May 13, 2014

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Jeff Bridges on ‘Lebowski’ sequel: ‘No plans man, no plans’ A million “The Big Lebowski” fans just moaned “Ah, c’mon man!”
Turns out that there will not be a sequel to the Coen Brothers’ cult comedy “The Big Lebowski,” which starred Jeff Bridges as California drifter, the Dude.
While Bridges is willing to reprise his role, he told MTV not to expect a “Lebowski” sequel.
“We talked about it occasionally [while making True Grit], but no plans man, no plans,” Bridges said on the Coens’ plans “No, no, no, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. But if it happens – what a wonderful surprise!”
Bridges recently won a best actor Oscar for his turn in “Crazy Heart.”
Digital Spy heard the headlines.
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Ellen DeGeneres votes herself off ‘American Idol’ It’s coming soon. The big news about who’ll be the signature judge on “American Idol.”
In a sign that the time is nigh, Ellen DeGeneres has announced on Twitter: “Dim the lights … I’ve voted myself off American Idol.”
TMZ was reading her tweets.
The daytime talk show host claims that her role as a judge wasn’t the “right fit.”
While the public has been left in the dark about this, DeGeneres had made up her mind “a couple months ago.”
“It was hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings.
“I am very grateful for the year I had. I am a huge fan of the show and will continue to be.”
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Jon Hamm might fly as Superman Dapper leading man Jon Hamm might be putting on the red and blue superhero tights.
Translation: The “Mad Men” star is in serious contention to play Superman in Christopher Nolan’s reboot of the feature comic book franchise.
Digital Spy uncovered the article at the website ThinkMcFlyThink.
The star of 2006’s “Superman Returns,” Brandon Routh, will not reprise his role as the Man of Steel. Routh continues to enjoy film work, most recently in “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.”
Hamm previously told MTV earlier this year he had concerns about the role: “It’s a tricky road to go down with some of those heroes, because they’re not flawed…Superman is Superman – he’s invincible, so where’s the drama?”
“Batman Begins” scribe David Goyer has penned the script for the untitled Superman project, due out at the multiplex in December 2012.
Photo Credit: Splash News
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Attorneys for J.K. Rowling Request Dismissal in Copyright Suit

By Hanako M. Ricks On Wednesday, attorneys for British author J.K. Rowling requested the dismissal of a copyright infringement lawsuit centered around Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
The lawsuit was filed by the estate of the late Adrian Jacobs, who claims that Rowling copied details from Jacobs’ 1987 book “Willy the Wizard”. John Baldwin QC, who is representing Rowling in the suit, stated to the High Court that the suit should be dismissed, saying Rowling “did not copy the claimants work and there are no grounds for thinking otherwise”.
Willie the Wizard was, as Baldwin was quoted as saying to the court, “very, very badly written” and alleged the claimants’ website described it as “almost unreadable”.
The lawsuit is one of two being filed by Jacobs’ estate; in addition to the suit against Bloomsbury – the British publisher of the Harry Potter books – the estate recently filed a similar suit against Scholastic, who publishes the American editions of the best-selling series.
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From First To Last are going on hiatus Los Angeles-based post-hardcore band From First to Last have officially announced that they are going on hiatus as a band. Since the departure of lead singer Sonny in 2007 and then losing current singer Travis Richter a few months ago, it seems as if the band needs some time to compose themselves.
The last original member, Matt Good, gave Altpress the following statement regarding the news:
“Hey guys, just wanted to take a minute to update you all with the current status of FFTL. As of now right now we are basically going on hiatus. Now before everyone starts jumping to conclusions I just want to make sure everyone knows me and the other members of the band are all still very, very close. We have been best friends for years and will continue to be for as long as I can possibly forsee, so I don’t want anyone to think this is a result of animosity between them and I. There is nothing but love between us.
