August 29, 2015
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“5 to 7″: The Best of the First Third of 2015

Ahoy! With it now being May, we’ve officially finished up with the first third of the year. As such, I wanted to highlight the best of the year so far, consisting of my top ten and various awards for 2015 to date. Much like last time, when I did the first quarter of the year, I’m mostly limiting it to things that have already hit theaters. My only exception is that I’m including titles from the recently concluded Tribeca Film Festival. There are some others from last year that I’m fond of and might have otherwise included, but I didn’t want to cheat too badly, so they’re on hold. Anyway, let’s get to the fun stuff…
Below you’ll find my top ten of the year so far, along with my awards for the first quarter of 2015. Here you go, and enjoy:
10. Amira & Sam – Much like I said last time out, this is one of the bigger surprises this year for me so far. I really did fall hard for this romantic dramedy. Not only does it give Martin Starr his best and most dramatic role to date, it also crafts one of the better movies about New York that I’ve seen in the past few years. It was cruelly under-seen earlier this year, but I hope this recommendation does its part to fix that when it hits home video next week.
9. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief – Without question, this documentary is taking aim at a slightly easy target in the Church of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard, but tons of incredible claims come out of it all the same, as I said the last time I spoke about it. Director Alex Gibney isn’t doing his best work ever, but it’s still an angry and passionate bit of work. The ratings when it played on HBO were through the roof, so it definitely caught on.
8. ’71 – To reiterate, this was a title that I first saw at NYFF 2014 but had it stick with me well into 2015. This war drama is the best tale of survival starring Jack O’Connell yet, and yes, I know that Unbroken exists too (that only furthers my argument). This is a small scale and gritty flick that manages to really captivate you. Another barely seen title that I want to shine a light on. Go seek it out […]

2015 Tribeca Film Festival awards announced

Over the weekend, the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival gave out their annual awards, putting a bow on the latest installment of the fest. It was a pretty solid festival, as far as I could tell, though in all fairness I saw less movies this year than I usually do at Tribeca. Still, the films that I did wind up privy to wound up impressing me, by and large. Most of my favorite titles weren’t cited by these awards, but one sort of was, and that was Leslye Headland’s wonderful Sleeping with Other People. That was a runner up (as you’ll see below), but it deserved plenty more.
I personally would have given some awards to not just Sleeping with Other People, but also titles like Grandma, Misery Loves Comedy, and Slow West as well. I might do my own awards/best of piece later on in the week, but just know that those films, along with Headland’s writing and direction, plus the performances of Alison Brie, Sam Elliot, Michael Fassbender, Ben Mendelsohn, Jason Sudeikis and Lily Tomlin are worthy of mention. That’s not how the audience members and jury members at Tribeca voted, but that’s a small sample of how I would have voted, just so you know that much.
The big winners at Tribeca were King Jack (winner of the Narrative Audience Award), Sleeping with Other People (runner up), TransFatty Lives (winner of the Documentary Audience Award), and Song of Lahore (runner up) on the Audience Award side. On the Jury side, we had Virgin Mountain (Best Narrative Feature), Democrats (Best Documentary Feature), and Men Go To Battle (Best New Narrative Director) among the titles being honored. You can see all of the winners below, but those were the ones that jumped out at me and I wanted to highlight. They purportedly represent the best that Tribeca had to offer this time around.

Enough talk. Here now are the awards given out at the conclusion of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival:
King Jack
Director: Felix Thompson
Sleeping with Other People
Director: Leslye Headland
TransFatty Lives
Director: Patrick O’Brien
Song of Lahore
Director: Andy Schocken and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
The Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature
Virgin Mountain
Director: Dagur Kári
Best Actor in a Narrative Feature Film
Gunnar Jónsson as Fúsi in Virgin Mountain
Best Actress in a Narrative Feature Film
Hannah Murray as Sara in Bridgend
Best Cinematography
Magnus Jønck for Bridgend
Best Screenplay
Dagur Kári for Virgin Mountain
Best Narrative Editing
Oliver Bugge Coutté for Bridgend

Jason Sudeikis is showing his range at Tribeca in “Sleeping with Other People”

