February 27, 2017
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HollywoodNews.com – The Pulse of New Hollywood

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Hollywood, California, January 12, 2010 — Carlos de Abreu, CEO of Web pioneer Hollywood Network and Founder of the Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Awards, announces the launch of the new HollywoodNews.com, which will bring unique and fresh entertainment news to both the industry and world community.

“HollywoodNews.com is the one-stop place for the best entertainment and Hollywood-related content on the Web. We are the pulse of new Hollywood,” de Abreu said.

Robert W. Welkos is the Executive Editor. He is an award-winning journalist who covered the entertainment industry for 15 years as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. During this span, he wrote extensively about the movie industry from turmoil in the executive suites, the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, and box office hits and bombs to visits to movie sets as well as profiles of top stars and A-list directors, cutting edge features on the newest indie films and visits to famous film festivals like Sundance and Cannes. Prior to entertainment, Welkos worked as a reporter and assistant city editor in The Times’ Metro section where he undertook major investigations for the paper as well as covering breaking news and writing in-depth features. Before joining The Times, he worked for the Associated Press in Reno, Nevada, and City News Service in Los Angeles.

“HollywoodNews.com is a new online destination for both entertainment pros and fans, where there will be insightful and cutting edge news with a perspective on the inside track of Hollywood” said Robert W. Welkos.

The team is comprised of both well established Hollywood insiders and emerging editors, journalists, and photographers who will bring to the community and fans entertainment news about awards, fashion, lifestyles, movies, music and television, access to red carpet and live events, and one-on-one in depth interviews with stars and celebrities. In addition, users will be able to go behind the scenes – backstage, on set, private parties and many other inside pathways of Hollywood.

For more information visit HOLLYWOODNEWS.COM
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