July 11, 2015

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Jersey Shore ‘Twilight’ parody truly frightening

By Kim Palacios
HollywoodNews.com: The preview clip of the Twilight/Jersey Shore parody on Monday’s Good Morning America barely scratched the surface of the debauchery the first two Twilight films would suffer at the hand of the MTV reality show cast. The Good Morning America clip had been a preview of a longer sketch to appear on the Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel special featuring the real cast of Twilight. That hour-long special, “Twilight: Total Eclipse of the Heart” aired last night.
In addition to the widely circulated scene in which Edward saves Bella from an out-of-control van, other parodied scenes from “Twilight” and “New Moon”—including Edward showing Bella his sparkling skin and Bella’s 18th birthday party—are also shown. Added to the repertoire are scenes and events within scenes that never happened in the films, much less Stephenie Meyer’s books. Insinuated are that Jacob is a dog who licks himself clean and lives in an oversized dog house, and that Edward tries (and fails) to change his skin tone via tanning bed.
The highlight of the sketch is when Kimmel himself makes an appearance, playing the part of Chief Swan. In another scene that never happened in thebooks, Bella (played by the infamous Snooki) pleads for Chief Swan to accept her relationship with Edward. “I don’t like that kid, Bella”, an in-character Kimmel scolds gruffly. “But, dad! He’s a totally ripped juice head. And plus, he’s Italian!” argues “Bella”. Kimmel throws a dramatic look and rips off his Ray Bans before delivering the punch line: “Then how come he never smells like garlic?”
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Bonnie Wright Talks Potter, Twilight; Keeps Mum on Relationship

HollywoodNews.com: It’s the crossover “ship” that Harry Potter and Twilight fans have been wondering about: rumors have been swirling for weeks about the alleged engagement between Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower, who both star in the Harry Potter series (although Jamie is more well-known for his role as Volturi member Caius in The Twilight Saga: New Moon). During her visit to celebrate the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, NBC’s Today Show tried unsuccessfully to get Bonnie to confirm her “engagement”, with Bonnie skillfully dodging the question by talking about the end of the movie franchise.
MTV talked one-on-one with Bonnie and brought up the relationship in regard to the different fan bases that both franchises have, and whether she and Jamie find it hard or difficult to deal with the fans and press wanting information about their relationship. Again, Bonnie very skillfully deflected information from her relationship, instead choosing to give her opinion on the difference between the two franchises, and how it’s fun to see fellow Potter alum Robert Pattinson’s rise in popularity from his days as doomed wizard Cedric Diggory. Throughout the constant questioning about her relationship, she never gets flustered or annoyed – showing that despite her young age (she’s only 18), she knows how to maintain the privacy of her private life with class and maturity.

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Justin Bieber kicks off ‘My World’ tour with a surprise from Usher

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Bieber has become pop music’s latest teen sensation. The star kicked off his first headlining tour last night in Hartford, CT and officially launched his first “My World” tour.
While fans went crazy as he sang his hit song, “Baby,” he was even surprised on stage by rapper Usher. Later Bieber tweeted, “my big brother @UsherRaymondiv came to support me and even ran out on stage and surprised me during BABY.” At the end of the night he then tweeted, “2nite was just…well…i was scared. didnt want to let anyone down but the energy and the fans were incredible. Cant wait to do this again!”
Bieber continues his tour tonight in Trenton, NJ and expect another high energy show.
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Watch Usher come on stage with Bieber below:

Exclusive Video: Kevin Kline talks about tackling ‘The Extra Man’

By Todd Gilchrist
HollywoodNews.com: In his more than 30 years in front of the cameras, Kevin Kline has played an incredible variety of roles. His early work put him in westerns, political thrillers, and even pirate movies; later on, he played cold-blooded killers, romantic leads, and even a presidential stand-in. But in the last few years, Kline has become associated with authoritative, professorial characters – even if the actor never worried or particularly thought about the possibility of being typecast.
Nevertheless, his latest role, in the independent comedy The Extra Man, razes expectations of that button-up, immaculate dispenser of wisdom; he plays a disgraced playwright whose opinions are frequently as hilarious as they are offensive. Hollywood News recently say down with Kline at the film’s Los Angeles press day, where he discussed the prospect of sending up his own screen persona, revealed his approach to characters in general, and explored his character in The Extra Man in the context of the completed film.

