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“Desperate Housewives'” stars back show producer

As we all know, last week Nicollette Sheridan filed a $20 million lawsuit against Marc Cherry the creator and producer of “Desperate Housewives,” accusing him of assault. Sheridan says that Cherry punched her in the head during production on the the series’ fifth season. He allegedly apologized but then arranged[...]

“American Idol’s” Kara DioGuardi goes nude for Allure Magazine

Kara DioGuardi has come on the music and tv scene since starting her role as a judge on the hit show “American Idol.” She is often found flirting with Simon Cowell, but she always comes across as a genuinely warm and heartfelt person who is always there to pick up[...]

Derrick Borte, director of “The Joneses” – Hollywood In Ten

HollywoodNews.com’s interview feature, “Hollywood In Ten,” showcases the creative individuals responsible for the movies we love, and corners them for 10 quality minutes. We all know how difficult it can be keeping up with the Joneses. Now try competing with the couple when they are funded by a rich marketing[...]

Cameron Douglas and his downward spiral into darkness

Cameron Douglas, the son of Hollywood star Michael Douglas, had found himself caught up in a whirlwind of drug abuse. Strung out on heroin sometimes six times a day, the hollywood heir was on a road to nowhere. Federal agents showed up unexpected at his house accusing him of playing[...]

John Tesh and Oprah: It’s True

It’s true that Oprah and John Tesh used to date. The 57-year-old Tesh says he and the 56-year-old Winfrey dated while working in local news in Nashville, Tenn. According to Kitty Kelley’s new unauthorized biography of Oprah Winfrey, in the 70’s Oprah slept with musician and television celebrity John Tesh. However,[...]

Pamela Anderson owes $493,000 in personal income tax

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is known for strutting her stuff and jumping around on the beach flaunting her body, but now it looks like she has hit a rough spot in her career. Apparently, she has been ignoring the one thing that you can’t run away from in this world,[...]

Heidi Montag is writing a movie

BY STAFF Is this a joke? I mean Lauren Conrad writing her books on her life on “The Hills” was acceptable, because it was more like an autobiography of her life. Plus she was the main star who viewers could relate to, laugh and cry with, so she already had a[...]

Jon and Kate Gosselin receive May court date

BY STAFF We reported last week that Jon Gosselin was filing a lawsuit against Kate over the physical custody of their eight kids. Since then Kate has been acting hostile towards Jon, giving him the cold shoulder. Details also reported that Jon was broke and after the divorce was left with[...]

Zoe Saldana says she’ll need six or seven months to get ready for ‘Avatar 2’

BY TODD GILCHRIST Zoe Saldana, star of the upcoming action film The Losers, said that she’ll need time to get ready for Avatar 2, but she’s eager to work with director James Cameron again. “It’s whatever the boss says,” Saldana told reporters in a news conference Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif.[...]

“Glee’s” Jane Lynch confirms engagement to longtime partner

BY STAFF Not only do we love the show “Glee” so much, but we love Jane Lynch and the nagging character of Sue Sylvester that you just can’t help but love. With the upcoming premiere of the spring season of “Glee” this week, there has been much buzz around the show[...]