January 17, 2017

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Robert Pattinson Wants To Perform On-Stage

By Tracy Rosenfield
hollywoodnews.com: Robert Pattinson, best known for his character, Edward Cullen, in the “Twilight” franchise, has also been filming a slew of movies as of late. In 2009, he filmed “Remember Me” in New York in between “New Moon” and “Eclipse”, which both filmed in Vancouver. He just wrapped the screen adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s 1885 novel “Bel Ami” which filmed in Budapest, and he is currently filming the screen adaptation of “Water for Elephants” in Los Angeles. At the end of this year, he’ll start filming “Breaking Dawn”, the fourth novel in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” saga.
Many of Robert Pattinson’s fans also know he’s a musician. He can be seen lugging his guitar when he heads to a filming location and he had two songs appear in the film “Twilight” – Never Think and Let Me Sign, one of which is on the “Twilight” soundtrack. He’s also said during various interviews that much of the down-time on the “Twilight” sets is spent jamming with the other musically-inclined actors.
However, what you might not know is that Pattinson also has an affinity for the stage. During school, Pattinson studied amateur theatre through the Barnes Theatre Company. According to CBS, the actor has told his reps, “stage work is something that I want to do as soon as I get a window… it’s what I trained to do and what I really miss.” Pattinson isn’t bound to his British roots either. He’d take a role in London or on Broadway.
Pattinson moving to the stage would likely pose some logistical challenges – at least at first. At times, he can barely go outdoors without being mobbed by fans. If his work were to switch from screen to stage, how would the crowd handle themselves – knowing he’s right there – in person – just a mere few feet away? First, let’s get Pattinson to the stage. Then we can worry about how to keep the opening applause (screams) to just a few minutes.

Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson
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New Rosalie/Bella clip gives hope that “Eclipse” will focus more on the Cullens

By Kim Palacios
hollywoodnews.com: During Nikki Reed’s appearance today on The Ellen Degeneres Show, a partial scene from “Eclipse” featuring her character, Rosalie, was shown for the first time. The new clip, combined with commentary from other Cullen actors in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, engendered hope that “Eclipse” will succeed where “Twilight” and “New Moon” failed—in covering the stories of the Cullens in greater depth.
As Twi-hards are well-aware, the relationship between Bella and Rosalie is of critical importance to certain elements of “Breaking Dawn”. Similarly, the histories of other Cullen vampires are central to fully realizing the potential of “Eclipse”. One long-standing gripe of fans is that “Twilight” and “New Moon” sought primarily to capitalize on the revenue-driving power of the love triangle, and, given this approach, questioned whether Summit would be able to pull off the final two films.
It seems the winds are changing. So much of “Breaking Dawn” surrounds the Cullens that in order for the ending to gell with fans, their characters must find revitalization in the film depiction, and they must find it now. The new clip featuring Reed, as well as Reed’s own comments to the Los Angeles Times (and those of the other Cullens) give hope that even brief dialogs such as this will underscore details ignored in the first two Twilight films.
“I don’t hate you,” opens Rosalie. “I don’t particularly like you, but…Bella, I envy you.” An incredulous Bella protests, at which point Rosalie echoes sentiments expressed briefly in the family vote scene in “New Moon”.
We won’t fully know until “Eclipse” is released, but other pre-premiere interviews should tell some of the tale. As other Cullen actors make appearances promoting the film, we can expect to see film clips featuring their characters. The ongoing success of the series will be tightly linked to fan reaction to “Breaking Dawn”. Let’s hope this queuing up of the Cullens is a sign it will be done right.
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MTV Movie Awards: “Twilight” Actors Compete Against and Among Each Other

