January 17, 2017


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“Moana” proves that Dwayne Johnson can truly do anything

It seems like I write this at least once or twice a year, but Disney is poised to have another big hit on their hands. They continually churn out enjoyable fare, especially with their animated musical offerings. On Wednesday, their latest hits in Moana, which very much feels like it’s[...]

Will voters embrace escapism or realism this Oscar season?

If you follow the awards race, you’ve probably heard in some regard that Best Picture is sewn up, with La La Land already engraved on the statue. Now, I absolutely love that film (more on that soon) and see it as the odds on favorite, but there’s a chance that[...]

“Manchester by the Sea” is heartbreaking and one of 2016’s best

Right at the top, I’ll put this out there…Manchester by the Sea is one of my absolute favorite films of the year. This week, audiences will finally understand what my colleagues at the Sundance Film Festival first went over the moon for. From Park City to the Telluride Film Festival[...]

“The Edge of Seventeen” is an absolute delight

There hasn’t been a true new teen movie that breaks through into the mainstream in some time. Sure, there are successful films starring teens or set in High School, but too often, especially of late, they’ve involved vampires or magic or some kind of nonsense like that. Then, through the[...]

Miles Teller is committed and intense in “Bleed for This”

When you mix a talented young actor with the Oscar bait that is a boxing film, you almost always get an awards contender. This week, a new one opens in Bleed for This, which has Miles Teller in the lead role. Is it a lot like other recent boxing movies?[...]

“Nocturnal Animals” seeks to be a stylish awards contender

Ever since his feature debut A Single Man, cinema fans have been anxious to see more from fashion designer turned filmmaker Tom Ford. This week, they get their wish, as his sophomore outing Nocturnal Animals opens. It seeks to follow in the footsteps of A Single Man and appeal to[...]

Hollywood Contenders: A third crack at Golden Globe predictions for 2016

As you might imagine, when it becomes crunch time for Oscar predictions, the same can be said for ones for the Golden Globe awards. As such, I’ve put out a new set of predictions for the Globes. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (or HFPA) will have their vote, which in[...]

Zoe Kazan deserves Best Actress consideration for “The Monster”

There are no shortages of talented young actresses who aren’t getting their due in Hollywood. We know that. For my money though, no one is as underrated and deserving of acclaim as Zoe Kazan. She has been doing really compelling work for years now, but always seems to be stuck[...]

“Arrival” is an emotional and smart science fiction Oscar contender

It’s no secret that science fiction has a hard time at the Academy Awards. This year, the latest contender to hopefully buck that trend in a notable way is Arrival, which pairs director Denis Villeneuve with star Amy Adams. It hits theaters this week and is an interesting mix of[...]

Which films could wind up the precursor favorites?

Folks, we’re approaching the onset of precursor awards (also, it’s Election Day today, and please go vote). That glut of honors among the various critics groups and such will be our next clue as to how the Oscar season might shape up. Obviously, these don’t have a direct correlation with[...]
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