January 02, 2015

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Russell Crowe, Ridley Scott talk ‘Robin Hood,’ Alien prequels, and ‘Gladiator 3-D’

By Todd Gilchrist
HollywoodNews.com: A decade after Ridley Scott resuscitated his career and more or less launched Russell Crowe’s with Gladiator, the duo reunites for Robin Hood, an origin story of the infamous 12th century bandit. Having worked together three times in between these particular bookends, the two seem now to get along like an old married couple – at least evidenced by the way they often finished each other’s thoughts during a recent interview. But what obviously makes their longtime partnership work best is not their ability to anticipate just what the other might say, but to understand what each one does best, which is why their latest film seems to resonate the most strongly of their collaborations thus far.
Hollywood News recently joined a small coterie of journalists to speak with Crowe and Scott at the Los Angeles press day for Robin Hood. In addition to discussing their work together, they revealed the often-discussed but little-understood development process that went in to finding the film’s story, offered their opinions on the use of 3-D technology, and talked about Scott’s next project, a pair of prequels to his 1979 film Alien.
[Note: Although “Hollywood News” is used to distinguish questions from answers in the text below, our journalist was just one of many reporters asking questions of the filmmakers.]
Hollywood News: (Waiting for Russell Crowe) Ridley, we were talking about how excited we are for your next project.

Ridley Scott: Alien, yeah. We’re doing that now. We’re on the fourth draft. It’s alright; it’s really good…Of course, it’ll be 3-D.
Hollywood News: Will you be using the same technology Cameron used to shoot Avatar?

Scott: No, I think we’ve already moved beyond. Jim said that this technique, which had taken them four years, he’d said that now you could do it in two. Technology’s shifting all the time. I could have converted Robin Hood. They’d said last October, I could have squeezed it under the hammer and got it in as a 3-D version of Robin Hood.
Hollywood News: Given your visual style do you have to make a lot of changes to compose shots in 3-D?

Scott: It’s not that different. People always agonize whether it’s 1.85 or 2.35 and I don’t really give a shit. If you’ve got an eye, it’s not a problem. If you don’t have any eye, then it turns into science.
Hollywood News: 3-D requires a lot more light, and […]

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