October 27, 2016
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Hollywood Film Awards: The Race Is On! The Hollywood Awards Launch the Push toward Oscar – Associated Press

Once again, Hollywood Stars will be going to the first awards event of the season — The Hollywood Film Awards®.
The ceremony will be hosted by critically and globally acclaimed actor, comedian and late night talk show host, James Corden and will take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, on November 1, 2015. The Hollywood Film Awards, the official launch of the awards season®, has recognized excellence in the art of cinema and filmmaking for 18 years, honoring some of the world’s biggest stars. More than one hundred honorees have gone on to garner Oscar nominations and wins.
Our confirmed presenters include: Steve Carell, Russell Crowe, Ice Cube, Johnny Depp, Laura Dern, Vin Diesel, Jamie Foxx, Selena Gomez, Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, Dakota Johnson, Armie Hammer, Amber Heard, Mark Ruffalo, David O. Russell, Kurt Russell, Amy Poehler, Quentin Tarantino, and Reese Witherspoon.
Our confirmed honorees include:Robert De Niro, Ridley Scott, Will Smith, Carey Mulligan, Jane Fonda, Benicio Del Toro, Amy Schumer, Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Saoirse Ronan, Kurt Russell, Samuel L Jackson, Jessica Jason Leigh, Channing Tatum, Bruce Dern, Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth, O’Shea Jackson, Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchel, Ludacris, Jordana Brewester and Michele Rodriguez, Tom Hooper, Adam McKay, Asif Capadia and Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer. The craft categories include, Tim Alexander, Janusz Kaminski, David Rosenbloom, Alexander Desplat, Colin Gibson, Sandy Powell, Gary Rydstrom, and Lesley Vanderwalt.
This year, two-time Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro will be honored with the “Hollywood Career Achievement Award.”
“Movie awards season kicks off with Hollywood Film Awards” – Reuters
““The first mandatory stop … in the awards season” – New York Times
“The Hollywood Film Awards has become a pre-Oscar showcase” – Los Angeles Times
“The Race Is On! The Hollywood Awards Launch the Push toward Oscar” – Associated Press
With participating Hollywood insiders, our Advisory Team identifies and selects the recipients of our honors. Our winners are pre-selected to receive our awards. Our selection is based on their outstanding achievement and contribution to the art of cinema. They are not “nominees.”
2014 honorees included some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Keira Knightley, Michael Keaton, Steve Carell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Shailene Woodley, Eddie Redmayne, Jean-Marc Vallée, Julianne Moore, Robert Duvall, Jack O’Connell, Mike Myers, Chris Rock and many more.
HFA co-chairs, advisory team and judges have included:
Ken Annakin,Simon Assaad, Alberto Barbera, Gilles Bianrosa, Irene Bignardi, Clare Binns, John Briley, Judith Bronowski, Elisabetta Brunella, […]

Will Fantasy Titles “Crimson Peak” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Make the Cut in Oscar’s Costume Design Race?

Fashion is on display every Oscar night. Fashion also is rewarded in the category of the Academy Award for Best Costume Design. The wardrobe for a film can provide exceptional glamor. But more importantly, well-designed costumes tell us something about the characters who wear them, in terms of their time, place, class, age, and self-image.
The Costume Designers’ branch is without question one of the most original in AMPAS. Every year, films that are usually forgotten in other categories, either due to being too poorly reviewed, too small, or too un-Oscary, manage to score here. It’s very rare that at least one of the nominees isn’t the “sole representative” of its film.
But notwithstanding its originality in terms of films rewarded, the branch is conservative in two other ways. The first is the love of past nominees. Though there is usually at least one first-timer nominated each year, the costume designers are far from the most welcoming branch when it comes to prospective first-time nominees. The second is the love of the period piece. Usually featuring relatively showy costumes and frequently research-intensive, period films tend to grab four-to-five of the nominations. There is typically one fantasy title, but not always. And truly contemporary films tend to be nominated only once or twice a decade.
Leading the way this year may be the great ten-time nominee/three-time winner Sandy Powell, who has both “Cinderella” and “Carol” in contention. Todd Haynes’s 1950s New York City drama will undoubtedly draw comparisons to his 1950s Connecticut film “Far From Heaven.” While Powell was remarkably not nominated for that effort, I suspect “Carol” will be a bigger hit with the Academy. “Cinderella,” on the other hand, blends period and fantasy with an extraordinary array of colors and costumes. While one may wonder how hard Disney will push this March release, the fact remains that the costumes were praised by virtually everyone who saw the film and if it gets a nomination anywhere, one would expect it to be here. At the end of the day, I think Powell is destined to repeat her 1998 feat and get a double nomination (as she did then, for “Velvet Goldmine” and “Shakespeare in Love”).
Also set in 1950s New York is “Brooklyn,” with costumes designed by Odile Dicks-Mireaux. The costumes are not only top-notch and spanning cultures, but they were instrumental in illustrating the protagonist’s transition between cultures and countries. I suspect […]

