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Spotlight on the Stars: Bruce Dern

Most of the time, when I look at a star, it tends to be a newfound A-lister or a young Hollywood hotshot. This time around, I want to turn my attention instead to a legend. For this article, it’s going to be one of the most unique actors that the[...]

“Deadpool 2” drops a hype worthy Trailer

Yesterday, the internet got a heaping new dose of everyone’s favorite merc with the mouth. Yes, a new Trailer for Deadpool 2 was dropped, giving us another comic book sequel to eagerly anticipate (after the Super Bowl spot earlier this year). The original, long in development, proved to be a[...]

“Isle of Dogs” is Wes Anderson’s best film yet

This may be heresy to some, but up until now, I haven’t been that big of a Wes Anderson fan. The way that he sees the world warms many a heart, but often leaves me cold. Then, this happened. Merging stop motion animation with canines, he has a real winner.[...]

Films to look out for at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival

Lodged between the meat market of the Sundance Film Festival every January and the prestige of the Cannes Film Festival every May, the Tribeca Film Festival is an odd duck. Each and every April for the last 16 years, Tribeca has showcased a wife variety of (mostly) independent movies, many[...]

Steven Soderbergh goes experimental again with “Unsane”

In coming out of a short self imposed retirement, filmmaker Steven Soderbergh clearly was not going to return to blockbuster cinema. Smaller movies consistently were where Soderbergh made his mark, whether it was Sex, Lies & Videotape or even his revolutionary approach to Bubble. The latter work has a clear[...]

A one of a kind spectacle is showcased in the Final Trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War”

On Friday, Marvel dropped a Trailer that I literally decided was worth taking the weekend to fully process. Of course, we’re talking about the Final Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, which ends another phase for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though it’s much more than that. It’s a one of a[...]

Where do the most recent group of Academy Award winners rank all time?

As we begin to fully focus on 2018 releases and eventually what the 2019 awards season will be like, a little more about the most recent Oscars is still required. Mainly, a look at how the winners stack up with previous ones. This time around, I’m tying in all of[...]

Ten Filmmakers overdue for their first Oscar nomination

Carrying on with one of the yearly series that I like to do on the site, we’re talking overdue writers and directors. Yes, I wrote last week about actors deserving of Academy Award nominations, so now it’s time to turn attention to filmmakers. Actors and actresses are the sexier group,[...]

“Flower” features an awards worthy performance from Zoey Deutch

A breakthrough performance by a talented young actress is always a sight to behold. Last year at the Tribeca Film Festival, I saw Zoey Deutch own the screen in Flower. This independent picture has stayed with me for almost 12 full months, mainly due to Deutch’s captivating turn. She is[...]

“Ready Player One”: Films to see in March

Better late than never. Now that we’ve put the 90th Academy Awards in the rearview mirror, let us focus on 2018 releases (and celebrate my birthday today). Yes, we now officially move on to March releases, a month where we essentially get a preview of the summer movie season. Awards[...]
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