January 17, 2017

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‘Elvis & Nixon’ speculates on a very odd moment in history

I’ll mention this tidbit again before the week is out, but a lot of things debuting currently at the Tribeca Film Festival are also just hitting theaters this weekend as well. One such movie is Elvis & Nixon, which I’ve seen and enjoyed for the most part. I don’t especially think it’s an awards player, but as speculative entertainment and a festival entry, it certainly does the trick, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Mostly, it’s an effectively comedic star vehicle for Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey, as well as a mild satire. It won’t blow you away, but it likely will make you giggle a fair amount.
The film is a look at what led up to the most requested photograph in the National Archives, which is an image of President Richard Nixon (Spacey) shaking hands with Elvis Presley (Shannon) in the Oval Office. Blending fact and fiction, we follow along as Elvis decides he needs an audience with Nixon in order to become deputized as a federal agent. He heads from Nashville, first to Los Angeles to recruit friend/associate/pseudo manager Jerry Schilling (Alex Pettyfer), and then to Washington DC to attempt to crash the White House. Initially, Nixon refuses, but staff members Egil Krogh (Colin Hanks) and Dwight Chapin (Evan Peters) eventually talk him into it. The rest, essentially, is history. Liza Johnson directs a screenplay from Joey Sagal, Hanala Sagal, and Cary Elwes (yes, the actor). Supporting players here include Johnny Knoxville, Sky Ferreira, Tracy Letts, Tate Donovan, and Ashley Benson, among others.
What makes Elvis & Nixon work is how light yet enjoyable a tone it takes with a concept that should probably come off as too ridiculous to work, even if it’s true. Shannon and Spacey are clearly having fun, and it rubs off on the audience. When not focused on either one of them, the film lags, but when they’re on the screen, and especially in their climatic meeting, sparks do tend to fly. The movie is far from perfect, but it’s so odd that it just plain winds up working. It’s a lighthearted satire that leaves you with a smile on your face, and that’s something.
It was interesting for me to compare Spacey’s real life interpretation of a President here to his fictional one on Netflix’s House of Cards. Whereas in the latter project he’s almost Shakespearian in his darkness, here he basically puts forward […]

Colin Hanks feeling good about going bad on “Dexter”

HollywoodNews.com: Colin Hanks couldn’t have asked for a more dramatic change of pace from his “The Good Guys” comedy than what he’s got with his current assignment — he plays a hair-raisingly creepy religious fanatic who has a weird relationship with fellow zealot Edward James Olmos in the new season of “Dexter,” which premieres Oct. 2.
“I can’t give much away. Now it’s official that I’m the bad guy, so that’s good. That’s really about the extent of what I can say. We’re still shooting, and I’m afraid if I blab now there’s still time for them to write something really horrible for me to do,” he jokes.
Promos of the sixth season of the Michael C. Hall series suggest the Bible-quoting pair are doing very bad things in the name of the almighty — a violently forced “repentance,” for instance. The season also has Dexter exploring spiritual matters himself, thanks to his encounters with an ex-con named Brother Sam, played by Mos Def.
“I have no idea if it will be controversial or not,” says Hanks.
He does know the show couldn’t have come along at a better time for him –now that he and wife Samantha have baby daughter Olivia at home.
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Fox’s New Cop Show “The Good Guys:” Colin Hanks Brings the Funny

By FredTopel
hollywoodnews.com: Colin Hanks, son of mega movie star Tom Hanks, comes to television this summer in the Fox series The Good Guys. In the buddy cop comedy, Hanks plays the young cop paired up with a reckless older veteran (Bradley Whitford). Perhaps it is a recurring tradition in the Hanks family. Tom got his start in a very different buddy series, the cross-dressing sitcom Bosom Buddies. Colin said there’s no connection.
“No, because I’m not wearing a dress,” Hanks said. “I’m carrying a gun so there really wasn’t TV advice.”
What The Good Guys does offer Hanks is the chance to be funny. Films like Orange County and The House Bunny have Hanks reacting to other people being funny. “So much of the stuff I end up reading for or people want me for is the sort of sane guy surrounded by a bunch of crazy people. This was not necessarily that dynamic. This was much more of a two hander between two guys who are both equally flawed for very different reasons. More importantly, Jack was a guy that spoke back. He talked back to people. It wasn’t just him reacting all the time to ‘Why are you so crazy? Why can’t you be normal?’ Jack actually has an attitude towards Dan sometimes. He lets Dan know when he’s not happy. I liked being able to read a character that actually stood up for himself.”
Jack has some relationship problems that are a source of some of The Good Guys’s laughs too. That’s acting, because Hanks is happily married in real life. “Jack is not nearly as emotionally and relationship balanced as I am. There’s a lot of comedy gold out there to be found as far as Jack’s inability to maintain a relationship and his will he/won’t he relationship with Jenny Wade’s character, Liz. I don’t think me being married will affect Jack too much but it’ll definitely make me feel a whole lot better about making a fool out of myself at work, knowing I have a wife at home who cares about me knowing how big of a fool I make of myself.”
The Good Guys must be a hard show to do, with stunts like Jack jumping from a moving car. Even considering the parts that stunt men do, the actors are still working in high speed situations, and being funny.
“We’re laughing a lot throughout the course of […]

Heidi Klum, Tori Spelling and Colin Hanks make marriage headlines

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: The proverbial aisle was awfully crowded on Saturday as multiple Hollywood celebrities either got married or renewed their vows.
Colin Hanks, son of Tom Hanks and the late Samantha Lewes, married publicist Samantha Bryant Saturday in Los Angeles. The couple met through mutual friends.
Earlier in the day, Tori Spelling tweeted, “Beautiful day to remarry ;)” and followed up on the promise by renewing her vows with husband Dean McDermott. People reports that Spelling received “a custom designed Darkened Diamond Eternity Band by Neil Lane.”
Not ones to be outdone, Heidi Klum and Seal renewed their vows Saturday in front of their children, part of a larger celebration of the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. The ceremony was held in Costa Careyes, Mexico.
People has further details on all three ceremonies on its official Web site.