“Knight and Day” fails to go as dark as it could

By Scott Mendelson
HollywoodNews.com: I can only wonder what kind of film James Mangold’s “Knight and Day” would have been had it just been another action vehicle for a Tom Cruise (pre-2005) who was not in the midst of a PR-mandated comeback. Despite the fact that Cruise’s pictures have done just fine since his 2005 couch-jumping, Scientology-hyping PR-meltdown, there is a perception that Cruise has lost his luster as a genuine movie star. So along comes “Knight and Day,” a variation on the ‘wronged-man on the run with quasi-kidnapped female’ story, which theoretically casts Tom Cruise as a borderline-satirical version on the Cruise persona (insanely-driven action hero with a touch with the ladies). As a satire on the stereotypical Tom Cruise action picture, it has its moments and its charm. But the film lacks the courage of its convictions, as well as the ability to take the story into territory that a more fearless Cruise of the 1990s would crash headlong into without thinking twice.
A token amount of plot: June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is returning home in order to attend her sister’s wedding. However, a chance encounter with handsome and charming stranger Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) sets her on a path into danger and international intrigue. As the stakes mount and the body count rises, June finds herself questioning who is on her side, who is using her, and who is trying to kill her. Can she trust this apparent super spy with her life? Or is the would-be 007 a rogue agent who has gone completely insane and/or is working with nefarious forces?
The film works primarily as a pure action picture, with several glorious set-pieces that are completely absurd in their construction, yet oddly plausible because so much of the action seems practical. It is no small irony that action scenes that wouldn’t be out of place in a “Looney Tunes” cartoon achieve a certain realism purely by staging them the old-fashioned way. What a delight to see real stunt-work, real fight choreography, and actual vehicle destruction on a grand scale. Another oddity rests in the fact that Tom Cruise, once Hollywood’s preeminent superstar, has crafted something that resembles a B-movie in comparison to the more outlandish, fantasy-based entertainments of recent summers. The film is not cheap, and it certainly never looks cheap, but there is a quaint old-fashioned feel to the couple-on-the-run narrative and the practical action scenes.
But the […]

Tom Cruise’s ‘Knight and Day’ opens to a mere $3.8M

HollywoodNews.com: It’s bad news for Tom Cruise. “Knight and Day” took in only $3.8 million last night at the box office. The $100 million film now stands to make around $20 million, if 20th Century Fox is lucky, for the five day opening run.
What makes this worse than ever: Cruise’s last movie, the godawful “Valkyrie,” made $8.5 million on its opening day. Of course, it was Christmas, but still…”Valkyrie” didn’t even have Cameron Diaz in a bikini or fancy exotic locations.
After the millions Fox has spent to promote this thing, especially overseas, “K&D” is a disappointment, certainly. But there were warning signs, as I said last week: no U.S. premiere, and then the 500 sneak previews on Saturday.
Bad reviews didn’t help. “K&D” has registered only 52% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even those reviews counted as positive weren’t so good. They were stretching. And hyping “Jerry Maguire” in the TV ad quote has only made the studio seem more desperate.
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Hey Monday’s “Beneath It All” gets a release date

HollywoodNews.com: Pop-rock group Hey Monday are gearing up for their sophomore album, “Beneath It All.”
Decaydance/Columbia Records has just announced that it will be released on August 17th, but until then fans can go to their website to stream their new song “Wish You Were Here.”
There will also be a deluxe pre-order package available, which includes the full length CD, a limited edition 7″ of “Wish You Were Here” and “Mr. Pushover,” a vinyl covered photo album made from the Hey Monday 7″, an exclusive poster, a one year subscription to Alternative Press Magazine, an instant download of “Wish You Were Here” and an MP3 download of the full album on the day of release.
The band will spend the months leading up to the album’s release out on the road with the Warped Tour. The West Palm Beach, Florida natives are no strangers to the road. They have toured the U.S. six times with bands such as Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship and Metro Station.
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Kelis goes behind the scenes of her music video

HollywoodNews.com: Kelis already performed at ELLE’s first ever Women in Music event and now she is taking us behind the scenes of her music video for “4th of July (Fireworks).”
“4th of July, it’s like a firework. It’s like the kind of love that’s a flash in the dark, so it’s intense” – Kelis on the set of “4th of July (Fireworks)”
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Watch the video below:

Kendra Wilkinson discusses her post-baby body

HollywoodNews.com: Kendra Wilkinson has already had her sex tape released, which broke the records for number of pre-orders. And while the former Playgirl star has cashed in, she is taking some time to reflect on her post-baby body and how it affected her emotionally.
She told People, “My curves shocked me big-time. It was a whole other woman I was looking at in the mirror.”
She adds, “About two months ago, I stopped making excuses. It’s time to get out there and really bust my ass like I used to. I was so used to being fit and skinny. I never had to lose weight until now. I want my muscle back–I don’t want anything jiggling. Cardio for me is number one. I need the cardio because I can tone my body, but I gotta burn the fat off!”
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Articles on Michael Jackson’s finances getting stronger

By Roger Friedman
HollywoodNews.com: The proliferation of articles about Michael Jackson’s finances is getting stronger as tomorrow approaches. Most of what you’re reading is incorrect.
The strangest story came today from Bloomberg News. It was titled, “Jackson Advisers to Keep Stake in Beatles Catalog.” It should have been followed by a story called, “The Sky Is Blue.”
There’s no question that Michael Jackson’s estate will continue to be a partner in Sony/ATV Music, the company that contains the Beatles catalog. And there’s no consideration about selling the fifty percent stake. I’m not sure how that became a headline.
For one thing, Michael’s executors, John Branca and John McClain, hold seats on the board of Sony/ATV. They’re not going to give those up. They represent power and a certain standing in the music business.
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