May 26, 2017

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Kim Kardashian dissed by Michael Buble at concert Kim Kardashian can’t win these days and even Michael Buble is taking aim at her. Buble recently dissed the reality TV star at one of his concerts, clearly showing that he is Team Kris Humphries, states Buble first tricked his audience as he pretended to welcome Kim to the[...]

Kim Kardashian’s mom explains why daughter went to see Kris Humphries Everyone started suspecting a possible reconciliation when Kim Kardashian went to Minnesota to see Kris Humphries, but her mom, Kris Jenner, is claiming that may not be true. Jenner explained that Kim really just needed some face time with her soon-to-be ex-husband, states Jenner believes Kim “really needed to[...]

Kris Jenner on drama: “everything to reveal itself” Kim Kardashian has been getting picked on for her quick divorce filing with Kris Humphries, but her mom, Kris Jenner, wants everyone to stop jumping to conclusions about the short marriage. Jenner recently commented that as much as the family is on TV, the public doesn’t really know them, states[...]

Kris Humphries spotted out without wedding ring Kris Humphries may claim that he is trying to save his marriage with Kim Kardashian, but he apparently doesn’t feel the need to wear his wedding ring. Humphries was recently spotted out in Minnesota without his wedding ring on, states Humphries has been wearing the ring since his August[...]

Kris Jenner under fire for “Indian giver” comment Kris Jenner is now in some hot water in regard to a comment she made about her daughter, Kim Kardashian, and what is going on with the divorce. Jenner recently commented about the big question over what will happen with the engagement ring from Kris Humphries, states Jenner made[...]

What will happen to Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring? Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce to end her marriage with Kris Humphries, but now this has everyone wondering what is going to happen to the 20.5-carat diamond engagement ring he gave her. The ring has been confirmed as not being a PR-stunt loaner, which means someone will have to[...]

Kris Humphries cancels Vegas appearance after divorce filing Kris Humphries is apparently trying to deal with his divorce from Kim Kardashian as he is putting a Las Vegas appearance aside while he soaks the sudden split in. Humphries was reportedly scheduled to appear at Chateau Nightclub inside the Paris Hotel to host a party on Saturday, states[...]

Kim Kardashian allegedly fed up with Kris Humphries Kim Kardashian may have had a nice, lavish wedding with Kris Humphries in August, but that isn’t necessarily a recipe for happiness. It is rumored that Kim is annoyed with Kris already because he has taken to partying while the NBA is on lockout, states Kim reportedly thinks Kris[...]

Kim Kardashian’s wedding special was worth it for ratings It looks like all the trouble was worth it as Kim Kardashian’s wedding special was a ratings hit for E!. Kim’s wedding with Kris Humphries reportedly brought in 10.5 million viewers during the two-night, four-hour viewing, states The number of viewers is reportedly about six times more than[...]

Kim Kardashian reveals some plans for 31st birthday Kim Kardashian may be celebrating her first birthday as Kris Humphries’ wife, but that apparently isn’t going to change a whole lot. Kim recently revealed that she will head back to Vegas for her 31st birthday, states E! News. Kim went there for her 30th birthday as well. However, she may[...]
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