April 23, 2014

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“Glee’s” Jane Lynch says it feels “different to be married”

By Greg Hernandez
HollywoodNews.com: Newlywed Jane Lynch is riding high in both her personal and professional lives with the phenomenal success of Glee and marriage to Lara Embry.
“It does feel different to be married. … I feel like I belong to somebody and somebody belongs to me,” Jane tells Entertainment Tonight. “We have a little family unit, I love it. … I’m really lucky. I got a good one. I got a good family.”
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Gloria Stuart to celebrate 100th birthday by being honored by the Academy

HollywoodNews.com: The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will honor Oscar®-nominated actress Gloria Stuart’s career in film and celebrate her 100th birthday with a program featuring film clips and an onstage conversation between Stuart and her longtime friend, film historian Leonard Maltin, on Thursday, July 22, at 7:30 p.m., at Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills.
Born July 4, 1910, in Santa Monica, Stuart attended the University of California at Berkeley and began her acting career on the stage, making her movie debut in the 1932 pre-Code drama “Street of Women.” From the 1930s through the mid-’40s, her many appearances as a stunning blonde ingenue included roles in James Whale’s pioneering horror films “The Old Dark House” and “The Invisible Man.” She dabbled in musicals, appearing as Dick Powell’s love interest in “Gold Diggers of 1935” and as Queen Anne alongside The Ritz Brothers in the 1939 musical comedy version of “The Three Musketeers”; worked with director John Ford on “Air Mail” and “The Prisoner of Shark Island”; and played opposite Shirley Temple in “Poor Little Rich Girl” and “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.”
Stuart joined the Screen Actors Guild in 1933, becoming member No. 843 and subsequently serving for several years on its national board. She is the sole surviving board member from the 1930s.
Stuart changed paths in the late 1940s to pursue a successful career in the fine arts, returning to acting in the 1970s. In 1997, at the age of 87, her memorable performance in “Titanic” as a centenarian survivor of the ship’s sinking endeared Stuart to a whole new generation of moviegoers and earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Stuart remains the oldest performer to have been nominated for an Academy Award®.
Tickets to “An Academy Centennial Celebration with Gloria Stuart” are $5 for the general public and $3 for Academy members and students with a valid ID. Tickets are available for purchase by mail, at the Academy box office (8949 Wilshire Boulevard, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
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Twilight fans either loved or hated “Eclipse”, but will still see “Breaking Dawn”

By Kim Palacios
HollywoodNews.com: Whether fans loved or hated Twilight “Eclipse”, strong sentiment either way was a common reaction. Those who liked it absolutely loved it, but few early reviews were lukewarm. As for those falling into the “hated it” camp, the common reaction was profound disappointment. One clear pattern separating the two groups was how much they enjoyed the book. Those who loved the book seemed to hate the movie, and vice versa. Common ground, then, became a shared opinion that the book was nothing like the film.
Wrote one fan, Tammy, on the bestsellers comment thread at About.com, “Twilight and New Moon were dead on…Eclipse was a huge disappointment…Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are the best books and with many added scenes in the movie that were not in the book, as well as added dialogue, the movie was hard to follow. The person sitting next to me, having not read the book, asked what was going to happen next, and I had to say, I don’t know, they aren’t following the book. Scenes that did make the movie were clipped and downplayed. Overall a disappointment. I hope they follow the book in Breaking Dawn.”
Said another fan on the Fandango message boards, “I loved this movie…Compared to the book, this movie did cover a bit more (even on how Riley was created) but it moved WAY too fast up until the fight scene. There were so many things they could have gone into more detail with. I would have loved to see Alice actually kidnap Bella for their slumber party and more detail in the council meeting where they tell the history of tribe. Even the graduation party could have had more details. I hope that with Breaking Dawn, they take their time and cover the things that need to be covered without rushing through it.”
Regardless of where opinion shook out, even fans who hated it seemed intent on seeing “Breaking Dawn”.
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Sucked back in with ‘True Blood’s’ encore performance

By Malina Saval
HollywoodNews.com: There was nothing else on last night so I succumbed to an encore performance of Sunday’s episode of True Blood even though I swore I wouldn’t get sucked in this season (pun intended). The first year was brilliant, the second year was pretty cool because of all that orgiastic mayhem in the season’s finale, but from the looks of last night’s show, the third of this season, the show has become full-on camp. A few thoughts: Why in almost every episode does Sookie walk into a vampire bar as if she’s never been to one before and glance around the room like she’s clueless about vampires when she’s been hanging out with them for two seasons already? And, I know it’s a hick town in Louisiana, but why can’t wardrobe dress her in something that doesn’t look like it came from Forever 21? And, I don’t know, that Paquin and Moyer are engaged in real life kind of makes the whole set-up a little boring. But aside of all that, the storyline where vampire Bill (goes back in time to his wife before he was “made” into a vampire – he goes back to bury their dead son) seems pretty compelling. I think a truly awesome and romantic plot twist would be if, when Bill and Sookie are again reunited, he can’t shake his love for the old wife even though she’s about to be dead or turned into a vampire. The whole thing gets pretty confusing, and decides he can’t commit to Sookie even though they are newly engaged. You know, it could all be very Wings of the Dove.
On another note, I also caught this season’s Entourage Premiere, and the whole thing was quite silly as well. Everybody – Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold), Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase) – seemed so self-conscious that these were roles they were playing, it as just a little over the top. But I have to say, the first episode of the season of any show is often a warm-up, so I’m sticking around for more. And I have to say, Jeremy Piven truly is a talent, playing the short, insecure, overwrought, Napoleanic Gold with deft skill. He sort of reminds me of a shorter, younger Chevy Chase back when Chevy Chase was funny and not just a mockery of himself. So I like Piven, I do, even if when I [...]

