January 25, 2017


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“La La Land” leads the 89th Academy Award nominations

Moments ago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 89th Academy Awards. It was the culmination of literally a year’s worth of campaigning, prognostication, and speculation. Oh, and a year’s worth of quality films as well! As is always the case, voters managed to[...]

Final (pre nomination) Oscar predictions – Can “La La Land” tie the all time record?

Playtime is over. In less than 24 hours, the Academy Award nominations are going to be revealed. It’s exciting, right? It all comes down to this. I finalized my predictions last night and resisted the urge to go over them again this morning, since at this point I probably can[...]

Which films will score the most Academy Award nominations next week?

We’re only a few days away from the Oscar nominations being announced! On Monday you’ll see my final predictions, but before that, some speculation is in order. Namely, which film will end up doing the best, nomination wise, with the Academy? Well, there’s no secret there, as it’s going to[...]

How the awards season has evolved

Time for something a bit fun and potentially a little bit embarrassing for me. What could it be? Well, looking back on how the season has evolved by checking my initial Oscar predictions for this year, of course! In past years, this has been occasionally cringe inducing, while sometimes it’s[...]

Penultimate Oscar predictions before the nominations are announced

It’s not far off. In less than a week now, the Academy Award nominations will be announced. Voting has come to an end, so the results basically have been tabulated. It’s just a waiting game at this point. Like an expectant parent, you’ll find me pacing around, a concerned look[...]

“The Founder” offers Michael Keaton a juicy role to bite into

I will never fully understand the thinking behind this movie’s long review embargo. The Founder began screening more than a month ago, but until this week, when it hits theaters, the film has been somewhat under lock and key. It’s a shame too, since with the right backing, this could[...]

Potential snubs to consider in anticipation of the Academy Award nominations

As much as I’ve been spending the last few months (a full year, actually) really concentrating on who and what will be getting Oscar nominations, there’s another side to that coin. Namely, there’s always a few big snubs on nomination morning. The Academy Awards are notorious for random omissions, so[...]

Oscar predictions for the new year: 2017

Friday the 13th. Talk about the proper time to update some predictions, right? After the Golden Globes and the Directors Guild announcements, the race for Academy Award nominations is perhaps beginning to come into focus. With ballots being due today for the Oscars and only a few weeks to go[...]

DGA nominations announced and include frontrunner Damien Chazelle

Today, the Directors Guild of America (or DGA) announced their nominees, further shaping the Oscar race. They come hot on the heels of yesterday featuring the American Society of Cinematographers (or ASC) announcing, as well as the Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Guild. Earlier today, before DGA, the Costume Designers[...]

Can “Deadpool” really become an Oscar nominee?

One of the most interesting developments during the recent part of the precursor season is the surprising strength that Deadpool has shown. From the Golden Globes to the Writers Guild to yesterday the Producers Guild, this odd little blockbuster has popped up in a number of places. Not only has[...]
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