June 23, 2017


Hollywood Celebrity News Headlines

Who should replace Phil Lord and Chris Miller on the Han Solo movie?

*This was posted before today’s announcement that Ron Howard has been tapped for the director’s chair* A few days ago, shocking news broke that filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller were being removed from the untitled Young Han Solo movie that they were currently in production on. This is pretty shocking[...]

“Thank You For Your Service” deploys a Trailer

Initially expected to contend for Oscar attention last year, Thank You For Your Service is now gearing up to make a 2017 run. The film is a much more intimate take on the war genre, offering up a Miles Teller showcase in the process. Yesterday, a Trailer dropped for the[...]

Zoe Kazan continues a strong run of performances with “The Big Sick”

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Zoe Kazan. For my money, she’s among the best actresses working in the business right now, and almost undoubtedly one of the most underrated. She is truly something special. This Friday, she displays that talent again in The Big Sick, one of[...]

Sofia Coppola delivers a top notch remake in “The Beguiled”

Remakes are often dismissed out of hand. Most of the time, they’re unnecessary at best and unwatchable at worst. Every so often, however, a worthwhile one comes down the pike and is worth celebrating. This week, we have one to take notice of and actually fete in Sofia Coppola’s The[...]

“The Papers” from Steven Spielberg: Updated Oscar predictions for June

As temperatures rise, it may seem a bit silly to be thinking about what the Academy could do in the middle of the winter. Still, that’s what I do, so with the New York Film Festival announcing their Opening Night Selection, now feels like a good point to check in[...]

“Cars 3” goes back to its franchise’s roots

For the juggernaut that is Pixar, the one consistent mark on an otherwise essentially spotless record has been the Cars franchise. Give or take one or two other outings that some people are higher on than others, this franchise is the only thing keeping the company from essentially a perfect[...]

Scarlett Johansson sharpens her comedic chops in “Rough Night”

Despite having yet to receive an Academy Award nomination, Scarlett Johansson has developed a reputation as one of Hollywood’s best actresses. Whether she’s in art house fare, kicking ass as part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, or anchoring her own bigger budget flicks, she a true A-lister. One of the things[...]

The Opening Night Selection for the 2017 New York Film Festival is Richard Linklater’s “Last Flag Flying”

Believe it or not, we’re already at the point in the year where fall film festival announcements are being made. Yesterday afternoon, the first shot across the bow was fired when the New York Film Festival announced Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying as it’s Opening Night Selection. Getting a bit[...]

Will Tom Cruise and “The Mummy” actually launch a new cinematic universe?

Last week, the Dark Universe unveiled itself. This cinematic universe the powers that be over at Universal are hoping to launch began with a reboot of The Mummy. Partly a Tom Cruise vehicle and partly a modern monster movie, this summer blockbuster had a lot riding on it. By all[...]

Kate Mara deserves awards consideration for “Megan Leavey”

Surprises when you’re in this line of work are rare. Despite being an animal lover and a dog owner, Megan Leavey was not a movie that was on my radar whatsoever. So, it was an utter delight to come across this earlier on this week and discover that it’s really[...]
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