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David Boreanaz’s wife could sue mistress he had an affair with

Just yesterday we reported that Bones’ David Boreanaz admitted to having an affair with Tiger Woods’ mistress and we thought that was as bad as it could get. I mean the guy has been married to Jamie Bergman for over eight years and together they have two kids. While the[...]

Bones’ David Boreanaz admits to affair with Tiger Woods’ mistress

Earlier this week Bones’ lead star David Boreanaz admitted to having an affair with an unidentified woman while being married to his wife Jamie Bergman for eight years. He talked about how he came forward with the details because the ex-mistress threatened to go to the media with the story[...]

Bones debates itself and talks dirty this week

BY FRED TOPEL WARNING: MILD SPOILERS AHEAD David Boreanaz got us all excited about the 100th episode of Bones coming up next week. To prepare for that interview, I got an early copy of the episode, but also a copy of episode number 99 so I’d be caught up. 100 episodes is[...]
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