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“Marjorie Prime” could be an awards vehicle for veteran actress Lois Smith

High concept independent fare is hard to pull off. That kind of goes without saying. Inherently, science fiction cinema does tend to require a budget. The exception is when the entire concept is something that doesn’t need to be shown. Ideas can be expanded upon by actors and dialogue. This[...]

Ryan Reynolds continues his comedic action hero ways with “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”

Last year was a real turning point in the career of Ryan Reynolds. He found all sorts of acclaim for his turn in Deadpool, a passion project of his for years now. That’s launched the already successful star into the stratosphere, with bigger things set to come his way. This[...]

Could Willem Dafoe be in the running to win an Oscar for “The Florida Project”?

Earlier this week, we got a Trailer for a rather small independent movie that could make a pretty big splash during the awards season. This probably won’t shock you, but it’s also an A24 release. The flick in question is The Florida Project, which has been building some steady buzz[...]

Trailer for “Molly’s Game” puts Jessica Chastain front and center

After a short tease posted by none other than star Jessica Chastain herself on Twitter yesterday, we now have the Trailer for Molly’s Game. This drama marks the directorial debut of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. The pairing of these two seemed like it would create real sparks, and judging by this[...]

Steven Soderbergh: Ranking his films

This week marks the official return to cinemas of Steven Soderbergh. Even though he never stopped working, it’s been a few years since he’s been in the film business, opting more for television in the interim. Well, that’s no longer the case. He has a movie hitting screens in a[...]

Updated Oscar predictions for August

It feels like we’re about to be at a tipping point, Academy Award speculation wise. The fall film festival season is almost upon us, which will start to separate contenders from pretenders. Who and what that will be remains to be seen, though we mostly know the players that will[...]

Who might be in the running to direct the next James Bond film?

Speculation is always fun. Especially with top tier projects, it’s enjoyable to let your imagination take over. Even more so with the James Bond franchise, who doesn’t love designing your ideal 007 film? Picking the actor (or actress) to take up the mantle, selecting a director, etc. It all is[...]

Trailer for “mother!” from Darren Aronofsky suggests something creepy

Fans of filmmaker Darren Aronofsky got a treat (or more aptly, a tease) last week when a Teaser Trailer was dropped for his next film, the mysteriously titled mother!. Now, we have the Full Trailer for mother! to parse through, as it hit the web yesterday morning. It doesn’t totally[...]

2017 New York Film Festival Main Slate announced

Earlier today, the full slate for the 55th annual New York Film Festival was revealed, showcasing what the Big Apple will be putting forward into awards season for this year. 2017 is shaping up to be a solid one, festival wise, and NYFF has gathered a fine group this time[...]

The 80th Academy Awards: If I had been a voter

Here we go again folks! As promised (though perhaps a bit later than initially planned), I’m diving back into the world of previous Oscar ceremonies. This time, I have my sights set on the 80th Academy Awards ceremony. You should know the drill by now. I’m going to state what[...]
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