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Bristol Palin supports her dancing partner

HollywoodNews.com: Although Bristol Palin’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ premiere is just a day away, it doesn’t mean she can’t take some time to support her dancing partner Mark Ballas with one of his endeavors. Bristol showed up as Ballas was performing an acoustic set at Busbys in Los Angeles, reports Just[...]

Bristol Palin pulls double duty as mom and dancer

HollywoodNews.com: As Bristol Palin prepares for her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ premiere this week, it doesn’t mean that she is neglecting any other things that she has to do. Bristol was spotted bringing her son Tripp to the dance studio in Los Angeles this weekend, reports RadarOnline.com. Bristol and her son[...]

Sarah Palin ready to be in the audience for daughter?

HollywoodNews.com: As Bristol Palin prepares for her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ premiere, her mom, Sarah Palin, appears to be ready to cheer her on. Sarah will reportedly be in the ‘DWTS’ audience on the first night of the show supporting her daughter, reports TMZ. For Sarah’s visit, security has reportedly been[...]

Bristol Palin denies diva rumors

HollywoodNews.com: As Bristol Palin prepares for her ‘Dancing With the Stars’ gig, rumors are out that she’s somewhat of a diva while on set. However, Bristol is adamant that she is anything but difficult, reports UsMagazine.com. “[T]he only thing I’ve ever asked for is a velcro mic pac so I don’t[...]

Levi Johnston attacks Palin family some more

By Molly Sullivan HollywoodNews.com: Now that Levi Johnston has split from Bristol Palin again, he’s back on the attack of the Palin family and doesn’t feel bad about any of it. Johnston first decided to go after his former fiancee claiming that she is just as much as a famewhore as he[...]

Bristol Palin receives custody of son with Levi Johnston

HollywoodNews.com: Now that they have broken off their engagement, Bristol Palin is moving forward and now has custody of her son, Tripp, while Levi Johnston will have visitation rights. As a result of the custody settlement, Johnston will reportedly have visitation rights for seven hours on Saturdays and six hours on[...]

Bristol Palin stands by her claims

HollywoodNews.com: Bristol Palin is sticking with what she said about the father of her child, Levi Johnston, and how he wasn’t “ready for this.” According to TMZ, Bristol is adamant that he told everyone “he wanted ‘out of the limelight’ and was ready to settle down,” but that his actions haven’t[...]

Levi Johnston responds to Bristol Palin breakup

HollywoodNews.com: As Bristol Palin announced her breakup with Levi Johnston, he is now responding to her allegations of the way he has behaved. Levi allegedly believes that the whole breakup is a “misunderstanding,” reports TMZ. Tank Jones, Levi’s manager, has stated that Levi was not involved in a music video mocking[...]

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston not getting a reality show

HollywoodNews.com: There has been recent buzz that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston were shopping around multiple storylines for a new reality show, but now audiences can rest easy because we won’t be seeing the couple on the TV anytime soon. Palin’s rep told US Magazine, “”There is a lot of public[...]

Levi Johnston tries to make amends with Bristol Palin’s mom

HollywoodNews.com: Levi Johnston has had his fair share of differences not only with Bristol Palin, but with her mother as well. However, he is now coming forward to publicly apologize to Palin’s family and try to make amends. He said, “Last year, after Bristol and I broke up, I was unhappy[...]
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