New Deathly Hallows Teaser, BTS Footage Included In Video Game

By Hanako M. Ricks
HollywoodNews.com: The Collector’s Edition of the new LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 video game has some fun extras for fans of the films. First, there is a new teaser trailer for Deathly Hallows, which includes a lot of footage we’ve seen with the previously released teasers and the more recent theatrical trailer, but also includes a few never-before seen scenes:

And finally! Harry Potter fans can see something we’ve asked for for AGES: a gag reel of sorts, which includes fun and entertaining footage from the first four Potter films:

I think Daniel Radcliffe and Robbie Coltrane were having a bit too fun much on the set, don’t you think?
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Tiger Woods’ wife won’t get near $750M in settlement

HollywoodNews.com: After missing his daughter Sam’s birthday, Tiger Woods finally made it up to Elin Nordegren by making it to the second celebration.
However, as their divorce finalizes, Elin isn’t going to get as much money as she thought she was. Sources connected to Tiger told TMZ, that the divorce is a “done deal except for the official filing with the court.” A source added that Tiger isn’t even worth the reported $750 million that she was asking for, but “she’ll do a lot better than she would have under the prenup.”
Either way, Elin is going to walk away with a handful of cash.
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Father, Brother of Harry Potter Actress Charged With Threatening to Kill Her (UPDATED)

By Hanako M. Ricks
HollywoodNews.com: The father and brother of Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad, who plays Padma Patil in the series, have both been arrested and charged for threats and acts of bodily harm. The charges stem from an attack at Azad’s home on May 21 of this year.
Her father, Abdul Azad, is accused of threatening to kill his daughter while her brother, Ashraf Azad is accused of threatening to kill and assault occasioning actual bodily harm against his sister. Afshan was allegedly attacked because her family, who are Muslim, did not approve of her relationship with a Hindu man, according to a spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service. Both men have appeared in court but the case has been adjourned until later on this month. They are currently out on bail.
Afshan had never acted before she auditioned on a whim for the role of one of the Patil twins. She has appeared in all of the films since her first, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and will appear in the final two parts for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
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Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan asked whether she is Team Edward or Team Jacob

By Kim Palacios
HollywoodNews.com: Our taxpayer dollars were hard at work yesterday when Senator Amy Klobuchar ( D – Minnesota) steered Senate Judiciary Committee questioning toward Twilight. In an unusual diversion, the Senator grilled Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan about her allegiance to Team Edward vs. Team Jacob.
“You had an incredibly grueling day yesterday and did incredibly well, but I guess it means you missed the midnight debut of the third Twilight movie last night,” began the Minnesota Senator. “We did not miss it in our household last night and it culminated in three fifteen year old girls sleeping over at 3AM. So, I have this urge to ask you…about the famous case of Edward vs. Jacob or the vampire versus the werewolf.”
Though Kagan’s expression remained diplomatically netutral, her deadpanned response was not. “I wish you wouldn’t,” replied Kagan as some witnesses bit back smiles and others appeared not to have the foggiest clue as to what Senator was asking.
Klobuchar herself admitted that she had been awake until the wee hours the previous night chaperoning her daughter to see the film. Perhaps the irregular line of questioning can be chalked up to a simple lack of sleep.
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Cable Carnivore

By Malina Saval
HollywoodNews.com: I’m a celebrity entertainment journalist, which basically means that I spend half my life regarding my reflection in the rearview mirror of my car while crawling along in L.A. traffic on my way to whatever hotel, café or manse the star I’m interviewing is awaiting me. Oh, and I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee and watch way too much TV, mainly in the way of cable, because it’s part of my job requirement and it’s a good way to rationalize not actually doing any writing. In any case, there’s so much good cable out right now it’s hard to resist.
While network generally shies away from the stuff we really want to see – sex, drugs, psychosis, anything subversive and a little off kilter – cable swoops in and provides all that in aces. There’s a reason that white-hot cable shows (think AMC’s Mad Men and Breaking Bad) have surpassed so many of the tepid network offerings in the way of critical kudos and Emmys.
Granted, not every show on cable is a good one. I used to be really into True Blood its first two seasons, but I’m becoming so sick of vampires, I honestly wish they’d all die already (Plus, I interviewed Anna Paquin a year or so ago and she scoffed dismissively when I suggested that vampires were the new penguins). Anyway, the one major thing that truly sucks about cable shows is that most run for only 13 episodes per season, which means that if you fall in love with a show, you could literally get knocked up and birth a child before the next season finally rolls around.
HBO’s Hung is back this season, which was really raw and funny last year and gets props for promoting the notion that a male prostitute with a big dick can also be real softy. Penises are actually a strong theme running throughout a few of my favorite cable TV series.
Showtime’s Californication is returning early this fall, which is one of the smartest, sharpest shows out there. What makes the show really interesting is that it thrusts star and recovering sex addict David Duchovny into a role where art definitely imitates life (He plays a wanton lothario on the show).
And now MTV appeals to the teen crowd with The Hard Times of RJ Berger, about a high school nerd with a huge [...]

Lifehouse releases live music video for “All In”

HollywoodNews.com: Lifehouse will perform and be a part of the 2010 VH1 Do Something Awards later this month. In support of their latest album, “Smoke and Mirrors,” the band has just released a music video for their song “All In.”
The new video strays from any story-lines to show clips from their live show as well as rare moments of the band in their off days. The video is by no means their strongest effort, but gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the band.
Watch the new video below:
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