Living Legends John Williams and Ennio Morricone Compete for the Oscar for Best Original Score

The Academy Award for Best Original Score rewards those musicians who compose the original music for our films. It is without question one of the most recognized crafts categories. It is not difficult to think of examples of film scores that are simply iconic, from “Gone With the Wind” to “The Godfather” to “Once Upon a Time in the West” to “Jurassic Park.”
The nominees are chosen by the music branch (who also choose the nominees for Best Original Song, which, as we will analyze in December, is a very different category due to several different reasons).
Epic films, as well as best picture contenders and animated features, frequently find favor here. The music branch is also renowned for being an “insiders’ club.” It is rare that more than one of the five nominees is a first-timer, and there are certain stalwarts who we are used to seeing year after year.

Without question the branch’s favorite composer ever is 49-time nominee John Williams. This year he is once again providing the music from the galaxy far far away in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” It is destined to be a hit, and Williams can never be ruled out. So I suspect that he is going to find himself joining Walt Disney as the second person to receive a fiftieth Oscar nomination.

Williams’s age (83) may be preventing him from being as prolific as he once was. In the result, he is not fulfilling composer duties for Steven Spielberg for the first time in 30 years. Instead, another Academy favorite – Thomas Newman – stepped into that role for “Bridge of Spies.” In addition to the fact that Newman has 12 nominations of his own, the score also featured many of the trademarks that have made Spielberg scores so successful in this category. Given that the film has already been released, I’d say Newman is even more assured of a spot than Williams. (One never knows how to analyze a score’s potential before hearing it.) Newman also has “Spectre” coming out this year but despite his nomination for “Skyfall,” I doubt Newman will become a double nominee, given the strength of the competition.
Alexandre Desplat won this category last year for “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” capping off an extraordinary decade in which his European sensibilities have found favor on both sides of the Atlantic. “The Danish Girl” reunites him with Tom Hooper and gives him […]

Chris Rock will host the 88th Academy Awards

A bit of breaking news for you folks. It’s been announced that Chris Rock will be the host of the Oscars. Yes, the comedian/actor has been selected to lead the 88th Academy Awards telecast, marking the second time that Rock has been given this prestigious job. Not everyone wants to do it more than once, or accepts it when offered, so this now puts him into a small club of returning hosts. I didn’t include him in my recent speculation about how could get the gig, so it just goes to show how unpredictable things can be. It’s his job now, so let’s discuss that for a little bit…

First up, for comparison’s sake, here’s the other folks who are in Rock’s club of hosting the Academy Awards at least twice:
Bob Hope (19 times)
Billy Crystal (9 times)
Johnny Carson (5 times)
Whoopi Goldberg (4 times)
Jack Lemmon (4 times)
Jerry Lewis (3 times)
Steve Martin (3 times)
Conrad Nagel (3 times)
David Niven (3 times)
Jack Benny (2 times)
Chevy Chase (2 times)
Sammy Davis Jr. (2 times)
Ellen DeGeneres (2 times)
William C. deMille (2 times)
Jane Fonda (2 times)
Goldie Hawn (2 times)
Walter Matthau (2 times)
Richard Pryor (2 times)
Frank Sinatra (2 times)
James Stewart (2 times)
Jon Stewart (2 times)
Add in Rock to the two time club and those are all of the men and women who have been Oscar hosts more than once.
One thing to keep in mind about that above list is that a lot of those names that you might not have realized were hosts (let along hosts more than once) are there because they were part of a group that co-hosted the ceremony. I’ve often wondered if that could be something that the Academy goes back to for their show one day, but so far, they’ve just gone with two hosts of less in the modern era. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially since I’ve never especially disliked their choices, but I’d be thrilled to see them just have a group of stars co-host again one day. It’d be different, that’s for sure.
As for Rock, I enjoyed his last time around back in 2005, but I didn’t think he was the best choice ever. He’s not the worst either, and that’s the thing here…you rarely get raves or pans. Most just think of the job as a necessary evil. I’m a bit more generous, thinking that everyone pretty much has been fine so far, with a few doing slightly better than […]

