January 19, 2017

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Mark Wahlberg: Spotlight on the Stars

For this week’s spotlight piece, I wanted to flip back from last weeks’s old school pick and take a look at a more modern A-lister, and this one happens to be Mark Wahlberg. He can be easy to make fun of at times, especially if he’s in a silly type of film like this week’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, but one can’t forget that he’s a two time Academy Award nominee and he’s one of the savvier actors in Hollywood. He’s as in touch with his audience as anyone and one of the seemingly more genuine people in the business. That can go a long way for someone like Wahlberg, who has pretty much as bright a future as a current A-lister can have.
Wahlberg has done way more in the business than many realize. Once again, just look at the filmmakers he’s worked with. Regardless of how a few of these final products have turn rout, Wahlberg has been directed by the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson, Tim Burton, James Gray, Peter Jackson, David O. Russell, Martin Scorsese, and M. Night Shyamalan as well. Anderson obviously helped launch his career, while working with Russell has given us some of the best performances from Wahlberg to date, and of course his collaboration with Scorsese got him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.
If you take a close look at his work, he’s shown that he’s far more than an action hero. Yes, he can kick ass with the best of them, but he’s even better when doing more than that. Last year’s Lone Survivor showed how he can do that, while he’s been very strong in dramas like Boogie Noghts, The Departed, The Fighter, and Three Kings, to name a few. He’s also shown an aptitude for comedy…just look at his great turn in Ted. Need I say more?
Overall, Wahlberg is a talent that just needs to be in the right role in order to shine. This week’s franchise spectacle Transformers: Age of Extinction likely won’t be of much note in his career, but going forward I’m sure we’ll see the diverse career he’s been cultivating continue to grow. Personally, I’m especially looking forward to Ted 2, but that’s me. Wahlberg has a Supporting Actor nomination and a nomination for Best Picture from producing The Fighter under his belt…in my mind it’s only a matter of time before he breaks through […]

Mark Wahlberg’s prop from ‘Boogie Nights’ and its whereabouts

HollywoodNews.com: Do you remember how gifted Mark Wahlberg’s character Dirk Diggler was in 1997’s “Boogie Nights”?
Do you remember what he was biologically known for? Well, as a keepsake from his work on that film, Wahlberg confesses that he kept the prosthetic 13 inch penis; which is exposed in the film’s finale.
“Boogie Nights” chronicled the rise of porn star Diggler during the ‘70s/‘80s X-rated movie scene.
“I used to keep it in my desk drawer,” quips Wahlberg about the prop to The Sun, “And I’d take it out and slap my friends in the face with it.
“I don’t keep many things from my movies, but that just seemed to have personal significance.”
“Boogie Nights” was the second feature by director Paul Thomas Anderson and was nominated for three Oscars: best original screenplay, best supporting actor (Burt Reynolds) and best supporting actress (Julianne Moore).
Photo Credit: Splash
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Mark Wahlberg entering the porn industry?

By Molly Sullivan
HollywoodNews.com: Mark Wahlberg made a big impression when he played a young man who became a star in the porn industry in the film ‘Boogie Nights,’ but now the actor may be linking himself to that industry once more.
Wahlberg is reportedly going to executive produce a one-hour drama for HBO that will focus on the porn industry, reports the NY Post. It is reported that “the plot will focus on a giant video company under siege from Internet competitors and a girl from the Midwest whose boyfriend convinces her to move to Los Angeles to become a star.”
There will allegedly be legit actors and porn stars involved in the show who will tell the racy and secretive stories of the porn industry in Los Angeles.
Wahlberg is reportedly working with his Entourage partner Steve Levinson and writer James Frey on the new show.
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Mark Wahlberg parks a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

HollywoodNews.com: Mark Wahlberg, star of the upcoming Sony comedy “The Other Guys,” finally found a spot on Hollywood Boulevard.
The actor was lauded with a star on the Walk of Fame Thursday. He joins a group of honorees that totals 2,414.
Wahlberg’s “Other Guys” co-star made the introduction, quipping, “”I first became a fan of his from his workout videos. And I loved him in the Bourne movies.”
“The Other Guys” bows on August 6.
Wahlberg was gracious at the ceremony thanking “all the people gutsy enough to put me in movies.” Wahlberg started off as a pop rapper and underwear model originally under the name of Marky Mark. The industry embraced him as a serious actor after his turn as a tragic porn star in the 1997 film “Boogie Nights.”
In the wake of “Boogie Nights,” Wahlberg has also become an action star (“Perfect Storm,” “Planet of the Apes”) and received an Oscar nod for his role in Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed.”
Wahlberg is also the executive producer on the HBO series “Entourage,” “In Treatment,” “How to Make it in America” and the upcoming “Boardwalk Empire.”
The Hollywood Reporter had the news.
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Lindsay Lohan’s “Inferno”: More freaky than “Freaky Friday”

Hollywoodnews.com: Aerik Von, an employee of festish site deadlydommes.com caught a glance at the “Inferno” screenplay – the upcoming project which Lindsay Lohan is slotted to play porn star Linda Lovelace – and it looks to be an embarrassing project for the young star.
Even though Mark Wahlberg came to be known as a prestigious actor after playing fictitious porn star Dirk Diggler in “Boogie Nights,” the explicit scenes featuring Lohan make that 1997 title look like a G-rated Disney film.
In an interview with the NY Post, Von says that “Inferno,” written and to be directed by Matthew Wilder, is like a “Lifetime horror film,” and Lovelace’s husband Chuck Traynor is written as a psychologically and physically torturing antagonist.
“She’s made to say terrible things about herself while in the middle of sex acts. After her boyfriend assaults her, he kisses her bruises and asks, ‘Does this feel good?’ ” Von tells the Post about the screenplay’s cheap shocks.
There’s even a perverse gang-rape scene involving Lovelace with several businessman – a sequence that sounds quite similar to the disturbing scene in Stanley Kubrick’s “Clockwork Orange.”
Von adds, “The movie’s obviously designed to just outright disturb [with] the combination of childhood imagery and absolute outright depraved perversions.”

Michael Lohan doesn’t want Lindsay to play Lovelace

By HollywoodNews.com
Hollywoodnews.com: Michael Lohan, papa to Lindsay Lohan, is upset that she’ll be playing porn star Linda Lovelace in the Nu Image/Millennium Films production “Inferno.”
“She did Parent Trap, Confessions [of a Teenage Drama Queen], Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Just My Luck and Herbie. And you know what? Georgia Rule was a fantastic movie. People don’t give her credit for it, but that was one of her best acting jobs. But I mean, she started with Parent Trap and now this? Why? Who makes these decisions?,” Michael snapped at US Magazine after being asked whether the role will hurt her career, “If I was there, it would never happen, believe me. There’s no way to resurrect your career after that. So many people have come to me with offers for Lindsay for great family-style films, general audience kind of releases, but you know … whatever.”
Obviously, he never heard of a little dicey film about the porn industry called “Boogie Nights” which earned three Oscar noms, launched the acting career of Mark Wahlberg and propelled director Paul Thomas Anderson.
“The girl is such an amazing, talented, gifted and loving person,” he told Us . “She’s been consumed by the people, the lifestyle, but you know what? Don’t give up hope. I am telling you now, if she gets the help that she needs, she is going to be right back on top, just like Robert Downey Jr.”

Amen to that Michael, in the mean time, make sure to keep your nose clean away from the adult industry, hats off to Perez Hilton.