Rocky entries was greeted with a big eye roll. Now, in the shadow of Creed,[...]

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” brings the franchise to a whole new place

Long running franchises usually have two paths that they can take. They can either stubbornly stick to the formula that worked and hope that familiarity is what audiences want out of them. The other path is to adapt in order to become something new and exciting. Up until recently, the[...]

Spotlight on the Stars: Chris Pratt

HOLLYWOOD HEROES™: There’s always something nice about seeing an actor transform into an A-lister over time. That’s especially the case when they’ve already made a name for themselves in another form of Hollywood. In the case of Chris Pratt, he went from being an ace comedic actor, especially in supporting[...]
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