December 04, 2016

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Meryl Streep goes for the gold again in “Florence Foster Jenkins”

There often seems to be two different types of Meryl Streep movies. One type is the serious awards vehicles, where she’s consistently nominated for Oscars. The other type is when she seems to be letting her hair down and having a good time, usually to be ignored by Academy members. Rarely do those two types of films intersect, but this week, it appears like that might be the case with Florence Foster Jenkins. Not only is Streep getting top notch reviews for her performances, but the film itself, despite being on the lighter side, is getting a bit of Oscar buzz as well. Perhaps this is the sort of flick that can be a crossover success for her. The early word actually indicates that yes, it can in fact be.
The movie is a biopic/dramedy about title character Florence Foster Jenkins (Streep), a New York heiress who had a long standing dream of becoming an opera singer. The catch? She has an absolutely terrible singing voice. As a nightclub owner and overall musical enthusiast, Florence longs to succeed as a singer. Against the odds, she’s set up to at least attempt success, mainly due to the help of her husband St. Clair Bayfield (Hugh Grant) and her pianist Cosmé McMoon (Simon Helberg). Stephen Frears directs from a Nicholas Martin script, while other members of the cast include Nina Arianda, Rebecca Ferguson, Christian McKay, and more. Danny Cohen contributes the cinematography, while the score is from the always busy composer Alexandre Desplat. It’s a solid crop of talent, all obviously in service of Streep, who appears to be at the top of her game, once again.
Streep is basically considered to be a national treasure, given high praise almost whenever she comes up on the screen. Luckily for her though, this time around her lighter endeavor is getting some excellent reviews, helping boost the case that she should be in line for yet another citation. To some degree, her candidacy goes without saying, but this initially had the makings of something that voters could easily ignore. That is clearly no longer the case. An August release date could be a challenge, but as you’ll see below, it definitely will have a campaign for Oscar attention launched before too long.
If we’re talking awards, you have to consider Florence Foster Jenkins a bit of a contender just due to her presence. The added bonus of […]

Guy Ritchie’s “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”: 2015 is the year of the retro spy movie

Quietly, this year is turning into the year of the retro feeling spy movie. Yes, 2015 has had no shortage of the genre getting some really nice outings, even ones that are more modern than retro. Without even batting an eye I can rattle off titles this year like Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and Spy, with the James Bond outing Spectre still to come. Also, of course, is one other thing. Yes, we have this weekend’s release of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. as well, the latest film from Guy Ritchie and apparently, like some of 2015’s other genre outings, one of the better spy movie outings of the last few years.
The movie is an adaptation of the Sam Rolfe created television program, which also was a spy show, obviously. Here, it’s a 1960’s set spy thriller, centered around CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) and KGB operative Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) having to team up in order to basically save the world from nuclear destruction. The aforementioned Ritchie directs here and co-writes with Jeff Kleeman, Lionel Wigram, and David C. Wilson, while the rest of the cast aside from Cavill and Hammer includes Alicia Vikander, Hugh Grant, Jared Harris, Elizabeth Debicki, Sylvester Groth, and many more. They all combine for something that’s a real throwback to the spy days of yore.
It’s genuinely interesting to me to look at how The Man from U.N.C.L.E. has evolved. From the TV show to the long gestating film, it originally was conceived as a remake that Steven Soderbergh was going to make with George Clooney in the lead role of Solo. Oddly enough though, it seems like the combination of Cavill, Hammer, and Ritchie is exactly the right mixture to make this silly little spy movie work, as you’ll all see this week (side note, kinda cool to see the man currently playing Superman team up with the man once slated to play Batman, right?). They really double down on the fun and retro/vintage feel, making for something that folks will apparently really enjoy in just a few days time.
I really enjoy a good spy flick, so to see a gaggle of them this year manage to be not only effective, but well liked as well…well, that’s just an added bonus. This one is sure to be enjoyed by the masses, as it played well at Comic Con recently […]

