March 30, 2017


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“The Post”: Oscar predictions for March

As a general rule, I don’t usually update the initial year in advance predictions so quickly, but this is a special situation. Not only is there a new big time potential contender looking to come our way in 2017 now, it’s also replacing what was formerly seen as a major[...]

“T2: Trainspotting” is the sequel many fans have been waiting for

A staple of mid 90’s independent breakthrough cinema, Trainspotting has long been a movie that seemed poised to get a sequel. After all, author Irvine Welsh did write a sequel to his novel of the same name, that one called Porno. This week, the sequel does arrive, though this is[...]

“The Disaster Artist” blows away SXSW

Almost like a surprise birthday present yesterday, ecstatic reviews came pouring in from South by Southwest (or SXSW) about a film that perhaps is the one I truly most want to see this year. It’s The Disaster Artist, an adaptation of the book of the same name, about the making[...]

Disney goes back to one of their greatest hits with “Beauty and the Beast”

There’s something interesting about seeing the cinema of your youth get redone. Maybe it’s just doubly weird for me today, considering it’s my birthday (Happy Birthday to me as I turn the dreaded age of 30). For the past few years, Disney has made essentially a cottage industry out of[...]

Best and Worst moments from the 89th Academy Awards

To close be book on the Oscars that just concluded, it makes perfect sense to look at the highlights and lowlights, as it were. Every single year, we get both, as you might imagine. This year, however, both seemed to stand out a little more than usual. Whether that’s a[...]

Patrick Stewart gives one of the performances of his career in “Logan”

Among the many cinematic crimes that exist in the world, high up among them is that Patrick Stewart has never been cited by the Academy. Despite decades of strong work, he remains one of the most respected actors in the industry never to be nominated for an Oscar. Without question,[...]

“Kong: Skull Island” brings the summer experience to March

Everything is becoming a cinematic universe. We’ve accepted that by now, I think. It’s just a matter of how it’s all crafted. On Friday, step two in what will be the return of a giant monster universe hits in Kong: Skull Island. Intended to be a prequel to Godzilla, setting[...]

Kristen Stewart stuns in the haunting “Personal Shopper”

It has long been apparent that Kristen Stewart is a future Academy Award winner, not just a surefire nominee one day. Part of the double edged sword that you have with her output is that post Twilight, she’s been almost determined to stick to challenging independent fare. Cinephiles are obviously[...]

Winners at the Spirit Awards include a “Moonlight” sweep

Before we get back to the Academy Awards and what exactly happened there, and I promise we will, that big weekend also had a non Oscar ceremony that Moonlight triumphed at. Yes, let us quickly go back and take a glance at the Film Independent Spirit Awards. That was where[...]

Year in Advance Oscar predictions

You knew this was coming. With the Academy Awards now in the books, why not look ahead to next year’s potential slate? The Oscars had their say, but now we’re up and running again with pure speculation. Last year I had three of the ultimate nine Best Picture nominees in[...]
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