January 16, 2017

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James Cameron, OK GO to be honored by Producers Guild of America

HollywoodNews.com: The Producers Guild of America has announced the 2010 “Digital 25: Visionaries, Innovators and Producers,” an honor which recognizes individuals and teams that have made the most significant contributions to the advancement of digital entertainment and storytelling over the past year. The recipients will be honored at an exclusive cocktail and dinner reception hosted by comedian Kevin Pollak, on the evening of Monday, October 18th, as part of the Variety Entertainment and Technology Summit at the Digital Hollywood Conference at the Loews Santa Monica.
The 2010 “Digital 25” honorees, listed alphabetically by project then name, are as follows:
• Eddy Cue, Jonathan Ive and Steve Jobs for Apple: iPad
• James Cameron and Jon Landau for AVATAR
• Justin Day, Charles Hope, Mike Hudack, Dina Kaplan and Jared Klett of blip.tv
• Idan Cohen, Zach Klein and Avner Ronen of Boxee
• Richard Rosenblatt of Demand Media
• Andrew Adamson, Teresa Cheng, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Gina Shay of Dreamworks: SHREK 3D
• Erin Kanaley, Mark Zuckerberg and Randi Zuckerberg for Facebook Stories/The Social Graph/Facebook LIVE
• Evan Cohen, Dennis Crowley, Harry Heymann and Naveen Selvadurai of Foursquare
• Rishi Chandra and Vincent Dureau of Google TV
• Josh Abramson, Barry Diller, Dae Mellencamp and Ricky Van Veen of IAC/Connected Ventures & Vimeo
• Ron Yekutiel of Kaltura
• Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott for LIFE IN A DAY
• Max Haot of Livestream
• Avichai Cohen of LiveU
• Steve Ballmer, Todd Holmdahl, Alex Kipman, Don Mattrick and Kudo Tsunoda of Microsoft: Kinect
• Robert Bowman of MLB Advanced Media
• Reed Hastings of Netflix
• Dan Konopka, Damian Kulash, Tim Nordwond and Andy Ross of OK Go
• Jay Fulcher, Sean Knapp and Bismarck Lepe of Ooyala
• Brett Leonard for “PopFictionLife” FragFilms
• Peter Anton, Rick Engdahl, Evan Greene and Paul Madeira of The Recording Academy: Grammy.com, Grammy 365, Grammy Live
• John Ham and Brad Hunstable of Ustream
• Erin McPherson and James Pitaro for Yahoo – The Upshot
• Kelly DiGregorio, Salar Kamangar, Chris Maxcy and Kevin Yen for Youtube: Partner Grants
• Mark Pincus of Zynga
The 2010 “Digital 25” were chosen by an Advisory Panel of esteemed experts in digital
entertainment, which included CEO of Mahalo Jason Calacanis, Founder of MySpace
Chris DeWolfe, President of AOL Media & Studios David Eun, President of Time Inc.
Digital Lifestyle Group Paul Greenberg, GM of Microsoft Windows Live Worldwide
Brian Hall, Director of Facebook Developer Network Ethan Beard, CEO of World Wide
Biggies/Founder of Spike TV Albie Hecht, EVP of Global Digital Media […]

Fox Explains Ellens “American Idol” Departure

HollywoodNews.com: Ellen Degeneres had just saved American Idol from the loss of Paula Abdul when she announced that she would be leaving the show too. Last week the announcement sent the Television Critics Association buzzing as their fall press tour began. Today is Fox’s session and Fox President of Entertainment Peter Rice told the TCA that Degeneres’s departure was amicable.
“In early June I met with Ellen and we talked about the season and her feelings about the season,” Rice said. “Really, the idea was that she wasn’t comfortable, she didn’t’ feel like it was a good fit for her. I tried to persuade her it would be different in the future but we came to an agreement that we’d begin to look for new judges. As that played out over the summer, we’d either say ‘we can’t replace you’ or ‘we can move on without you.’ That’s where we got to last week.”
Announcing Ellen’s departure last week as a strategic move by Fox. They knew they were facing the press so they were ready to talk about it. “We felt confident we could come up with a panel that didn’t include Ellen as a judge and I felt it would be disingenuous to sit here and talk about Ellen being on Idol next year when that wasn’t going to be the case. We decided to announce last week. That created another round of speculation. You find out information as you should as journalists, then we have to respond. Much of the information that has been written has been accurate and some has been wildly inaccurate. I won’t get into either confirming or denying which ones they are but it does make it difficult for us in the job we’re trying to do and the business we’re trying to run.”
So they are assembling a new panel of judges to fill both Ellen and Simon’s spots, but they haven’t signed any deals. “The only thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is no one has signed a deal on either side of the camera to join American Idol who wasn’t on last year. It’s not a fun announcement. It’s certainly not the choice I would have made but it is the truth as I sit here today. There are no signed deals. There is tremendous speculation. I wish we were going to walk out a panel of judges for next year […]