“5 to 7” and “It Follows”: The Best of the First Quarter of 2015

Time flies. Believe it or not, we’re now three full months into the 2015 movie calendar, which means we’re literally a quarter of the way through the film slate. That got me thinking about what the best of the bunch so far this year has been. Since now is the time when the film slate begins to transition into summer flicks (cough, Furious 7, cough) and counter programming independent fare, I thought it was the perfect time to praise the best of 2015 so far. Basically, anything that hit screens between January 1st and March 31st will be up for grabs here for my personal honors. I do have one release from this weekend that I’ve included, but only because of how eager I am to talk about it. Other than that, there’s no cheating…I swear!
Below you’ll find my top ten of the year so far, along with my awards for the first quarter of 2015. Here you go, and enjoy:
10. The Rewrite – A charming and simple Hugh Grant film, it likely would have been a hit had it come out a decade ago. Grant is at his wittiest in a while, with J.K. Simmons turning in yet another solid supporting performance as well. It’s nothing to go crazy over, but it’s a quietly enjoyable movie that I’ve already revisited more than once since it hit Blu-Ray and DVD last week.
9. Black or White – Even though this got a qualifying run at the end of 2014, it’s officially a 2015 release, at least in terms of its wide bow, so it counts here in my book. Kevin Costner is fantastic, while Octavia Spencer is very good too in Mike Binder’s latest flick. It made a few bucks, but it definitely deserved a much bigger audience than it received. The film is hardly perfect, but its heart is most certainly in the right place.
8. While We’re Young – I first saw this as the New York Film Festival’s Secret Screening, but it’s just as appealing here in the first quarter of 2015. Noah Baumbach’s most mainstream outing to date, he really gave us a great quartet of characters, ones essayed by Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, and Amanda Seyfried. It’s not on the level of some of his best films, but I still really liked it.
7. Amira & Sam – One of the bigger surprises this year […]

Cloud Atlas is visually dazzling – Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Sturges, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant Wow… just wow. This is exactly the kind of film that we claim Hollywood lacks the nerve to make and yet here it is. It’s based on an acclaimed science fiction novel. It stars the likes of Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturges, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant, Keith David, Jim Broadbent, and James D’Arcy.
It cost $100 million to make yet looks like it cost $500 million. It’s rated R. It runs 164 minutes. For those who claim that Hollywood doesn’t make movies for adults anymore, you kinda have a duty to check this out in three months. Warner Bros. is seemingly showing some of that old-school hands-off courage that made them my favorite major studio for most of my life, letting Tom Tykwer and the Wachowskis run wild once again. Since I have not read the 2004 book that this film is based on, I cannot say how spoiler-ish this footage is, but considering how under-the-radar this picture is 90 days before its debut, I’d argue that this is a necessary marketing tool to get people talking. Long story short, this looks spectacular and instantly shoots to the upper-realms of my ‘must-see’ list for fall/winter 2012. To be fair my secret wish is for Cloud Atlas to be so good that it causes people to reevaluate the inexplicably undervalued brilliance of Speed Racer and even (to a lesser extent) the Matrix sequels. Cloud Atlas opens on October 26th. I suppose ‘we’ll see’, but yeah, go see it regardless.

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Third ‘Bridget Jones’ film reportedly still in works It looks like ‘Bridget Jones’ fans are going to still have something to look forward to as it is being reported that a third film is being worked on in hopes of filming it soon.
While it was recently rumored that Hugh Grant didn’t want to be involved due to script issues, it is now reported that the stars are still on board with working things out, states E! News.
Grant’s rep recently commented, “Hugh is keen that ‘Bridget Jones 3’ happens, but Renée [Zellweger], Colin [Firth] and he all have some issues with the present script. They are hoping to help work them out.”
It is rumored that the third film will be called ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby.’
Do you want it to be made?
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Halle Berry to present at 84th Academy Awards® Halle Berry has been added to the list of presenters at the Oscars this year which will take place on February 26th.
Berry will present at the event where she has previously won an Oscar for her role in ‘Monster’s Ball.’
Berry was most recently seen in ‘New Year’s Eve’ and will soon be alongside Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant in ‘Cloud Atlas.’
Will you tune in to see her present?
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Hugh Grant has not delayed “Bridget Jones’s Baby,” producers claim