This is mostly a decisions based off a changing of times and the desire to start pursuing new things in our lives. This band has been the center of our lives for our entire adulthood to date. Four full length albums and almost 8 years of solid touring later, the urge to see what else we are capable of achieving is almost overwhelming and I feel like there is no better time than now to go ahead and take a leap of faith and see what happens. Just know From First To Last is responsible for everything I have in my life, good and bad, and as far as I’m concerned it will probably continue to exist until I am too old to do it anymore or dead. We love every single person that has ever helped make our dream of being musicians and traveling the world come true. I know without the people who supported us, we would be nothing and I am eternally grateful for everything. Just know we aren’t going to let you guys down and we still plan on making music at some point in the future when it makes sense for all of us. For now just keep a lookout for new projects and future endeavors from all of us. Thanks for an incredible 8 years!”
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Mark Wahlberg parks a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Mark Wahlberg, star of the upcoming Sony comedy “The Other Guys,” finally found a spot on Hollywood Boulevard.
The actor was lauded with a star on the Walk of Fame Thursday. He joins a group of honorees that totals 2,414.
Wahlberg’s “Other Guys” co-star made the introduction, quipping, “”I first became a fan of his from his workout videos. And I loved him in the Bourne movies.”
“The Other Guys” bows on August 6.
Wahlberg was gracious at the ceremony thanking “all the people gutsy enough to put me in movies.” Wahlberg started off as a pop rapper and underwear model originally under the name of Marky Mark. The industry embraced him as a serious actor after his turn as a tragic porn star in the 1997 film “Boogie Nights.”
In the wake of “Boogie Nights,” Wahlberg has also become an action star (“Perfect Storm,” “Planet of the Apes”) and received an Oscar nod for his role in Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed.”
Wahlberg is also the executive producer on the HBO series “Entourage,” “In Treatment,” “How to Make it in America” and the upcoming “Boardwalk Empire.”
The Hollywood Reporter had the news.
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Lara Stone suing French Playboy for publishing “unauthorized” photos David Walliams’ new wife Lara Stone is taking legal action against French Playboy.
The 26-year-old model, who wed Walliams in May, claims the magazine used several ‘unauthorized’ photos that they had ‘no right’ to publish.
London lawyers Schillings are now set to start proceedings against the magazine as well as the photographer Greg Lotus.
Speaking about the matter, Stone said: “Playboy had no right to publish these unauthorized photographs. It’s not the kind of publication I would ever choose to appear in. I feel I have no option but to take steps to protect my reputation.”
Both the photographer and publication were unavailable for comment, according to Sky News.
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Kate Hudson moving in with Muse singer after only dating for 4 months Hollywood actress Kate Hudson and Muse frontman boyfriend Matt Bellamy are reportedly looking for a New York home together.
The pair may have only been dating for four months but they are allegedly already looking for somewhere to live together in the Big Apple.
A source said to UK newspaper The Sun: “They’re very loved-up, they just click. Kate’s had a place in the city for five years but she wants somewhere bigger, so Matt’s suggested pooling their resources. Kate wants a studio for Matt and playroom for her son, Ryder.”
The pair met at the Coachella Festival earlier this year and Hudson, 31, has been spotted travelling to the UK to watch the British rocker perform at the Glastonbury Festival.
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Lady Gaga sex picture is not Lady Gaga Lady Gaga has created quite some controversy after a nude photograph of what allegedly appeared to be Lady Gaga engaging in sexual intercourse with a male partner has surfaced online.
However, her publicist says, “This is NOT Lady Gaga,” reports Radar Online. Lady Gaga has been known to wear some revealing outfits, but her camp swears that it is not her.
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Audrina Patridge asking british reporters for a job The ‘Hills’ beauty Audrina Patridge has admitted she would love a cameo on British show ‘Eastenders.’
The 25-year-old was recently in the UK for the British wrap party of the MTV reality show and said she would love a role on the soap. She said to UK newspaper Daily Mirror: “I really want to get into acting. Do you think you girls could help me get a job? I’d love to be in Eastenders. I love English TV shows!”
The finale of ‘The Hills’ will be shown in the UK on August 15 and she recently celebrated with a night out at London club Mahiki.
She also confirmed the reports that she is still dating her boyfriend. Patridge said: “I’m dating an Australian guy called Corey Bohan at the moment and it’s the best it has ever been.”
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