December 11, 2016


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Taylor Lautner back with ex-girlfriend? Those who are hoping that ‘Twilight’s’ Jacob would be available to date might have to wait while he dates his ex-girlfriend. Reportedly, Taylor Lautner is striking up a relationship once more with his former girlfriend, Sarah Hicks, states MTV. After allegedly dating a number of celebs including Selena Gomez and[...]

Katy Perry announces perfume Joining other celebs and many singers in launching a signature scent, Katy Perry is coming up with her own fragrance. Perry’s new scent will reportedly be called Purr as it has been inspired by her onstage Catwoman costume, reports InStyle. The fragrance will come in a cat-shaped bottle and will[...]

“Tron” director tells Comic-Con original could be re-released in 3-D

By Sean O’Connell Exciting “Tron” news out of Comic-Con this afternoon. The original “Tron” will be coming back to theaters in conjunction with the December release of its sequel, “Tron: Legacy.” And according to director Joseph Kosinski, the original might be reformatted for 3-D. “I think you can expect to see[...]

Miley Cyrus won’t listen to criticism There has been plenty of criticism aimed at Miley Cyrus for her style, among other things, but she doesn’t want to hear it. While Cyrus understands that criticism will occur, she wants to focus on her art and not the critics of it, reports Entertainmentwise. “[I]f you don’t want to[...]

“Megamind” stars Jonah Hill, Tina Fey talk Mel Gibson at Comic-Con The topic of conversation this afternoon at DreamWorks’ Comic-Con panel for the upcoming animated comedy “Megamind” was … Mel Gibson? No, the controversial star doesn’t lend his voice to any characters in the film. Nor did he appear on a panel that included Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, and Jonah Hill. But[...]

Gwyneth Paltrow suffered post-natal depression following birth of son Moses Gwyneth Paltrow has said the five months after her son Moses was born were ‘some of the darkest’ moments of her life because of post-natal depression. The 37-year-old actress gave birth to the child in 2006 and she admitted that she didn’t have the same elation that she had[...]

Bret Michaels had epiphany while in ER: “My kids saved my life” Rocker Bret Michaels has admitted his health crisis has made him want to be a better dad. The ‘Poison’ frontman had a scare earlier this year when he suffered a brain haemorrhage. Michaels, 47, said the scare has made him want to be a better dad to his two[...]

Zac Efron is the “Hollywood Hottie of the Week” Zac Efron has become known to audiences for his fun roles in “High School Musical” and “Hairspray.” However, he is now making the leap into the big leagues with his new romantic drama, “Charlie St. Cloud,” which opens in theaters July 30th. This week he had the premiere for[...]

Kim Kardashian in no rush for kids Despite the rumors that Kim Kardashain wants to settle down and have kids, similar to where her sisters are in their lives, she isn’t ready for children anytime soon. While she deals with gossip of a new relationship with Miles Austin, Kim is making it clear that babies are not[...]

‘Gossip Girl’s’ Taylor Momsen fired stylist She’s getting a bit of attention and criticism for her racy style, but Taylor Momsen doesn’t plan to change the way she dresses anytime soon. The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress and rocker reportedly fired her stylist so that she could begin to dress herself, states OK!. This decision has allowed her[...]