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The biggest surprises from the 90th Oscar nominations

Exactly one week ago, the Academy Award nominations were announced, and of course, it wasn’t completely what anyone expected. That always happens, with much discussion ensuing. As such, today we’re going to be taking a look at just those surprises. There were a bunch, for sure, though for the purposes[...]

Sundance Film Festival awards announced

Over the weekend, the 2018 Sundance Film Festival handed out their annual awards, bringing the fest to a close. This festival usually does end up launching some Academy Award players, though the word out of Park City was that this year doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of likely[...]

Academy Award predictions following the nominations

Now that the Academy has had their say, it’s time to figure out just who and what might be winning Academy Awards in March. The next month and change will be relatively quiet, with only a few precursors (mainly the Directors Guild) chiming in with their clues. As such, a[...]

Spotlight on the Stars: Ben Foster

We’re bringing back the Spotlight on the Stars series of articles folks! Today, the subject is rising star Ben Foster, a gifted actor who is finally starting to really make his mark in the industry. Still relatively young, age wise, though already a veteran actor, Foster is going from being[...]

An “Alternate” look at what yesterday’s Oscar nominations could have been

After the intensity of waiting for the Academy Award nominations, it’s time for something a little bit fun today. As we wait for ballots to go out to Academy members and final Oscar voting to get underway (which will still be a little ways away), why not play around with[...]

Oscars: 90th Academy Award nominations

Well, it just happened. The nominations were announced moments ago for the 90th annual Academy Awards. We had some snubs, some surprises, and now we finally know the actual Oscar field. This is the end of Phase One, with Phase Two and a campaign for actual wins about to begin.[...]

Final Oscar predictions and SAG results

Folks, it all comes down to this. The time for talk is over. The Academy Award nominations will be announced tomorrow morning. Over the weekend, two of the most important precursors chimed in, albeit with Oscar voting already closed. The Producers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild gave[...]

Producers Guild and Screen Actors Guild predictions

This weekend, two of the major guilds will chime in and really set the stage for Tuesday morning’s Academy Award nominations. Yes, the Producers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild awards will be held. lending ammo to certain contenders and potentially causing major damage to others. What happens[...]

Which films could the Academy shut out this year?

Each year, the Oscars leave out many a deserving title from their slate of nominations. This year, we seem poised to exclude a bunch of movies that are very strong, while also rightly snubbing a handful of lesser flicks. Today, I want to do the opposite of what I did[...]

Paul Dano’s “Wildlife”: Films to anticipate at the Sundance Film Festival

Starting tomorrow, Park City over in the state of Utah transforms. It goes from being a quiet ski resort town to the epicenter of the independent film world. Of course, we all know why. Yes, the Sundance Film Festival will be getting underway, and that’s exciting for all sorts of[...]
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