I really love seeing an actor prove that they have another side to themselves, especially when it’s a comedic performer showing off their dramatic chops. At the current incarnation of the Tribeca Film Festival, Jason Sudeikis has two different projects that have him stretching in exciting new ways. One is Tumbledown, but the one I want to rave a bit about today is Sleeping with Other People, a romantic comedy that has fantastic things to offer in the genre, all with a heaping helping of sex humor and, perhaps unexpectedly, effective drama too. It’s anchored by Sudeikis, who has quite frankly never been better than here.
To sum up the film in short…it’s a rather fresh take on the “friends who should be lovers” sub genre of the rom-com. Sudeikis plays a womanizer who befriends a woman played by Alison Brie who he briefly met and slept with in college. They both trace their current sexual commitment issues to that meeting and pledge to become friends, with no benefits. They frankly discuss their sex lives and give each other guidance. It all goes swimmingly, until of course it becomes apparent that feelings are developing. It sounds rote, but trust me when I say that it’s not. In addition to Brie and the aforementioned Sudeikis, the cast includes Adam Scott, Amanda Peet, and a whole host of solid supporting players. Lesyle Headland writes and directs.
Sudeikis gets to play both inside and outside of his comfort zone here. When he’s required to be funny, it’s often in the type of wheelhouse he usually hangs out in. It’s hilarious to watch, but it’s merely a better version of what he’s done for years now. It’s when the drama and romance kicks in that you see how good of a leading man he is. You almost believe him more when he’s serious. Part of this is how well he’s paired with Brie, but a lot of it is just his skills on display. I was incredibly impressed and want to see more of this from him in the future.
Going forward, I hope Sudeikis pursues challenging material like Sleeping with Other People. If he does, I don’t think it’s completely out of the question to say that he might one day become an Academy Award nominee. The talent is there, in abundance. With his charisma, the sky is the limit. If we see more of this […]

Michael Fassbender and “Slow West”: Films to look forward to at the Tribeca Film Festival

As you read this, the Tribeca Film Festival will be getting fully underway with Press and Industry Screenings of all their titles. Each year, they offer up something very unique in the world of independent cinema. I’ll be taking in some films at the fest and have seen a handful already, so the choices below are sometimes more than just educated guesses. Tribeca is a unique environment, offering up smaller flicks of all ilk, so there’s the possibility of discovering something new and exciting at all times. Still, what you’ll see below are some of the most interesting higher profile titles that are screening.
Here are ten films playing at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival to keep an eye on…
10. Good Kill – A new Ethan Hawke collaboration with filmmaker Andrew Niccol, this is a look at the toll that working a drone can take on a man. It played at the Sundance Film Festival a few months ago to a muted response, but I’m always down for Hawke working with Niccol. I’ll definitely have more to say about this one once I see it.
9. Anesthesia – An ensemble piece from actor/filmmaker Tim Blake Nelson, there’s a great cast for this tale of the effect a crime has on all those who were around for it. The premise doesn’t instill a ton of enthusiasm, I know, but Nelson is an interesting triple threat and this could overcome the “indie ensemble drama about crime” trappings.
8. Misery Loves Comedy – I’ve seen this comedic documentary by Kevin Pollak about if stand ups need to be downers in order to be funny, and it’s very solid. To be fair, it’s not going to cure cancer or really make a difference in the world, but it’s an amusing doc that goes down easy. Especially if you’re a fan of stand up comedy, this is a look inside their world and 100% worth seeing.
7. Dirty Weekend – By and large, Neil LaBute is a filmmaker whose work always demands your attention. His latest dark comedy stars Matthew Broderick and seems like a slighter than usual plot, but that might be deceiving. LaBute is enough to hook me, and if you’re into his particular cinematic voice, this will be one to really look forward to.
6. Mojave – Anything with Oscar Isaac is worth seeing, but this one seems to really give him a strong showcase. Oscar winning […]

