January 18, 2017

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Khloe Kardashian, Mario Lopez reportedly hosting ‘X-Factor’

HollywoodNews.com: It is being rumored that ‘X-Factor’ has finally chosen hosts for this season as Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez are allegedly signing on.
The two have been rumored to be the frontrunners, but now it sounds like the details are being finalized, states TMZ. Kardashian and Lopez will reportedly be announced as the hosts later this week.
The two will allegedly be making quite a bit of money off the gig although the exact numbers are unknown. Kardashian and Lopez will start once the live shows begin which will be in November.
Do you like the final choices?
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Peter Jackson confirmed as “Hobbit” director

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: Breaking news! They actually got Peter Jackson, of all people, to direct “The Hobbit!”
What’s that? You already knew that? Like, from a year ago. No, no. That was a rumor. It was never confirmed. First it was Guillermo Del Toro, but he left. And then there was a labor dispute, but that’s been resolved. And then Jackson pretended to announce a series of movies he’d rather direct than have to plunge back down the rabbit hole of Tolkien nonsense, and then … ugh, forget it. Exhausting.
Guess what? It’s confirmed. We can all go back to our lives.
Yes, this is a win for fans of the franchise, which earned Jackson his first Oscar when the Academy recognized “Return of the King.” And yes, this is a blow to those of us who love Jackson’s films that don’t have hobbits and dragons. Films like “Heavenly Creatures,” “The Frighteners” and, yes, “The Lovely Bones.” I’m one of the few people who want to see Jackson make five more interesting character dramas before he settles in for two more “Hobbit” films. Tolkien’s “Hobbit” was only one book, right? So why are there two movies? Oh, right. Money. * Face palm *
Production will begin in February, with the films set to be released in 2012 and 2013. I can hardly contain my “enthusiasm.”
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Harry Potter Collectors Needed for Magazine Feature

HollywoodNews.com: Popular Harry Potter fansite Mugglenet posted this information on their website this morning, as a call to die-hard fans who are also collectors:

Box Office is launching a new magazine for movie fans that will be hitting a theater near you in November. We’re looking for Harry Potter fanatics for a feature called “Fantastic,” where we’ll profile the best movie memorabilia collections in the country. We know Potter fans are diehard, but we’re also open to entries about other amazing displays. If you or a friend has a collection that reigns supreme, send us a few pictures and tell us about yourself at amy@boxoffice.com.

According to the description, this is also open to movie memorabilia collectors in other fandoms as well.
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Harry Potter Fans Seek to Help Other Fans Have the “Ultimate” HP Experience

HollywoodNews.com: Since I became a part of it in 2005, the Harry Potter fandom has never ceased to amaze me with the things that it has accomplished in the name of charity. Whether it’s something nationally or globally recognized – such as when the HP Alliance raised money to donate medical supplies to the survivors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, or whether it was something a little less well-known – like fanfiction/fanart auctions to help a fellow fandom friend pay their rent or buy much needed prescription medication, we have always come together in the same spirit of the words of our favorite fictional Headmaster:

“Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who need it most.” ~ Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

And now comes our chance to help again, this time in the name of fandom love, friendship and fun. The International Confederation of Wizards is a network of fans who have banded together with just one purpose: to raise money to send two lucky fans who couldn’t otherwise
afford to go, to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The donations will cover airfare, on-site hotel accomodations, park tickets and spending money. As noted on their website :

Many of you have followed JK Rowling’s amazing adventure for years. Many of you have attended worldwide annual conferences, read fansites every morning and know the best way to say Red Wines in a German accent. And most of you have or will soon visit the Wizarding World in Orlando.
But not everyone can. Many of us in our fandom family do not have the finances and will not be able to see this amazing place and walk through what we’ve only been able to dream of. So, our goal is to do just that. Our goal is to raise enough money to pay for two lucky fan-friends that YOU, THE FANDOM CHOOSE to fly to Orlando, stay at an on-site hotel, enjoy 3 days at the Wizarding World and have plenty of spending money while they have the time of their lives.

