February 05, 2017

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It’s Time to Forgive Some Infamous Movie scenes

By Scott Mendelson
hollywoodnews.com: As one of the two highest-of-high holy days in the Jewish religion, Yom Kippur basically involves asking forgiveness for the past transgressions against God over the previous year. But arguably as important is Erev Yom Kippur, which is the day before the high holy day, which involves asking the actual people you’ve transgressed against for atonement. In that spirit, let us take a few moments to finally let go of a few alleged transgressions in recent cinema history. Don’t do it for them, do it for yourself.
Kevin Costner
Alleged Sin: Beating out Martin Scorsese at the 1990 Academy Awards
For nearly twenty years, critics and film nerds have been condemning Kevin Costner for having the gall to ‘deny’ Martin Scorsese the Best Director Oscar that theoretically should have been his for Goodfellas. As a result, a once beloved film, one that revived the western as an occasionally viable film genre, is now looked upon with ridicule and scorn. Never-mind that Kevin Costner directed a critically-acclaimed smash hit. Never-mind that he somehow directed a three-hour revisionist western that managed to gross $494 million worldwide. Never-mind that this allegedly ‘politically-correct’ fable contains brutal violence and native-American characters that are neither savage (Graham Greene’s nuanced and humorous performance still holds up) or noble (at one point they shoot down an unarmed and surrendering enemy tribesman). The film’s initial quality has been surpassed by the ‘Scorsese was robbed!’ bandwagon.
Why we should let it go:
Because it’s been twenty years. Let’s not pretend that had The Godfather part III not been considered a disappointment, then Francis Ford Coppola probably would have won instead for finishing off his classic trilogy on a high note. Third of all, Dances With Wolves remains an exceptional motion picture. It’s a thoughtful epic, a mournful drama, and a sterling action film. As for Costner’s post Wolves output, we got twenty years of tricks (The Postman, The Bodyguard, 3000 Miles to Graceland) as well as some glorious treats (JFK, A Perfect World, Tin Cup, Open Range, The Upside of Anger), and everything in between (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Wyatt Earp, Waterworld, Swing Vote).
Scorsese’s Goodfellas ended a post-Raging Bull slump that saw him taking an unknown Tim Burton’s sloppy seconds (Burton was originally going to direct After Hours, but he passed out of respect for Scorsese). Cape Fear, Age of Innocence, Bringing Out the Dead, Gangs of New York, The Aviator, […]

Massive “Star Wars” celebration taking Disney by storm(troopers)

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: We vacationed in Orlando this summer, spending a few days at Walt Disney World. We’re a Disney family, and we try to spend a few days in “the happiest place on earth” every year. Yes, it’s insanely crowded and more expensive than we’d like. But we have our favorite attractions, restaurants and exhibits that keep us coming back year after year.
One of them, “Star Tours” in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios), has not aged well. The ride “transports” you to the Endor moon. But because your pilot is a rookie, you end up rocketing through the tight corridors of the Death Star so you can fire the fatal blast that concludes George Lucas’s original “Star Wars.”
It’s an adequate diversion, and it’s air-conditioned. But it’s also inexcusably outdated. My six-year-old son doesn’t care, of course. He sees C3PO, R2D2 and a few lightsabers, so his day is made. But a close friend who’d also recently vacationed at Disney couldn’t stop ripping on “Star Tours,” and Lucas, for ignoring the ride for so many years. There are no references to Lucas’s three prequel films, all of which came out after “Star Tours” opened. The videos shown to patrons as they wait haven’t changed in decades. In general, the ride isn’t a fair representation of the “Star Wars” world.
At least, it wasn’t. Until now.
“Star Tours” in Orlando is shutting down for renovations, but not before “Star Wars” fans send it off with a stellar party. “Last Tour to Endor” will be held on Saturday, Aug. 14, at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.
According to a release, the exclusive party will allow fans one last time to experience the attraction before it “powers down” in preparation for a new, 3-D Star Wars adventure that will open in 2011 at Disneyland park in California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.
“Last Tour to Endor” will be an after-hours, private event that will feature live entertainment, Disney characters in their favorite Star Wars attire, a special Star Wars-themed fireworks spectacular, the “Death Star Disco,” Jedi Training Academy, Star Wars trivia challenges and more.
“Last Tour to Endor” tickets are $75 in advance, and will be $89 at the gate (if available). Advance tickets may be purchased online at starwarscelebration.com.
Here are some other fast facts about the “Last Tour to Endor” party:
— This is the largest private party ever held during a Star Wars Celebration.
— […]