By Tracy Rosenfield
hollywoodnews.com: As you may know, the MTV Movie Award nominations were announced last week.  This year, we see something different than we saw last year.  The “Twilight Saga: New Moon” actors had such a busy year filming other movies, they are now competing against each other and themselves at the awards.  At the Oscars, competing against yourself is usually considered the kiss of death because it’s assumed your votes will be split.  However, with the “New Moon” cast, questions remain as to whether their other films can pull the same audience and votes as the second “Twilight” film.
In the “Best Kiss” category, Kristen Stewart is nominated twice – once for “New Moon” and once for “The Runaways”.  “New Moon” had a significantly larger audience, but Kristen had enough votes to get both movies nominated.  Now the question becomes: which movie will fans vote for?  The easy answer is “New Moon”.  More people saw it, more people have heard of it, and more people want to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart accept another “Best Kiss” award and almost kiss.  But, what about the people who voted for her in “The Runaways”?  Will they continue to vote, knowing that the movie had far less visibility and distribution?  Voting for “The Runaways” may actually cannibalize Kristen’s chance at winning, but we won’t know until the awards air on June 6th.  (Taylor Lautner is purposely not mentioned here because he is not competing against himself.)
In the “Best Male Performance” category, Robert Pattinson is nominated for “Edward Cullen” and Taylor Lautner is nominated for “Jacob Black”.  The Team Edward and Team Jacob fans are going to come out of the wood work, though they were never really in hiding.  This category IS going to be won by one of them and people will be feverishly voting up until the last moment to get their vampire or werewolf at the podium.  This category will be the most controversial, and die hard fans really sway one way or another.  I don’t expect “boos” if someone’s favorite doesn’t win, but either way, some people will be thrilled and some will be disappointed.
Where we have the biggest conundrum is in “Global Superstar”. Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are all nominated.  The Twifecta, as they are known, dominate in this category.  The only other nominee who has a fighting chance is Johnny Depp, as he’s […]

MPAA rates “Eclipse” PG-13—can Summit get away with the same for “Breaking Dawn”?

By Kim Palacios
Hollywoodnews.com: Through it’s weekly bulletin announcing decisions on ratings for popular films, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) commented on “Eclipse”, reported Box Office Mojo this morning. Like predecessors “Twilight” and “New Moon”, it is now confirmed that “Eclipse” will be rated PG-13.
This isn’t much of a surprise. Given financial incentives to cater to teenage followers, it behooves Summit to produce a film that plays down rated R story elements in order to maintain accessibility for the widest group of fans. Of its rationale for the “Eclipse” rating, MPAA cited “intense sequences of action and violence, and some sensuality”.
A bigger question, however, is how will they handle “Breaking Dawn”? The MPAA descriptors for rated R films include, “adult themes”, “adult activity”, and “intense or persistent violence”, all three of which Meyer’s original version of “Breaking Dawn” has in spades.
Key plot elements—and ones it would be hard to ignore—surround the conception, gestation, and birth of Renesmee. Though Meyer glosses over the honeymoon scene in her book, the threat of Edward potentially killing Bella when they attempt to consummate their marriage is a rather adult theme; following closely are hundreds of pages focused on the half-breed love child who is tearing Bella apart from the inside-out. Other elements—such as adult Jacob imprinting on baby Renesmee are liable to muddy the PG-13 waters.
Though younger fans would lose out if “Breaking Dawn” had a higher rating—some older fans would love to see the shift. A common grievance among the older group is what is perceived as Meyer failing to resolve major elements of the story in order to allow “Breaking Dawn” to stay marketable as a teen fiction book.
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Twi-hards: They’re More Than Just “Twilight” Fans

By Tracy Rosenfield
Hollywoodnews.com: In a recent post, we wrote about how “Twilight” stars are dominating the current MTV movie award nominations.  As you may have noticed, not all the nominations are for “Twilight.”  There are nominations for “The Runaways”, “Remember Me”, “Valentine’s Day” and “Up in the Air”.  This begs the question, are Twi-hards dedicated to more than just “Twilight”?  The answer – a resounding YES!
Twi-hards are a dedicated group that reaches far beyond the world of “Twilight”.  With such a large cast, we (yes, I include myself) have and embrace the opportunity to see these actors participate in much more than “The Twilight Saga”.  “Twilight” is certainly what started the fandemonim, but true Twi-hards love more than just everything related to the movie and books.  We love everything about the actors (their other films, photos shoots and magazine covers, charity work, talk shows, merchandise, etc.).  No Twi-hard would ever turn down the opportunity to skim through or buy a magazine that had a feature of Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Kellan or any of the actors they’re fond of.
Look at TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people.  Robert Pattinson is the most influential actor on this list.  This is not just because of “Twilight.”  “Twilight” was, without a doubt, the catalyst, but it’s everything else that he’s been involved in since then from playing Tyler Hawkins in ”Remember Me”, to signing a guitar for charity, to almost answering THE question with David Letterman, to his Details magazine shoot.  No one is voted as the most influential actor in the world for playing one character in 2 films (to date).
Kristen Stewart was recently voted at the 6th sexiest woman in the world by FHM magazine.  Bella is cute, but it’s doubtful that she’d be voted the sexiest person by FHM (no offense, Bella fans).  It’s Kristen Stewart’s fans that voted for her.  It’s because of her Interview, Entertainment Weekly, Flaunt, Elle, and countless other magazine shoots.  It’s because of her near-perfect portrayal of Joan Jett.  It’s because of her endearing, timid personality off-screen.  It’s because when work duties keep her from helping Haiti earthquake victims, she does the most she can from Los Angeles.  It’s not because of Bella alone that Stewart made this list.
So for those out there that believe Twi-hards are just “Twilight”-obsessed individuals – think again.  For us, following the actors of “Twilight” becomes a hobby and a passion, that […]

