March 28, 2017


Hollywood Celebrity News Headlines

Scarlett Johansson continues to prove her action hero chops with “Ghost in the Shell”

There are two types of Scarlett Johansson roles that we’ve been getting over the past few years. One is affecting work in things like Her or Under the Skin, while the other is in action films, both of the Marvel ilk, as well as things like this week’s release Ghost[...]

Oscar Isaac and Kristen Stewart: Who’s due for their first Oscar nomination?

This is something interesting. Every year during the early parts of the season, I like to post about who is overdue to get an Academy Award nomination or win. Last year was no different. There’s always a ton of people deserving of attention but not receiving of it. What’s unique[...]

“Life” is an A-list filled B-movie science fiction tale

There will always be films that exist as a way of paying tribute to a classic that’s come before it. In the next few days, a new one is hitting screens. On Friday, Life opens and it hopes to be a new version to an old hit. The cast here[...]

Can early year releases truly compete for Oscar attention?

One of the more unfair aspects of the awards season is that it truly isn’t a 12 month season. Only certain months tend to have Oscar contenders released in them. If you want Academy Award consideration, the early months of a given year are essentially no man’s land. The list[...]

Woody Harrelson’s potentially big 2017 begins with “Wilson”

The first part of any given year is usually pretty dry when it comes to awards contenders. As such, a lot of the time speculation surrounds who might end up in play, should their upcoming films be worthy of contention. Once such actor with a decent sized slate in 2017[...]

SXSW award winners include “Baby Driver” and “The Big Sick”

As the conclusion to South by Southwest (or, as we all know it, SXSW) for 2017 came last week, so too came some awards, much like at any number of film festivals. Some of the top prizes went to movies like Baby Driver, The Big Sick, Dealt, The Light of[...]

Hollywood Film Contenders: Films and Talent

The HOLLYWOOD FILM CONTENDERS™ presents the latest entertainment news and commentary, for excellence in film, for both above and below the line. The HOLLYWOOD FILM CONTENDERS™ Team selects yearly, 10 award worthy, FILMS and TALENT, from both above and below the line, in each category of filmmaking: acting, directing, producing, screenwriting,[...]

“The Post”: Oscar predictions for March

As a general rule, I don’t usually update the initial year in advance predictions so quickly, but this is a special situation. Not only is there a new big time potential contender looking to come our way in 2017 now, it’s also replacing what was formerly seen as a major[...]

Terrence Malick continues his surge of productivity with “Song to Song”

Once upon a time, Terrence Malick was a filmmaker who took a legendarily long amount of time between projects. He has since shrunk his turnaround time significantly, becoming, at least by his standards, rather prolific. Sadly, that’s also led to diminishing returns, at least in this writer’s humble opinion. This[...]

“T2: Trainspotting” is the sequel many fans have been waiting for

A staple of mid 90’s independent breakthrough cinema, Trainspotting has long been a movie that seemed poised to get a sequel. After all, author Irvine Welsh did write a sequel to his novel of the same name, that one called Porno. This week, the sequel does arrive, though this is[...]
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