January 20, 2017

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Ridley Scott ready to tell a new “Blade Runner” story

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: Ridley Scott is enjoying a career retrospective, of sorts. Instead of simply revisiting his past accomplishments, however, the director’s angling to add to their legacies with prequels, sequels or whatever else studios will let him try.
As the director continues to toil away on “Prometheus,” which indirectly is tied to Scott’s iconic “Alien,” news is breaking over on Deadline that Sir Ridley wants to do another “Blade Runner” movie. Scott will make the film with Alcon Entertainment, though it’s unclear at this point whether this will be a prequel or a sequel that somehow could involve a much-older Harrison Ford. As the article points out, the original story, based on Philip K. Dick’s short story, took place in 2019, giving Scott the ability to tell a prequel while still staying in the “future.” Strange.
Truthfully, the whole concept is strange, and it suggests that Scott is running out of ideas. Revisiting “Alien” and “Blade Runner” after cranking out yet another “Robin Hood” adventure? Where is the Sir Ridley who shattered new ground in classic genres?
Still, there are a lot of unresolved plot points hat could be explored in a new “Blade Runner” film, so I guess we’ll wait and see where Scott chooses to go with the material.
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Ridley Scott teases anticipated “Prometheus” at Comic-Con

By Adam Frazier
Hollywoodnews.com: While director Ridley Scott remains vague on the specifics of his latest film, Prometheus, the director gave a jam-packed Hall H their first glimpse at San Diego Comic-Con.
Prometheus marks director Ridley Scott’s return to the science-fiction genre and has been described as a sorta-kinda-but not really prequel to Scott’s 1979 masterpiece, “Alien.”
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox, the Prometheus panel was moderated by screenwriter Damon Lindelof, co-creator of “LOST” and writer/producer of the upcoming “Cowboys & Aliens.”
Lindelof started the panel with a story of how he came to be involved with the project and chosen to pen the final draft of the script. You may have heard this story previously on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show — if not, you can enjoy the entire two-hour-and-40-minute interview here:

Next, the panel jumped right into the footage presentation. The presentation began with a video montage of Scott’s past works with the promise that the director who created such iconic works as “Blade Runner” and “Alien” is returning to the genre he redefined.
Next came the footage from “Prometheus.” Jason Dussault of Geeks of Doom described the rapid-fire sequence as “astronauts searching the dark corridors of a ship before coming to a huge ancient–looking structure with alien writings on the walls and small, evenly spaced protrusions on the floors.”
The footage was accompanied by a voiceover, with Ridley Scott explaining, “There is the DNA of the original ‘Alien,’ but that’s as far as it goes.” This seems like Scott’s attempt to downplay the influence of his own 1979 film, and keep things as mysterious and vague as possible. We already know the film will explore the mystery of the “space jockey” — the giant fossilized organism seen in the first “Alien.”
As the shots fired off faster, those in attendance were treated to scenes of a naked Charlize Theron doing pushups (not sure why, but I don’t think anyone’s complaining), Michael Fassbender touching some strange goo (the infamous gel-like secretion left by the Alien, perhaps?) and someone being torched by a flamethrower.
Perhaps the most interesting snippet taken from the Prometheus panel is Ridley Scott’s comments on using 3D technology. As SlashFilm points out, Ridley Scott told the audience, “I’ll never work without 3D again, even for small dialogue scenes. I love the whole process. 3D opens up the universe of even a small dialogue scene so I’ve been very impressed with […]

Jeff Goldblum reveals he doesn’t watch his own films

HollywoodNews.com: ‘Jurassic Park’ star Jeff Goldblum said he doesn’t like to watch himself in his own films. Goldblum, 57, is back on the London West End stage as he is starring in Neil Simon’s comedy ‘The Prisoner of Second Avenue.’
The actor has starred in hit movies such as ‘The Fly’ and ‘Independence Day’ and said he isn’t a fan of watching the films back. He said to the BBC: “I do keep DVDs of movies I’m in, but I don’t watch them. I don’t know why I keep them. I’m not a keeper of stuff.”
Goldblum added: “When I come across them on television, I might look for a second and then I flick by it. I guess it’s nice that I see something and I think, I know how to do that better now.”
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