Can Bill Condon (or anybody) salvage Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn”?

By Kim Palacios
Stephenie Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” was a disappointment to many fans, who flamed Meyer for failing to fairly resolve things she’d built up to in the first three books. The burden will be heavy for Bill Condon and “Team Summit” to install a silver lining on Meyer’s cloud. But, at this stage, is ending the series on a high note even possible?
I have written previously about my suspicions that Meyer’s involvement as producer is driven by her desire to redeem herself in the face of criticism. Unconfirmed rumors that the film will be shot in two parts (e.g., giving her more script and screen time to fix it) seem to support this hypothesis.
So, what are the key problems? “Breaking Dawn” is full of elements that fans saw as out of character or implausible. Topping many lists are the relationship that emerges between enemies, Rosalie and Bella, and the birth of Renesmee, Edward and Bella’s horribly-named half-breed love child. Plot elements, such as Jacob imprinting on Renesmee and the monumental build-up to a fight that never happens may have been mistakes on Meyer’s part, but would be difficult to gloss over in the movie.
So, what is the best that fans can expect, if it is Meyer’s intention to do cleanup? Her producer role will afford her the chance to justify what was viewed by fans as strange. By adding detail that explains her thinking (and, in some cases, by adding missing scenes that some fans hoped to see, such as those during Edward and Bella’s honeymoon), Meyer may be poised to get herself out of a pickle.
But, it won’t be easy. In addition to fixing aforementioned issues (not to mention the dozens of loose ends for which she has been criticized in the past), it must appeal to audiences of all ages. Out of the four books, “Breaking Dawn” deals with the most mature themes—and it is largely the older fans who drive the financial success of the franchise. That fan base will be looking for something more sophisticated than has been seen before.
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Bill Condon to direct Twilight’s “Breaking Dawn”

By Kim Palacios
Summit Entertainment announced to fans this morning, via press release on the official Twilight Facebook page, that director Bill Condon has been chosen to lead the filming of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”. This news comes amid heavy speculation surrounding details of the secretive film’s production—believed contenders for the role included “New Moon” director Chris Weitz and “Good Will Hunting” director Gus Van Sant.
“Bringing Stephenie Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” to the screen requires a graceful and intelligent hand and we believe Bill Condon is exactly the right steward, having shown equal and abundant talents of immense creativity and subtle sensitivity,” said Erik Feig, President of Production and Acquisitions, for Summit Entertainment, according to the aforementioned release.
Added author Stephenie Meyer, “I’m so thrilled that Bill wants to work with us. I think he’s going to be a great fit, and I’m excited to see what he does with the material.”
Though, as today’s news breaks, Condon is being mentioned in conjunction with his directorial references, his largest industry honors have been in the realm of writing as well as directing. In 1999, he won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for “Gods and Monsters” (which he also directed), and was nominated again in 2003 in the same category for “Chicago” (which he did not direct). Other writing nominations include both writer and director nods for his original film, “Kinsey” (2004). Most recently he has won accolades for his work writing directing the hit film “Dreamgirls”(2006).
In the case of “Breaking Dawn”, Melissa Rosenberg will write, and Bill Condon will only direct.
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“Eclipse” book with new cover available for pre-order