As a huge Harry Potter fan, I can personally say that visiting this theme park a few weeks ago meant so much to me; to be able to see this world that has changed my life in so many ways and given me so many friends that I would never have otherwise found, is an experience that […]

Meet your “Harry Potter Fan Blogger” – Hanako M. Ricks

HollywoodNews.com: Congratulations to Hanako M. Ricks, who is going to be our “Harry Potter Fan Blogger.” She will be sending us the scoops 24/7, so be sure to keep checking back so you don’t miss a thing!
Before she starts posting on Monday, take some time to get to know her:
Hanako is a lifelong Atlanta resident who has been active in the Harry Potter online fandom for the past five years. Known around the fandom as “hmrpotter”, she began reading the series out of boredom and curiosity and within a week, found not only a new obsession but a network of friends and “fandom family” that has literally spanned the world. When not writing about Harry Potter she manages her personal blog, “Confessions of a Grown-Up Fangirl”, where she talks about her other loves for books, television, movies and conventions relating to sci-fi/fantasy, vampires and a certain set of “Supernatural” demon-hunting brothers. She is also an occasional guest on the Sci-Fi Party Line Podcast, a network of fans who talk about everything relating to science fiction/fantasy.
When not in grown-up fangirl mode, Hanako is a full-time administrative assistant, journalism student, wife and mother to three kids, who are being raised to be proud geeks as well.

Summit Entertainment Announces Camp-Out Dates for “Eclipse” Premiere

By Tracy Rosenfield
Hollywoodnews.com: Aside from the “Harry Potter” franchise, there’s rarely a movie release that requires an official statement about when fans can begin camping out.
As you may have heard, camping is permitted for the “Eclipse” red carpet premiere at the Nokia Theater at LA Live beginning June 21st at 6AM PT.  It has also been noted that people cannot wait in line to start the official camping out, which would (and will) no doubt happen with this fandom.
For the “New Moon” premiere, fans and fan sites started camping out about five days before the official red carpet premiere.  FIVE DAYS!  There are a lot of questions and thoughts that enter my mind: Food, liquid (and therefore bathroom breaks) and showers.  I’m assuming you camp out with others and take turns “on guard” while the rest take care of their needs.
Sure, people who wait the longest will likely get the best spot and chance at meeting the cast, but is it worth it?  Would you rather represent the fandom at your best, or in a likely exhausted, maybe run down state after sleeping outside for five days?  I’d like to hear in the comments below what your opinion is on the subject, especially if you’ve camped out before.

Video Redlasso
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Social media and the charitable fans of Twilight

By Kim Palacios
Plenty of celebs leverage their stardom to tell their fans about a worthwhile cause. Yet, the “Twilight” stars and the fans who admire them have sent social media atwitter in pursuit of much-needed support.
The most recent addition to this “Twilight” star trend is Kellan Lutz, who landed just yesterday on Twitter (@kellanlutz). With nearly 40,000 followers in fewer than 48 hours, he has already begun a charitable agenda. On his page, his stated mission is “to spread awareness concerning the indigenous charities [he] cares deeply for in hopes of gaining your love and support”. He has already managed to tweet five times (in both English and Spanish) asking fans to tell him about their own charities of note.
But it doesn’t stop with Kellan—out of all the Twilight stars, Peter Facinelli has the largest Twitter presence and devotes significant time to the issues that he holds dear. He has been such a driving force in motivating fans to donate to charity (in particular, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an organization dedicated to fighting childhood cancer), that in November 2009, a small team of fans organized thousands of others in the Twilight fan community (in common speak, the Twilight “fandom”) to raise $87,640 in only seven days. This effort, proudly known as the Fandom Gives Back, recently relaunched its efforts, setting a fundraising goal of $100,000 for 2010.
Even Rob, who doesn’t tweet, had fans around the world looking on as he appealed to the public for support during January’s Hope for Haiti telethon. Yet social media played a large role for the small team of fans who promoted giving in a grassroots effort called “TwiFans For Haiti”. The campaign organized hundreds in the fandom around contributing funds–donations totaled nearly $86,000.
The women of Twilight (who, on the whole, tweet less than their male co-stars) have also lent their efforts to great causes. Nikki Reed recently spoke out on behalf of “I Am The Country”, a charity advocating for Chile in the wake of the recent earthquake. Kristen Stewart’s efforts hae been more far-reaching, with the star consistently engaging in a long list of benefits, auctions, and walks. Anna Kendrick, Ashley Greene, and Rachelle Lefevre have also gone public in support of many a good cause.
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