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A new set of December Oscar predictions

The precursors are almost a daily occurrence now, so why not make new Academy Award predictions a weekly one too? That’s the goal here, as we enter the middle of December. The weather on the east coast is frigid, but the Oscar season is heating up, that’s for sure. The[...]

A ranking of every “Star Wars” movie so far

In just a few hours, audiences will be excitedly lining up to see a brand new Star Wars film. That alone is worthy of celebration, but as I detailed earlier in the week, it also happens to be an excellent movie. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a triumph, taking[...]

Surprises highlight the Screen Actors Guild nominations

Moments ago, the Screen Actors Guild nominations for 2017 were announced, and boy did they contain some surprises. SAG hit on a fair number of the expected contenders, but they went in notably different directions as well, including a few huge snubs. Being the first of the Guilds to announce,[...]

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is the saga’s most unique entry yet

The force is strong with this one. Very strong, in fact. Rian Johnson has managed a delicate balance with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Not only has he crafted a more than worthy sequel, he’s also differentiated himself with the most distinctive outing yet. This bodes very well for the[...]

2017 Golden Globe nominations announced!

This morning, the nominations were announced for the 2017 Golden Globe awards. As always, it was a mix of Academy Award frontrunners and one offs that will see their only moment in the sun courtesy of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The Globes are as much about perception as anything[...]

A third and final crack at 2017 Golden Globe predictions

Folks, here is a sense of just how deep into the end of the year we’ve gotten. The Golden Globe Awards will announce their nominations early on next week. Monday morning, to be specific. One of the highest profile nominating bodies out there, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (or HFPA,[...]

Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Phantom Thread” unravels a farewell to Daniel Day-Lewis

Another day, another embargo lifts for a high profile December release hoping to make an Oscar play. Today, it’s Phantom Thread, the second collaboration between filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson and actor Daniel Day-Lewis. With Day-Lewis claiming that he’s retiring and that this is his final on screen appearance, the movie[...]

“The Post” is another rousing outing from Steven Spielberg

The embargo has finally lifted, ladies and gentlemen! We can at long last discuss The Post, the new Steven Spielberg film, starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. Yes, this super fast tracked project is not only complete, but has been screening pretty consistently for critics, guild members, and the Academy[...]

“I, Tonya” could contend for Oscar wins in Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress

Of all the movies to debut at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, none helped raise their stock more than I, Tonya. Initially thought of as little more than a question mark in the awards race, enthusiastic reviews have shot it into the stratosphere. Now, it’s a true contender, along[...]

A December Oscar predictions update

It’s just about time to kick things into a whole new gear. That’s right, I’m talking about weekly updates to my Academy Award predictions. Considering how we’re in the final month of 2017, it’s apt. These are the last days of the current calendar year, so anything hoping to get[...]
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