By Kim Palacios
This week I got a tip from the Thinking of Rob blog: a newly-designed “Eclipse” paperback is available for pre-order online. The official release date for the title is May 25, but the volume is already on sale for pre-order on Amazon.com (and does not yet appear to be on sale for pre-order at Borders’)—the cover price is $12.99, but Amazon.com is selling it for just under $9.00.
As with the earlier books, the alternative cover features the actors in the movies. In this case, we see a flowing-haired Bella flanked by a protective-looking Edward and Jacob. All characters are facing forward, though both Edward and Jacob’s faces are partially obscured. The image of clouds surrounding the eclipsed sun is shown on the bottom half of the space.
Each of the original books was released with the now-famous red-on black icons—pale, delicate hands holding the apple on the cover of “Twilight”, the red and white parrot tulip that ambiguously drips blood on the on the front of “New Moon”, the single red ribbon cascading down cover of “Eclipse”, and the white queen dominating a red pawn on the front of “Breaking Dawn”.
Between paperback and hard cover, regular print and large print, and pressings to supply volume to a demanding market, “Eclipse” has been printed at least 16 times. If paper’s not your thing, it is available on Audio CD, audiobook file, and in digital formats, such as Kindle.
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Is the Official Twilight Convention worth it?

By Kim Palacios
HollywoodNews.com: As Twilight enters its fifth year of international fame, companies like Creation Entertainment (the coordinator of the only Official Twilight Convention) are only too happy to continue to profit. But as those who have been around the fandom awhile already know, the conventions themselves are changing.
“Last year, Rob and Kristen and lots of the other vamps were here—it was much smaller, and you could walk right up to them,” said one fan I met at the 2010 San Francisco Official Twilight Convention. “Now that Twilight’s gotten so big, [Rob and Kristen] don’t bother coming to these anymore.”
She may have a point. Though Kristen and Rob did show up at ComiCon in 2009, they have been conspicuously absent from other fan-driven events. Even recent events related to the “Eclipse” release—the world premiere of the trailer on Oprah and the live chat with fans about the upcoming film—were presided over by actors playing far less significant characters (Dakota Fanning, Nikki Reid, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Julia Jones).
Some cite security risks and busy filming schedules as culprits for the bigger stars’ scarcity. I won’t speculate on what’s keeping them away; but a look at the celebrity lineups for the next 10 Official Twilight Conventions confirms that the bigger stars simply aren’t coming.
That’s not to say it isn’t worth it to go—it all depends on who and what you’re longing to see. The season between the “New Moon” and “Eclipse” movies has been heavy with Peter Facinelli, select Volturi, and wolf pack actors (ex Taylor Lautner), with occasional appearances by Kellan Lutz, Justin Chon, and Michael Welch. My own favorite Twilight Saga actor is Peter Facinelli, so the convention worked out perfectly for me.
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Summit unveils new official website for “Eclipse” movie

By Kim Palacios
The latest “World of Twilight” website, this one dedicated to “Eclipse”, went online late yesterday in conjunction with the release of the final studio trailer. With only five brief sections, the site can’t be described as rich with content, but its design remains great eye candy for fans of the Twilight Saga, who are looking forward to “Eclipse”.
Both the teaser trailer (the first official release) and the theatrical trailer (the one released yesterday) can be viewed in HQ under “media”. A placeholder for a media downloads section is marked as “coming soon”. Screen shots from the film (e.g., Edward and Bella in the meadow, Bella and Jacob by the fire, and others that have widely been seen elsewhere), also appear. An official store, an “about the film” area that gives a written synopsis, and even a “community” section that lists popular fan sites appears, as well as a “coming soon” note on a “worldwide community” section. Also included (for the moment) are links back to the replay of yesterday’s live chat with Dallas Howard, Nikki Reid, and Julia Jones.
For die-hard fans, very little of the content on this official site is truly new. Indeed, wallpaper and poster downloads are already live on the official Twilight Saga Facebook site, despite not yet being downloadable on the “Eclipse” site. Still, it’s nice to be able to distinguish official news and media from rumors and manipulations. So, a big thank you to Summit for unveiling the new site—Twilight fans appreciate the effort!
The official “Eclipse” web site can be found at http://www.eclipsethemovie.com/ All official Twilight sites can be viewed through World of Twilight
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