Amy Schumer to be feted at Hollywood Film Awards

Amy Schumer Set to Receive “Hollywood Comedy Award” for Trainwreck at the “19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards®”
Emmy Award-winning writer, producer, comedian and actress Amy Schumer will be honored with the “Hollywood Comedy Award” at the “19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards.” The ceremony will take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, on November 1, 2015.
The Hollywood Film Awards, the official launch of the awards season®, has recognized excellence in the art of cinema and filmmaking for 18 years, honoring some of the world’s biggest stars. Honorees have gone on to garner many Oscar nominations and wins.
Schumer wrote and starred in her first feature film, Trainwreck, which garnered excelled critical acclaim and box office success. Schumer is also in her 4th season of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, of which she won this year’s Emmy for Outstanding Variety and Sketch Series.

It was previously announced that Robert De Niro will receive this year’s “Hollywood Career Achievement Award,” Furious 7 will receive the “Hollywood Blockbuster Award,” Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth will receive “Hollywood Song Award” for their hit “See You Again” off the Furious 7 soundtrack, Asif Kapadia will receive the “Hollywood Documentary Award” for Amy, Tom Hooper will receive the “Hollywood Directing Award” for The Danish Girl, Benicio Del Toro will receive the “Hollywood Supporting Actor Award” for Sicario, Saoirse Ronan will receive the “New Hollywood Award” for her performance in Brooklyn, Alicia Vikander will receive the “Hollywood Breakout Actress Award,” for The Danish Girl and the cast of “Straight Outta Compton,” Corey Hawkins, O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Jason Mitchell will be honored with the “Hollywood Breakout Ensemble Award.”
Other honorees include Janusz Kaminski (Bridge of Spies) for “Hollywood Cinematography Award”; Alexandre Desplat (The Danish Girl, Suffragette) for “Hollywood Film Composer Award”; David Rosenbloom (Black Mass) for “Hollywood Editing Award”; Tim Alexander (Jurassic World) for “Hollywood Visual Effects Award”; Gary Rydstrom (Bridge of Spies) for “Hollywood Sound Award”; Sandy Powell (Cinderella) for “Hollywood Costume Designer Award”; Lesley Vanderwalt (Mad Max: Fury Road) for “Hollywood Make Up & Hair Styling Award”; and Colin Gobson (Mad Max: Fury Road) for “Hollywood Production Design Award.” More honorees are set to be announced at a later date.
Amy Schumer is the creator, star, writer and executive producer of the Emmy and Peabody Award winning Inside Amy Schumer, the popular Comedy Central television series which premiered in April 2013 to […]

CBS Drops the Hollywood Film Awards: Delivered 4.1 million viewers

The Live Inaugural Hollywood Film Awards Television Broadcast Aired Nov. 14, 2014 on CBS.
2014 honorees included some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Keira Knightley, Michael Keaton, Steve Carell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Shailene Woodley, Eddie Redmayne, Jean-Marc Vallée, Julianne Moore, Robert Duvall, Jack O’Connell, Mike Myers, Chris Rock and many more.
“The first mandatory stop … in the awards season” – New York Times
“The Hollywood Film Awards has become a pre-Oscar showcase” – Los Angeles Times
“The Race Is On! The Hollywood Awards Launch the Push toward Oscar” – Associated Press

WHO: Host Queen Latifah, and Hollywood Career Achievement Award winner Michael Keaton,
presented by Geena Davis; Hollywood Film Award winner “Gone Girl,” accepted by Ben
Affleck, presented by Ron Howard; Hollywood Director Award winner Morten Tyldum for
“The Imitation Game,” presented by Robert Pattinson; Hollywood Actor Award winner
Benedict Cumberbatch for “The Imitation Game,” presented by Amy Adams; Hollywood
Actress Award winner Julianne Moore for “Still Alice,” presented by Kristen Stewart;
Hollywood Supporting Actor Award winner Robert Duvall for “The Judge,” presented by
Robert Downey Jr.; Hollywood Supporting Actress Award winner Keira Knightley for “The
Imitation Game,” presented by Christoph Waltz; Hollywood Ensemble Award winner
“Foxcatcher” cast (Steve Carell, Channing Tatum), presented by Jonah Hill;

