January 19, 2017

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Amanda Seyfried steps out holding hands with new beau

HollywoodNews.com: It looks like Amanda Seyfried is happy with her new beau as she stepped out publicly as a couple for the first time with Desmond Harrington.
Seyfried and Harrington have been linked recently, but this is the first time they appeared to be a couple as they were caught holding hands, states UsMagazine.com. The two, who have been linked since July, were walking around New York City.
It is rumored that Seyfried and Harrington were set up by his ‘Dexter’ costar Jennifer Carpenter.
Seyfried hasn’t had the best luck in love recently as she has gone through a few romances with Andrew Joblon and Josh Hartnett.
Do you think this relationship will last?
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Michael C. Hall divorce: Julia Stiles not involved

HollywoodNews.com: As ‘Dexter’ star Michael C. Hall moved forward with a divorce from costar Jennifer Carpenter, it was questioned if anything was going on with another costar that may have caused the divorce.
Julia Stiles has reportedly commented that she has played no part in the former couple’s separation and divorce, states UsMagazine.com. She has reported that she has enjoyed working on the show, but prefers to stay out of their private lives.
The actress did want to set the record straight on the affair rumors, but prefers to keep her life private.
The couple is reportedly amicably splitting at this time and have been separated for some time now.
Do you think Julia Stiles has any part in the split?
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Image courtesy of Showtime

Michael C. Hall separates from Jennifer Carpenter

HollywoodNews.com: Reports have just come in that Michael C. Hall, star of the showtime series, Dexter, is separating from his wife and Dexter co-star, Jennifer Carpenter. The couple play brother and sister team, Dexter and Deborah Morgan on the showtime series, but apparently the two are splitting after being married since 2008. The couple have no children together.
What is more surprising is that the actual date of the separation as stated on the documents is listed as August 9, 2010. Apparently the couple have been separated for quite some time. Carpentar filed the papers and is asking for spousal support and attorney’s fees, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for separation.
It is rumored that Julia Stiles, who is a guest star on Dexter this season may have been coming between Hall and Carpenter, but Stiles has come forward to deny those allegations. Stiles said in a statement that her and Hall are just “good friends” and that she is not the reason for the break-up, TMZ reports.
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Dexter Stars And Producers Preview Season Five

By Fred Topel
HollywoodNews.com: Showtime unveiled the fifth season of Dexter for the Television Critics Association today at their fall press tour at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills. The show picks up right where they left off last year, with the shocking reveal that Trinity (John Lithgow) had murdered Rita in the bathtub before Dexter got to him. Michael C. Hall gets to play Dexter exploring grief for the first time in his fictional life.
“What’s interesting is this idea of atonement, this idea that Dexter is forced through what’s written into these situations that he has to step into waters that he never anticipated stepping in,” Hall said. “It starts out subterranean but there is some sort of appetite to address his maybe not even consciously acknowledged sense of guilt or remorse or need for atonement. The circumstances in his life offer him an opportunity to do that in a way he doesn’t create consciously.”
Chip Johanessen is joining the Dexter team as an executive producer. He sees Dexter’s new developments as a reinvention of sorts. “He had this origin story that was the discovery of season one,” Johanessen said. “When he was three years old, he saw his mother chopped up. He was born in blood. He now has this adult origin story, the way he brought his wife into this horrible mess that it’s turned into which is very relatable, the way we melt down our own existence. That event at the end of four, it’s not the story of season five but it filters through.”
Julie Benz has been reported to reappear as Rita for season five. She will not be an imaginary vision like Dexter’s father. That’s Harry’s own territory. Clips of the new episode still show Rita in the bathtub, but that’s not Benz’s only cameo. “You’ll be seeing her more than dead in the bathtub for sure,” Johanessen said.
New guest stars will be helping Dexter through the grieving process. Peter Weller, Julia Stiles and Johnny Lee Miller have roles this year. “Peter Weller was part of the original pitch to Showtime,” Johanessen said. “He’s going to be a big problem for Dexter especially in the back part. We called him Weller when we conceived him. Then we had to change the name when we got the guy we wanted. He’s an ex-cop, cocaine cowboy era cop who gets into trouble and ends up posing a […]

Showtime and CW day at the TV Critics Summer Press Tour

By Greg Hernandez
HollywoodNews.com: It’s my second day here at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
My posts are going to be a little off their usual schedule but there will be plenty of updates via Twitter throughout the day of what I see and hear. So if you are not following greghernandez on Twitter, what the heck are you waiting for?
It’s CW and Showtime day at TCA. Here is a sampling of some of my tweets so far:
TCA: Matt Leblanc says that after 12 years as Joey, he wanted some time away from showbiz. about 1 hour ago via web
TCA: Matt Leblanc is here for “episodes” panel. He looks great with the salt and pepper hair! The show looks very funny! about 1 hour ago via web
TCA: Jennifer Carpenter on how Deb’s mouth affects her: “I cuss a lot. I’m trying to be more aware of it. I don’t even see it anymore.” about 2 hours ago via web
TCA: A healthy Michael C. Hall says of returning to work: “It was gratifying. I was grateful the hiatus managed to coincide w/my treatment”
TCA: Cast of “The Real L Word” is just ripping on Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s screwy theories on why older women become lesbians about 3 hours ago via web
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Diamonds and Stars at the 2010 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards

