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Animation record: The Lorax opens to $70 million

By Scott Mendelson HollywoodNews.com: The full weekend chart HERE. See this is what happens when you have just two major cartoon during the Winter/Spring season instead of six. Last year, February, March, and April saw an onslaught on high-profile animated features, five of which opened just in March and[...]

“Footloose” will apparently gross $20 million for the weekend

HollywoodNews.com: At 3:28pm yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter sent out links to an article regarding early box office estimates based purely on afternoon matinees on the East Coast. In it, they claimed that Paramount’s Footloose remake was on track to gross $20 million for the weekend, which was considered a[...]

Green Hornet opens with $11.1m Friday

By Scott Mendelson hollywoodnews.com: So let me get this straight. A couple of months ago, The Green Hornet was that surefire flop that had switched release dates, been converted to 3D, and had survived an avalanche of bad press and rampantly negative speculation. A month ago, the tide started turning, due[...]

When a film ‘flops’, always blame the actress

By Scott Mendelson hollywoodnews.com: When a film ‘flops’, always blame the actress. If a film doesn’t flop, call it a flop and blame the actress. If a film is a hit, blame the actor. The Huffington Post linked to the AP box office analysis piece yesterday with their own headline, titled simply[...]