March 23, 2017


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Final Predictions for the Academy Awards

It all comes down to this. Ladies and gentlemen, the Oscars are this weekend. In about 48 hours, we’ll know all of the Academy Award winners and losers. As such, it’s obviously time for final predictions. They’re here for you, along with a bit more than usual, because that’s just[...]

Just how many Oscars can “La La Land” potentially win?

As we approach the Academy Awards in just a few short days, the number one question on any serious pundit’s mind is this: just how well is La La Land going to do? Between now and Sunday night, it’s just a matter of figuring out if Damien Chazelle’s film is[...]

“Get Out” is a very promising filmmaking debut for Jordan Peele

Horror comedy hybrids are a hard thing to really pull off. You need to mix the two genres in such a way that never overpowers the other. When it works, it can be brilliant. When it doesn’t, the results can be cringe worthy. With Get Out, Jordan Peele has gone[...]

Film Independent Spirit Award predictions

On Saturday, the day before the Academy Awards, a very different sort of ceremony is held. Yes, I’m talking about the Film Independent Spirit Awards, which come right before Oscar this weekend. The Spirit Awards often ends up containing my favorite nomination slates, as they reflect a broader sensibility than[...]

WGA winners include “Arrival” and “Moonlight”

Yesterday evening, the Writers Guild of America handed out their awards, marking one of the season’s final precursor stops and last guild ceremony. As with many of the guilds this year, a slight curveball was tossed our way, namely in that one potential frontrunner is nominated in a different category[...]

Penultimate Oscar predictions

The Academy Awards are in just over a week, ladies and gentlemen. My how time flies, right? With the show coming so soon, there can be a rush to finalize predictions and try to hold course until the end. That’s not my way though, as I play around with my[...]

2016 films that will stand the test of time

One of the things I like to contemplate as a film year wraps up, right around the Oscars, is which of the contenders will actually be remembered years down the line. Often, the Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards is soon forgotten about, seen as an underwhelming consensus choice[...]

“A Cure for Wellness” is a beautiful looking and haunting mess

Normally in the early months of a given year, the mainstream wide releases leave a ton to be desired. Sure, there are decent enough ones if you look hard enough, but they’re usually safe genre outings, with more often than not the quality movies being independent releases. Ambition and ambitious[...]

Potential upsets to consider for Oscar night

Happy Valentine’s Day! As we move toward the Academy Awards ceremony like a speeding freight train, one thing to contemplate a bit are what kind of big surprises we might ultimately see. You never really can truly predict an upset, by their very nature, but you can begin to see[...]

BAFTA spreads the love with its awards

Yesterday afternoon, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (or BAFTA, as they’re known) handed out their awards, with the ceremony being televised a few hours later. They’re one of the last major precursors, with this year being especially noteworthy. Today, Oscar voters have ballots in their hands, so[...]
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