By Sean O’Connell Is the “Bridget Jones” sequel dead or isn’t it?
Conflicting reports are coming down the wire over the past 24 hours, leaving fans of Renee Zellweger’s beloved spinster with their heads spinning just a bit.
First, there were reports that the production on a third “Bridget Jones” comedy had stalled, and that script problems could doom the entire effort despite the involvement of original “Diary” stars Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. It is Grant, in fact, who was receiving the lion’s share of the blame for delaying the production, though producers now are coming to the funny man’s defense.
“Reports that Hugh Grant has exited ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ are untrue,” said Working Title co-chairman Tim Bevan. “We are still working on the script, hence the delay to the start of production, but the film is going ahead as planned.”
David Nicholls and “Diary” author Helen Fielding are fine-tuning the script, which will be directed by Peter Cattaneo. And for now, it sounds like these labor pains are minor, and the film will happen.
Good news?
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Hugh Grant is reportedly a first-time dad Hugh Grant is allegedly a dad for the first-time as he reportedly now has a baby girl who was born back in October.
Grant allegedly welcomed his new daughter early in October, but the identity of the mother is unknown at this time, states He was last romantically linked to Chinese actress Tinglan Hong back in April.
Grant has spoken openly about the desire to have children to care for in the future. There has been no official comment on the rumored news.
Do you think he seems like he’ll be a good dad?
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Hugh Grant boards “Cloud Atlas”

By Sean O’Connell Hugh Grant is the latest name added to the adaptation of “Cloud Atlas,” which will be co-directed by Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski siblings, Andy and Lana. He’ll join Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Sturgess, Jim Broadbent, Susan Sarandon and Hugo Weaving in a sprawling story that centers around multiple characters in multiple eras.
Shooting on the adaptation “will take place in Glasgow, Scotland — which recently played host to Brad Pitt starrer ‘World War Z,’ Spain and Germany, with two full units working simultaneously,” THR reports.
Warner Bros. will release the film domestically, while Focus will pick it up globally.
As the trade reports, Grant has been busy testifying against News of the World in the high-profile phone-hacking scandal that plagued Britain and caused the downfall of the Rupert Murdoch-owned news organization. He has been working on and off since 2004, appearing in rom-coms like “Music and Lyrics” and “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”
THR also says “Cloud Atlas” is “one of the biggest projects ever to be produced out of Germany,” having so far received nearly $3 million in production financing from various German film subsidy bodies.
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Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth back for third “Bridget Jones”

By Adam Frazier One, Twice, Three Times a Lady.
We’re singing that because Working Title Films is moving ahead with a third installment in the Bridget Jones series, as confirmed by Entertainment Weekly.
Working Title Films is the same production company responsible for the initial 2001 movie (starring Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth) and its sequel, dubbed “The Edge of Reason” in 2004.
While details on the plot remain scarce, Firth gave EW’s Dave Karger some juicy details.
“I can tell you that Bridget and Mark can’t have children,” said Firth. “So then she makes the huge mistake of going back to Daniel Cleaver [Hugh Grant’s character] for long enough to get pregnant.”
After knocking her up, Daniel dumps Bridget and leaves her stranded – and guess who’s left to pick up the pieces? Firth suggests that his character will ultimately rescue Jones from a woe-some life of needless drama.
I know, some of you out there are saying to yourselves, “Really? A third one?” and the answer is yes, of course they’re making a third one. The first film was an international hit, raking in $281 million worldwide. The second was crucified by critics (and for good reason!) but still managed to make $262 million at box offices. Why spend valuable time producing an original film when you can benefit from the success of an already established franchise?
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