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“BlacKkKlansman”: Oscar predictions for May

Academy Award predictions at this early juncture are still very much a complete guessing game. Unless something blows everyone away at the Sundance Film Festival or the Cannes Film Festival, you’re simply speculating. Still, speculation is the name of the game each year, so that’s never stopped anyone before. With[...]

Palme d’Or predictions for Cannes 2018

In just a few days, the awards for the 2018 Cannes Film Festival will be given out. While a number of movies and artists will be feted this weekend, the question of who and what looms large. Which film will be able to join recent winners of the prestigious Palme[...]

“Deadpool 2” is an insane amount of fun

HOLLYWOOD HEROES™: The superhero genre always runs the risk of exhausting audiences with endless amounts of sequels. Characters that initially are new and compelling grow stale, just going through the motions again and again. Then, there’s Deadpool/Wade Wilson. This character, first truly seen a few years ago in his film[...]

Trailer for “BlacKkKlansman” suggests Spike Lee is back in the Oscar race

Over at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday, Spike Lee’s hotly anticipated new movie BlacKkKlansman had its World Premiere. At the same time, a Trailer dropped for the flick, showing just what was blowing people away in France. Initially thought to be a drama or a thriller, this based on a[...]

Spotlight on the Stars: Ethan Hawke

If you’re a fan of cinema, chances are, you’re also a fan of Ethan Hawke. The multi-hyphenate actor/writer/director has made a career out of exploring interesting avenues. As stated once before in a look at the man, there seems to be almost nothing that Hawke can not do. He’s directed[...]

Which filmmakers could Marvel tap next to join their cinematic universe?

HOLLYWOOD HEROES™: An interesting little bit of trivia caught my attention a few days ago. Apparently, at one point in the recent past, Marvel came to Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass to talk about making a film for them. The Duplass Brothers making something for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? On[...]

“The Seagull” finally sees the light of day

Every so often, it’s nice to see a film that’s been on the shelf for years finally come out and actually get solid reviews. Usually, that’s the mark of a terrible flick. Here, in the case of The Seagull, we have a much happier outcome. Initially earmarked to come out[...]

Could the 2018 Cannes Film Festival have any Oscar players?

As the Cannes Film Festival gets underway, one thing that’s glaringly obvious is that this year’s version of the fest is a little lower than usual when it comes to A-list fare. To be sure, the festival isn’t just about big names and prestige pictures, but there frankly are usually[...]

Spotlight on the Stars: Melissa McCarthy

There isn’t anyone else in Hollywood quite like Melissa McCarthy. A unique comedian, the actress has been able to carve a niche within the industry that seems to have taken many by surprise. Scoring an Academy Award nomination early on for Bridesmaids certainly aided McCarthy in becoming a star, but[...]

Box Office records continue to fall for “Avengers: Infinity War”

HOLLYWOOD HEROES™: It’s good to be Marvel. The company is having perhaps their best year ever. 2018 has seen Black Panther put up box office numbers unlike anything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has previously witnessed. That’s not even taking critical acclaim into account either. Then, over the past week and[...]
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