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50 Cent hospitalized, released after car accident 50 Cent had a bit of an accident early this morning as his SUV was involved in a collision with a mack truck. The truck reportedly caused the accident by rear-ending his vehicle and causing him a few injuries, states TMZ. As a result of the impact, 50 Cent’s SUV[...]

50 Cent: “Interscope won’t release my record”

By Kim Palacios In a tweet that radiated annoyance and apology, rapper 50 Cent announced that his new album won’t be released due to refusal on the part of his record label, Interscope. Tweeted the rapper on Tuesday, “Man I’m not releasing a album i can’t believe[...]

Pauly D may get signed to 50 Cent’s record label ‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D may be really making something out of his music career if a deal ends up going through with 50 Cent. It is being rumored that 50 Cent is interested in signing the reality TV star to his label and may even offer him a three-record[...]

Chelsea Handler can’t believe 50 Cent rumors are still out Apparently absolutely nothing has been going on between Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent despite all the instances where the two seemed awfully cozy. When Handler was recently asked about 50 Cent, she seemed somewhat surprised by the question, states “People still think we’re dating? No! Really? … I love[...]

50 Cent starts a snow shoveling business 50 Cent decided to take advantage of the insane snow that everyone is dealing with right now as he began to create a snow shoveling business. The rapper headed to Twitter to reveal his plans to make a few extra dollars, states Just Jared. “I’m going out to shovel snow[...]

Are Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent dating? Chelsea Handler has been popping up more and more in the news lately for her comments about Angeline Jolie and coming to Kathy Griffin’s aide in the whole Bristol Palin controversey, but it seems like this headline is all her own. The late-night talk show host recently updated her[...]

Chelsea Handler sticks with “just friends” claim for 50 Cent Since Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent have been spotted spending some time together, rumors are running wild that they are an item. However, when Handler appeared on the ‘Tonight Show,’ she stuck with the defense that they are just friends while she also joked about having a relationship with him,[...]

50 Cent didn’t hear about Chelsea Handler rumors After being spotted together a few times, dating rumors about Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent spread instantly, but that doesn’t mean the 50 Cent heard anything about it. 50 Cent recently revealed that he knew nothing of the rumors, states Hollyscoop. However, he is fine setting the record straight that[...]

Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” makes a voice with 1 million sales Taylor Swift debuted her new album “Speak Now” last week and it has already made a statement on the music industry as the country pop star has already sold 1,047,000 copies in the first week. According to Billboard, this is the largest album sales week for a record since[...]

Chelsea Handler clears up 50 Cent rumors Chelsea Handler has been at the center of dating rumors ever since she was spotted in New Orleans with 50 Cent. However, people can calm down because there is apparently no romance going on between the two, states Handler cleared up the confusion and informed everyone that she is[...]
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