Hollywood Breakout Performance Actress Award winner Shailene Woodley for “The Fault in Our Stars,”
presented by Laura Dern; Hollywood Breakout Performance Actor Award winner Eddie
Redmayne for “The Theory of Everything,” presented by Jared Leto; Hollywood
Breakthrough Director Award winner Jean-Marc Vallée for “Wild,” presented by Reese
Witherspoon; New Hollywood Award winner Jack O’Connell, presented by Angelina Jolie;
Hollywood Screenwriter Award winner Gillian Flynn for “Gone Girl,” presented by Hilary
Swank; Hollywood Song Award winner “What Is Love” from “Rio 2,” accepted and
performed by Janelle Monáe, presented by Randy Jackson; Hollywood Animation Award
winner “How To Train Your Dragon 2,” accepted by Gerard Butler, presented by Jennifer
Lopez; Hollywood Blockbuster Award winner “Guardians of the Galaxy,” accepted by Chris
Pratt and James Gunn, presented by Chadwick Boseman; Hollywood Documentary Award
winner Mike Myers for “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon,” presented by Johnny

Hollywood Comedy Film Award winner Chris Rock for “Top Five,” presented by
Queen Latifah; Hollywood International Award winner Jing Tian, presented by Simon
Helberg; Hollywood Cinematography Award winner Emmanuel Lubezki for “Birdman”;
Hollywood Visual Effects Award winner Scott Farrar for “Transformers: Age of Extinction”;
Hollywood Film Composer Award winner Alexandre Desplat for “The Imitation Game”;
Hollywood Costume Design Award winner Milena Canonero for “The Grand Budapest
Hotel”; Hollywood Editing Award winner Jay Cassidy and […]

Hollywood Film Awards – Criteria and Selection – Launching the Awards Season

The Hollywood Film Awards honor established Hollywood artists. The criteria for these awards is based on the recipient’s body of work and/or a film that they have coming out this year. These awards are bestowed in all disciplines of filmmaking*: Career, Leadership, Producer, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor, Film Composer, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Animation, and Visual Effects.
Our award/tribute recipients are selected by our Advisory Team which is comprised of a cross section of Hollywood professionals.
To read more about the Hollywood Film Awards
The selection process for our honorees takes multiple elements into consideration and involves attending pre-press private industry screenings, press screenings, festival screenings, and research. It also includes the support and participation of established entertainment industry executives, from agents, critics, directors, managers, producers, publicists, screenwriters and studio execs to members of the craft guilds.
With participating Hollywood insiders, our Advisory Team identifies and selects the recipients of our honors. Our winners are pre-selected to receive our awards. Our selection is based on their outstanding achievement and contribution to the art of cinema. They are not “nominees.”
Agents, managers, publicists, producers, producer reps and studios are invited to submit their clients or films. Please send your submissions to submissions@hollywoodawards.com

To read more about the Hollywood Film Awards
Ken Annakin,Simon Assaad, Alberto Barbera, Gilles Bianrosa, Irene Bignardi, Clare Binns, John Briley, Judith Bronowski, Elisabetta Brunella, James Cameron, Greg Cavic, Teresa Cavina, Bruno Chatelin, Michel Ciment, David Cook, Martha Coolidge, Wes Craven, Mike Curb, Pam Dixon, Richard Donner, Chris Dorr, Cheryl Downey, Bruce David Eisen, Udy Epstein, Dan Fainaru, Edward S. Feldman, Bob Fisher, Giovanna Fulvi, George Gallo, Marina Goldovskaya, Mike Goodridge, Giorgio Gosetti, Manuel Grosso, Nicole Guillemet, Paul Haggis, Jim Hamilton, Sandra Hebron, Eyal Hertzog, Shaun Hill, Richard Holmes, Allan Hunter, John L. Jacobs, Peter Hyams, Norman Jewison, Tobias Kniebe, Ted Kotcheff, Margret Koehler, Martin Landau, Dale Launer, Mimi Leder, Mark Lewis, George Litto, Derek Malcolm, David Mamet, Penny Marshall, Christopher Mercier, Despina Mouzaki, Jacob Neiiendam, Stephen Nemeth, Geoff Pevere, David Permut, Michel Reihac, Jose Maria Riba, Jonathan Romney, Mary Rose, Doreen Ringer Ross, Fred Roos, David Rubin, Mark Rydell, Ilda Santiago, Tim Sarkes, Tom Schulman, Arnold Schwartzman, Aradhana Seth, Dmitry Shapiro, Christie Smith, Serge Siritzky, Elliot Solomon, Quentin Tarantino, Dianne estelle vicari, Paula Wagner, Robert B. Weide, Murray Weissman, Nancy Willen, Irwin Winkler, and other established entertainment industry executives.
*Some award categories may […]

