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Toronto Film Festival lineup includes “Downsizing”, “mother!”, and “Suburbicon”

Earlier today, the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival unveiled its lineup, bringing to the forefront a number of potential Academy Award contenders for this year. Toronto often launches a fair amount of awards players into the mix, so the expectation is that the same will be the case here. TIFF[...]

“Detroit” is the best film of 2017 so far

Last week was probably the best week of the year for me yet, screening wise. Not only did I lay eyes on Dunkirk at last, but I also got a chance to see Kathryn Bigelow’s latest film. That film, in case you’re not aware, is Detroit and it quickly stood[...]

Trailer drops for Guillermo del Toro’s latest “The Shape of Water”

Earlier this week, a Trailer hit the web for auteur Guillermo del Toro’s next film, the unique looking The Shape of Water. The filmmaker is one of the more singular storytellers in the business, never taking an obvious route. This hybrid creature feature/love story is unlike anything else out there[...]

“Dunkirk” is a towering achievement from Christopher Nolan

When it was announced that filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s next project was going to be a World War II epic, it was hard not to respond with some degree of snark that the director had finally gone all in on getting the Academy to notice him. Well, Oscar damn well might[...]

“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” offers a visually stimulating universe

The bigger the budget, the safer a film usually ends up playing things. It’s rare that anything approaching blockbuster status feels risky or revolutionary. Most of the time, big time summer fare especially feels as generic and safe as possible. Every so often though, a release hits that has a[...]

Teaser Trailer for “The Disaster Artist” suggests a laugh riot

Among modern day cult films, The Room stands tall. Not since The Rocky Horror Picture Show has a midnight movie captured audience adoration like Tommy Wiseau’s “masterpiece”. Even in Hollywood, it’s an iconic picture. As such, it was never a huge shock that a look at its inception was going[...]

R.I.P. Martin Landau and George A. Romero

Yesterday, the film world lost a pair of legends as reports came in that both Martin Landau and George A. Romero had passed away over the weekend. These two titans of the industry impacted Hollywood in very different ways, but both left an indelible mark on cinema, that’s for sure.[...]

Updated Oscar predictions for July

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, thoughts of the Academy Awards begin percolating in my mind. It’s always there, of course, but now, officially in the second half of the year, it feels time to get down to business, as it were. Summer counter programming is out and hoping[...]

“Darkest Hour” Trailer suggests Gary Oldman is all in for awards

Oscar voters have long shown an affinity for World War II. Furthermore, members of the Academy make no secret how baity a good biopic is to them. Earlier, we finally got a Trailer for a film that checks off all of those boxes. It’s Darkest Hour, the Winston Churchill biopic[...]

Quentin Tarantino’s next film could be about the Manson Murders

Yesterday, some really interesting news began to spread throughout Hollywood. When it comes to some filmmakers, even the mere speculation that a new idea is percolating brings with it a rush of anticipation Apparently, the next movie project from Quentin Tarantino is closer than we think, and may actually be[...]
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