January 19, 2017

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Oscars®: Muppets Most Wanted – What’s up with the 2015 Awards Race

Directed by: James Bobin
Written by: James Bobin and Nicholas Stoller
Main Cast: Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey make up the main human actors, with various others voicing the Muppet cast members, plus cameos from tons of others in Hollywood
Past Oscar relations: The Muppets won Best Original Song (the song Man or Muppet was written by Bret McKenzie, who again is writing the songs here for Muppets Most Wanted)
Here is the next article in this new series on 2014 contenders hoping to compete for Oscar attention. Next (and second) up is James Bobin’s Muppets Most Wanted, which looks to capitalize on the prior films Oscar success (it won Best Original Song). The film is a sequel to the Oscar winning The Muppets, though this one is far more co-writer/director Bobin’s baby than last time, when he just directed and the vision was very much Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller’s (though Stoller still co-writes here). The spirit of the Muppets is still here though, as the gang goes on tour and has an international adventure that fits in very well with their past. Now, it’s going to hope that it can survive in our hearts and minds throughout the season and attempt to become another Oscar nominated Muppets movie.
What this flick has going in its favor is that it’s basically tailor made to receive a Best Original Song nomination. Many of the films in the franchise have showed up in that category, and this time around there are a number of catchy enough tunes to make it a very safe bet. The characters themselves are also just so charismatic and likable that you can’t help wanting to see more of them (remember the pseudo campaign to get them to host the Academy Awards telecast? I do), which is why whenever a new film of theirs comes out we talk about it as a potential dark horse contender for some bigger awards. I’m not sure about all of that this time around, but a Song citation seems likely to me.
Working against Muppets Most Wanted is that the movie is very slight and not anywhere near on the level of the last one (or the previous ones from years past). The movie is fun, but it feels like a sequel that mainly exists because the last one was successful, though cleverly they do comment on that very thing. Still, looking at this as any […]

Oscars: Bret McKenzie talks “Muppets,” music and the magic of Jim Henson – AWARDS ALLEY

By Sean O’Connell
hollywoodnews.com: “The Muppets” soundtrack rarely leaves the CD player in our house. My boys, ages 7 and 3, adore the movie’s catchy tunes, from the opening number of “Life’s a Happy Song” to the sentimental “Man or Muppet.” My youngest repeats Fozzie’s line “I didn’t do it, I’ve been framed” ad nauseam, which is cute, until it drives you a little crazy.
For that, I must blame Bret McKenzie, one half of the famed “Flight of the Conchords” duo who served as Music Supervisor on James Bobin’s winning Muppet reboot. McKenzie penned a number of the movie’s signature songs, from “Me Party” –a self-righteous duet between Amy Adams and Miss Piggy – to the Chris Copper rap “Let’s Talk About Me.”
Now McKenzie’s catchy tunes are catching the eye of year-end award voters. The Broadcast Film Critics Association filled three of its five Best Song nominations with “Muppets” tracks. The Satellite Awards also recognized “Man or Muppet” and the cheery “Life’s a Happy Song.”
Will the Academy follow their lead? It’s one of the topics McKenzie and I discussed during a recent interview:
HollywoodNews.com: The original “Muppets” television program balanced a fine line between adult and adolescent humor. When writing the songs for “Muppets,” were you thinking of kids or their parents?
Bret McKenzie: Yeah, no, I totally agree. I watched a lot of the original films and TV shows, and I was really amazed at how funny they are, how they completely hold up. I think that was part of Jim Henson’s secret. He made children’s entertainment that was also funny for adults. He didn’t second guess or patronize children. And I think we took that approach to the film. We wanted to make a film that we’d like to watch, and I think kids like to watch it as well.
In that sense, the songs in the film will appeal to adults. All we had to do was make sure that the songs stayed clean. I was tempted to have some “motherfrogger” lines in there.

HollywoodNews.com: Well, you know, I’m glad you didn’t. The film is such a throwback to a time of wholesome family entertainment, and I don’t think that kind of walk-the-line humor of “Shrek” wouldn’t fit with “The Muppets.”
Oh yeah, I totally agree.
HollywoodNews.com: The songs are technically proficient and yet surprisingly simple. The yare effervescent. Did they come easily to you?
“Life’s a Happy […]

“Hobbit” adds “Conchords” star as elf

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: Bret McKenzie, best known for his role in HBO comedy musical “Flight of the Conchords,” has been cast as an elf in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.”
The project, currently filming in New Zealand, follows Bilbo Baggins’ (Martin Freeman) epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, THR reports.
Adding McKenzie makes sense, though. The actor’s a New Zealand native. He also appeared in two of Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” pictures. In “Fellowship of the Ring,” McKenzie had an uncredited role as Elf at Council of Elrond (according to IMDB), while in “The Return of the King,” he played an Elf Escort.
Careful, mate. Jackson will have you typecast in no time.
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“Flight” finally lands for good

The unique HBO series “Flight of the Concords” will not be returning for a third season. Spinner reports that Co-creators Bret McKenzie, Jemaine Clement, and James Bobin have said, “We’re very proud of the two seasons we made, and we like the way the show ended.”
The show has been selling cd’s of their original songs on the side and last year earned a best comedy series Emmy nomination and best actor nomination for Clement.
Many will be sad to see this quirky show go.