PR Newswire has released a list of diamonds the stars wore to the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. See the list below:
Radiant Diamond Rings
Ariel Winter – Erica Courtney – Diamond Oval Ring
— Carey Mulligan – Fred Leighton – Pear Shape Diamond Ring, 2.50 carats
— Christina Applegate – Lorraine Schwartz – Diamond Ring
— *Christina Hendricks – Irit Designs – Rose Cut Diamond Ring
— Dianna Agron – Staurino – Diamond Spaghetti Band, Diamond Band and
Diamond Magic Snake Ring
— Felicity Huffman – Martin Katz – Diamond Brokenglass Cocktail Ring, 11
— Gabourey Sidibe – Martin Katz – Diamond Cushion Cut Ring, 9 carats
— Holly Hunter – Kimberly McDonald – Diamond and Geode Ring
— Jenna Fischer – Chopard – Marquise Shape Diamond Ring, 4 carats
— Jennifer Carpenter – Bochic – Diamond and Black Enamel Ring
— Julianna Margulies – Cartier- Diamond Deco Mandala Cocktail Ring
— *Kate Hudson – Cartier – Emerald Cut Diamond Ring with Pave Setting
and Diamond and White Gold Cocktail Ring
— Katrina Bowden – H. Stern – Black Diamond Ring
— Michelle Monaghan – VBH – Oxidized Diamond Ring
— Mindy Kaling – Diamond Ring
— Naya Rivera – Erica Courtney – Diamond Ring
— Sarah Hyland – Erica Courtney – Black Diamond Lola Ring 57.23 carats
— Sheri Shepherd – Staurino/Favero – Diamond and Black Diamond Magic
Snake Ring by Staurino and Diamond Cluster Ring by Favero
— Stana Katic – Martin Katz – Cognac Diamond Ring, 3 carats
— Toni Collette – Diamond in the Rough – Champagne Bubble Diamond Ring,
8.29 carats
The following celebrities wore DIAMONDS to the 16th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards:
— Amber Riley – Diamond and Gold Bracelet and Diamond and Gold Earrings
— Anna Kendrick – Kwiat – Diamond Flower Cluster Earrings
— Ariel Winter – Erica Courtney – Diamond Bezel Necklace with Tear Drop
Diamond Charm and Diamond Oval Ring
— Carey Mulligan – Fred […]

A-Listers crowned with platinum for Golden Globes

The 67th Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel brought out every A-list star known to mankind, and almost all the ladies were crowned with platinum jewels for the big event. Platinum is a naturally white metal that brings out the color of the stone, maximizes its brilliance and is 30 times more rare than gold. PR Newswire reported that style expert Michael O’Connor said, “Colored gemstones are making a big appearance on the red carpet. We’re seeing more in the cooler palettes, such as blues and greens.”
Below is a list of the stars that covered themselves in platinum:
– Toni Collette: Platinum and diamond drop earrings, bracelets and rings by Neil Lane.
– Emily Blunt: Blackened platinum and colored diamond bracelets and earrings (30 carats) by Lorraine Schwartz. Platinum and diamond ring by Neil Lane.
– January Jones: Platinum and diamond bracelets by Neil Lane.
– Zoe Saldana: Platinum rings and bracelet with ruby and diamonds by Neil Lane. Platinum and ruby earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.
– Drew Barrymore: Platinum and diamond stud earrings (24 carats), and a platinum and moonstone ring (80 carats) by Lorraine Schwartz.
– Olivia Wilde: Platinum bangle and earrings with diamonds and black onyx by Tiffany & Co.
– Penelope Cruz: Platinum and diamond earrings (20 carats), platinum and diamond bracelet (42 carats), and a platinum and pink diamond ring (7carats) by Chopard.
– Nicole Kidman: Platinum bracelets with diamonds and emeralds by Fred Leighton.
– Halle Berry: Platinum and diamond bracelet by Kimberly McDonald.
– Jennifer Garner: Platinum and diamond bracelet by Bvlgari.
– Lisa Edelstein: Blackened platinum earrings with blue sapphire and diamonds, platinum bracelet, flower brooch and two rings by Lorraine Schwartz.
– Ginnifer Goodwin: Platinum and diamond cuff, ring and earrings by Neil Lane.
– Kate Winslet: Platinum and diamond earrings and bracelets by Tiffany & Co.
– Tina Fey: Platinum and diamond earclips, bracelet, ring and bands by Fred Leighton.
– Jennifer Carpenter: Platinum and diamond earrings, rings and bracelets by Neil Lane.
– Julianne Moore: Platinum and diamond ring by Bvlgari.
– Kate Walsh: Platinum and diamond earrings, bracelet and ring by Neil Lane.
– Rose Byrne: Platinum and diamond hair clips and brooch by Neil Lane.
– Maggie Gyllenhaal: Platinum and diamond drop earrings (14.32 carats) and bracelet (59.16 carats) by Bvlgari.
– Marion Cotillard: Platinum and diamond hair clips (12 carats), and platinum and diamond bracelets (53 carats) by Chopard.
– Lauren Graham: Platinum and diamond earrings, platinum and diamond cuff (90 carats) […]