The Best of the first three quarters of 2015

Believe it or not, but today is actually the last day of August, which means tomorrow stars September and the final quarter of the year. With this changing of the calendar, I wanted to again give you a bit of a look inside my mind. In short, this will be a quick little look at what I’ve enjoyed most over the first eight months of the year, as opposed to some of my slightly longer outings of this ilk. 2015 has been an interesting cinematic year for sure, so there’s no shortage of films worth praising. I’m keeping it simple this time and not being repetitive with commentary, but this does give you a look at what my favorites of the year so far look like before awards season truly gets underway. That’s something, right?
So far this year, I’ve seen 206 films, including a few that I can’t talk about yet (one is a big Oscar hopeful that I’m just under embargo for), so it’s been a busy 2015 so far. That being said, I’m limiting this to only things that have had a release date before September 1st. As such, that keeps a few great flicks off the list, like Sleeping with Other People and Time Out of Mind, of the titles I can speak freely about. Those will get their due soon enough, but right now they have to be on the outside looking in. The former of those two is sitting very pretty for a spot on my year end Top Ten list right now, so there’s that.
What’s interesting to me, before I reveal the updated list, is that of the over 200 movies I’ve seen, very few are actually going to seriously contend for Academy Award nominations. Excluding what I’m embargoed from discussing, only The End of the Tour, Grandma, Inside Out, Love & Mercy, Mad Max: Fury Road, and maybe Trainwreck will potentially show up anywhere even just on the precursor circuit. Awards season is going to be dominated by late year releases in 2015, that much seems certain. I’m not sure what that says about the year in film, at least right now, but it’s worth making a note of.
Below you’ll see my top ten films of the first three quarters of the year so far, along with my awards. Stay tuned for a longer piece at the end of the year, since there’s […]

Johnny Depp, Leo DiCaprio – Which acting contenders this year are most due for their first win?

Of the many storylines that begin during awards season, few are usually as compelling as the ones centered around who’s most due for an Academy Award. I think that it’s usually pretty satisfying to see a former bridesmaid finally become a bride, as it were. As such, below I’ve made up a list of ten actors or actresses who’ve previously been nominated for Oscars but have yet to win one who are in contention this year. I’ve more or less ranked them by how due they are, and just to be fair, I’ve excluded anyone who has already won a prize elsewhere (sorry Matt Damon, for example), or any of the myriad contenders who are seeking their first ever nomination by the Academy. Take a look below and I hope you enjoy!
Here now are the ten actors and actresses most due for their first Oscar win:
10. Bradley Cooper – With three acting nominations already under his belt, Cooper has now officially gotten the “due” label. A previous Best Actor nominee for American Sniper and Silver Linings Playbook, as well as a Best Supporting Actor nominee for American Hustle, he has two opportunities for a win this year. He’ll be in the Actor hunt with Burnt and the Supporting Actor hunt with Joy. It may not happen this year for Cooper, but it will eventually, you can count on that.

9. Carey Mulligan – I’m sure it surprises a lot of people that Mulligan only has one nomination, which was in Best Actress for An Education. She just missed in Supporting Actress when her strong work in both Drive and Shame essentially canceled each other out. This year she’ll hope that her performances in Far From the Maddening Crowd and Suffragette don’t do the same to her. Regardless, despite the solo citation previously, she’s due to take home the gold one day.
8. Will Smith – Here’s a case of someone who can not only remind the Academy of his existence, but cement his status as one of the all time great A-listers with a win. Previously nominated in Best Actor for Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness, that elusive victory has escaped him so far. This year he has Concussion, which is a pretty baity premise. Taking the Actor prize would certainly put him up there as one of our best movie stars ever, but either way…he’s due.
7. Jessica Chastain – Few […]

Carey Mulligan is an Oscar contender

Hollywood Contenders: Once again Carey Mulligan will be part of the “awards season” contenders to be nominated for another Oscar.
Her great performance in SUFFRAGETTE will bring her to the forefront of this year’s great performances.
SUFFRAGETTE is the story about the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement, women who were forced underground to pursue a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly brutal State.

Directed by Sarah Gavron. Cast includes Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, and Helena Bonham Carter among other talented actors.
To read more about Carey Mulligan or SUFFRAGETTES
HOLLYWOODCONTENDERS.COM – Year-round analysis and breaking news. A one stop shop for readers looking to get all the information on the year’s award contenders including the crafts. From analysis, talent video interviews and exclusive reportages to in depth articles. Benefit from our Concierge services, so that you can promote your film/talent to millions of viewers

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