2015 MTV Movie Award nominations are more respectable than usual

Yesterday, the MTV Movie Award nominations were announced for 2015. Normally, that’s not the sort of thing that I care even a little bit about, but lo and behold…the films and performances cited happen to be far more respectable than normal. The nominations were led by The Fault in Our Stars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Neighbors, which each came away with 7 citations. There also happened to be multiple nominations scored for Boyhood, Gone Girl, Selma, and Whiplash, among others. This will never become any kind of noteworthy precursor, for sure (especially when it happens after the Oscars are already held), but hey…a step in the right direction is a step in the right direction.
Let me be perfectly clear, there are still plenty of terrible choices here, but the overall list is far better than you’d ever expect it to be. In fact, aside from an obvious bent towards some teen centric movies, this more or less resembles what a number of precursors with a mainstream tilt look like. It’s not inconceivable that in the next year or so these awards will gain a small measure of respect. Think closer to the People’s Choice Awards as opposed to even the Golden Globe Awards, but hey…it’s a start. Every awards show needs to start somewhere, right?
Sure, you could focus on the nominations for things like Annabelle, The Boy Next Door, Horrible Bosses 2, The Maze Runner, The Other Woman, The Purge: Anarchy, and The Wedding Ringer, but why do that? They also went for all of those aforementioned Oscar contenders, so that’s where the focus should be. This isn’t a nomination list to pay too much attention to, but a quick glance does give you a bit of confidence that the next generation of filmgoer isn’t solely concerned with YA franchise adaptions.
Here now is the full nominations list for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards:
Movie of the Year
American Sniper
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
Guardians of the Galaxy
Gone Girl
The Fault In Our Stars
Best Female Performance
Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
Emma Stone – Birdman
Shailene Woodley – The Fault In Our Stars
Reese Witherspoon – Wild
Scarlett Johansson – Lucy
Best Male Performance
Bradley Cooper – American Sniper
Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy
Ansel Elgort – The Fault In Our Stars
Miles Teller – Whiplash
Channing Tatum – Foxcatcher
Best Scared-As-S**t Performance
Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl
Annabelle Wallis – Annabelle
Jennifer Lopez – The Boy Next Door
Dylan O’Brien […]

Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis allegedly living together It sounds like things are going very well for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis as it is rumored that they are now living together.
It is reported that the couple of about nine months has decided to take the next step as they are already inseparable, states However, they are allegedly not quite rushing things.
It is rumored that they are both cautious when it comes to talk about marriage as they have both been married before and split with their spouses in recent years.
Do you like them as a couple?
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Beyonce to star in animated film Beyonce is ready to get animated as she is reportedly set to star in a new animated film called ‘Epic.’
Beyonce will reportedly do the voice of the character Queen Tara in the CG-animated film, states But she won’t be the only big name in the film as Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Knoxville, Aziz Ansari, Pitbull, Jason Sudeikis and Steven Tyler have allegedly signed on.
The film is expected to be released in May 2013.
Will you check out the film?
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Russell Brand set to host MTV Movie Awards Russell Brand has been pretty successful, although controversial, in hosting the MTV Video Music Awards, so he seems like a good choice to take on the MTV Movie Awards.
Brand will reportedly be hosting the awards show that will take place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City on June 3rd, states Previous hosts for the show have included Jason Sudeikis, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.
“This MTV Movie Awards will be more impressive than ‘The Avengers’ and you won’t have to wait an hour for someone to Hulk out,” Brand said about hosting the show.
Do you think he’s a good choice?
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Olivia Wilde finally hints at relationship with Jason Sudeikis Olivia Wilde has been photographed quite a bit getting cozy with Jason Sudeikis, but now it seems that she is finally ready to talk about the rumored new man in her life.
In the new ‘Town and Country,’ Wilde didn’t drop any names, but did talk openly about a man she is currently seeing these days, states She did reveal that she is dating a man in the “entertainment world.”
And she seems to approve of where he is in his career: “[H]e’s in a much more interesting part of the business than I am.”
Do you like these two together?
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Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis steal kisses in New York The rumored romance between Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis is definitely moving full speed ahead as the two were not shy about exchanging kisses while out in New York recently.
The two have finally been spotted by cameras locking lips while out in the city, states Wilde and Sudeikis have reportedly been dating for some time, but have been pretty quiet about the romance.
Wilde recently split from her husband last year while Sudeikis has been linked to various women since splitting from January Jones.
Do you like these two together?
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