April 29, 2017


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“Free Fire” and “The Lost City of Z”: Films to see in April

Welcome to the second quarter of 2017. Now that it’s April, we’re slowly moving out of the early year doldrums, though we’re not quite out of the woods just yet. April is sort of the splitting point. The blockbuster season is approaching, while the rougher stretch is wrapping up. The[...]

“Between Us” and “Logan”: The Best of the First Quarter of 2017

Much like I seem to find myself saying around this point each and every single year…time really flies. Believe it or not, we’re now a full three months into the 2017 movie calendar, which means we’re literally a quarter of the way through the film slate for the year. Wow.[...]

2017 could be Jessica Chastain’s time to shine with Oscar

Folks, 2017 is shaping up to potentially be Jessica Chastain’s year. She stars in Aaron Sorkin upcoming directorial debut Molly’s Game. She also stars this week in The Zookeeper’s Wife, a drama that once seemed like it would have her heavily in competition for Best Actress. This still could be[...]

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” drops a fun new Trailer

Yesterday morning, a second Trailer was released for the Sony/Marvel team up Spider-Man: Homecoming, which seeks to relaunch the character as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Getting Spidey into the MCU was a big accomplishment in and of itself, but now making a webslinger movie that stands out from[...]

Alec Baldwin is having a career resurgence on the big and small screen

There’s something inherently pleasurable about seeing actors or actresses see a second or third act to their career bring them to previously unseen heights. For Alec Baldwin, he’s seen his career begin as an A-list movie star, then transition to huge television icon. Now, he’s back on the small screen,[...]

Scarlett Johansson continues to prove her action hero chops with “Ghost in the Shell”

There are two types of Scarlett Johansson roles that we’ve been getting over the past few years. One is affecting work in things like Her or Under the Skin, while the other is in action films, both of the Marvel ilk, as well as things like this week’s release Ghost[...]

Oscar Isaac and Kristen Stewart: Who’s due for their first Oscar nomination?

This is something interesting. Every year during the early parts of the season, I like to post about who is overdue to get an Academy Award nomination or win. Last year was no different. There’s always a ton of people deserving of attention but not receiving of it. What’s unique[...]

“Life” is an A-list filled B-movie science fiction tale

There will always be films that exist as a way of paying tribute to a classic that’s come before it. In the next few days, a new one is hitting screens. On Friday, Life opens and it hopes to be a new version to an old hit. The cast here[...]

Can early year releases truly compete for Oscar attention?

One of the more unfair aspects of the awards season is that it truly isn’t a 12 month season. Only certain months tend to have Oscar contenders released in them. If you want Academy Award consideration, the early months of a given year are essentially no man’s land. The list[...]

Woody Harrelson’s potentially big 2017 begins with “Wilson”

The first part of any given year is usually pretty dry when it comes to awards contenders. As such, a lot of the time speculation surrounds who might end up in play, should their upcoming films be worthy of contention. Once such actor with a decent sized slate in 2017[...]
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