January 17, 2017

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“Grease” game puts musical fans in cyber Rydell High

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: A discussion actually popped up on Twitter last night, as major movie bloggers began debating the merits of innocent Sandy versus the slutty Sandra Dee who pops up near the end of “Grease.”
The debate was triggered due to the fact that the classic movie musical was airing on AMC last night. (I admit to stopping on it for the last 15 minutes while channel surfing, because it’s nearly impossible to click onto “Grease” and not linger for at least a song or two). Oh, and I’d have to vote for sweet and innocent Sandy, because I never hand-jived with the “Grease” plot twist that, in order to get her man (John Travolta), Olivia Newton-John had to say goodbye to the girl she was inside. What a terrible message, set to a tremendous musical score.
Anyway, expect the debate to rage on for weeks and months now that 505 Games U.S. and Paramount Digital Entertainment have released “Grease: The Game” for the Nintendo DS and Wii video game systems. Based on the film,
“505 Games is always looking for new ways to engage players with original interactive experiences and our relationship with Paramount Digital Entertainment has allowed us to do just that,” said Adam Kline, president of 505 Games (U.S.). “Contributing to the current Grease revival has been a such a rewarding experience for all of us that we are truly excited to welcome a whole new generation of fans with Grease: the Game. With its compelling gameplay, iconic track list and charming graphics, ‘Grease’ is going to entertain enthusiasts of all ages.”
The game invites players to dance and sing along to 16 of the movie’s iconic songs. You’ll also participate in party fun Frenchie, Kenickie and Rizzo. Pick-up-and-play mini-games for the whole family include drag races down Thunder Road against the Scorpions, sports competitions to win a letterman jacket, carnival games at the Rydell Graduation carnival, and even pillow fights with the Pink Ladies.
In story mode, gamers can fix up Greased Lightnin’ to try to win Sandy’s affections with their funky dance moves. Players can also dance their way through movie moments as they follow Sandy and Danny during their high school years.
“Grease: The Game” is rated E for everyone by the ESRB, and is now available at retail outlets nationwide.
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‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’ is a glorified stage play

By Scott Mendelson
HollywoodNews.com: There is nothing particularly wrong about J Blakeson’s “The Disappearance of Alice Creed,” but there is next to nothing interesting or special about it. It’s basically a glorified stage play, a tense crime drama about a kidnap victim and her two captors. Set in a single location and mostly played out in two rooms, the film purports to be a psychological thriller that attempts to subvert the cliches of a standard kidnap-thriller. Yet upon closer examination, the film contains no real surprises and ends up hewing much closer to formula than you might have initially presumed.
A token amount of plot: Alice Creed has been abducted and taken to a loft, where she now lies shackled to a bed with a bag over her head. Her two captors, Vic and Danny, simply want a large ransom from her wealthy father. As the drama plays itself out, Alice does what she can to survive, while unknown connections between kidnapper and victim, as well as kidnapper and kidnapper, rear their ugly heads and threaten to spoil what should have been a simple crime. That’s pretty much it.
After a terrific, and nearly silent, initial fifteen minutes where the crime is planned and then carried out in cold objective detail, the film settles into a boring pattern of watching Vic and Danny argue about the scheme mixed with occasional moments of Alice attempting to talk her way out of her dilemma. As demanded by law, Vic (Eddie Marsen) is the gruff, volatile, and in command, while Danny (Martin Compston) is younger, more emphatic and eager to please his elder kidnapper. And young Alice (Gemma Arterton) is given just enough alleged moxy to occasionally get the better of her abductors, yet she still spends the majority of the film bound and ball-gagged.
While there are a couple genuine twists in the narrative, the film eventually goes down such a predictable road that one not even see the film to correctly guess how it ends. And since there is no real plot progression until the climax, the majority of the running time simply becomes a waiting game to get to the end of this particular caper. Aside from the potential ickiness of the subject matter (some will certainly be turned off by the constant bondage/S&M imagery) and the disconcerting idea of an actress having to spend an entire film stripped naked and objectified in […]

New Details On The New Hawaii Five-O

By Fred Topel
hollywoodnews.com: This week and next, all the networks are bringing out their big new shows for the Television Critics Association fall press tour. The first major show to present its stars for the media was CBS’s reboot of Hawaii Five-O. Alex O’Loughlin stars as Steve McGarrett, and Scott Caan is Danny “Danno” Williams.
“I love Jack Lord’s McGarrett,” O’Loughlin said. “I love Jack Lord’s hair. I love Jack Lord’s version. He started Blue Steel, the look that he did, none of which I could get away with today, 2010 on television. Look, our Steve McGarrett is different. He’s stoic in a lot of ways. He’s a military guy. There are a lot of areas where he is black and white, where he is very clear. The differences between Danny and Steve are apparent in every episode. Steve goes in one direction and Danny freaks out, ‘How can you possibly think it’s okay to go in that direction?’ Steve is constantly amused by Danny’s reactions.”
Caan’s portrayal of Danny, a tough, grizzled cop, might remind viewers of the characters his father, James Caan, played. That’s only natural. “You’re getting to see a little bit of my personality, and that’s a little of where I come from,” Caan said. “I think it’s a lot less conscious than that. I certainly don’t want to deliver anything like anyone’s delivered it. I think it’s just going to come out. The more things are written that are close to my behavior, the more I can bring to a part, it’s just going to be a coincidence that I’m going to sound like somebody I come from.”
In the very first episode, the new Hawaii Five-O tells you more about McGarrett’s background than the classic series. He returns home from a military operation to solve his father’s murder.
“My job is character,” O’Loughlin said. “That’s the only thing I have control over. That’s what I’ve been trained to do and enjoy doing. I came in and did the character work I always do. I found a lot of layers to this guy. The other difference is you learn a lot about our Steve McGarrett in the beginning, so I had a lot to work with, stuff about his father, his family, his estrangement from, his military background and the training he’s done. It takes a lot of perseverance to get through the Navy SEALS and be in the […]