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Justin Bieber dominates Macy’s 4th of July Celebration

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Bieber helped celebrate the 4th of July with a smashing performance at the Macy’s 4th of July celebration in New York. Despite being Canadian, the singer still knew how to work the stage and give fans something to remember.
He sang his hit songs “Somebody to Love” and “Baby” to a crowd of cheering fans that couldn’t keep their cameras down. Tonight, the singer has already moved on to Texas where he’ll be performing at another stop on his first headlining “My World” tour.
Are you a huge fan of Justin Bieber who likes to blog? We’ve got a job for you…
Watch the two performances from last night below:
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“Are you a huge fan of Justin Bieber who likes to blog? We’ve got a job for you…”

HollywoodNews.com, one of the Web’s top destinations for entertainment news, is pleased to announce that a new blog devoted exclusively to Justin Bieber will soon appear on our site as part of an effort to provide first-rate coverage of his concerts and releases for his millions of passionate fans, and that we are seeking a few of those fans to serve as our official Justin Bieber bloggers – a paid position guaranteed from July 25 through the end of the year.
What will the job entail?
Our Justin Bieber blogger(s) will keep in touch with our site’s editor but will be afforded a great deal of freedom when it comes to choosing topics for the several posts that will be expected each day. We encourage the inclusion of all sorts of posts (original stories, galleries, lists, charts, and news aggregation) and media-usage (text, images, video, and/or audio).
Who is eligible to apply?
In order to apply, you must be (a) a legal resident of the United States of America; (b) 18 years of age or older; (c) able to competently speak and write in the English language; and (d) able/willing to provide proof of all of the above upon request. By submitting an application, you grant HollywoodNews.com permission to quote from your responses in any format in the future. No individual may apply more than once and/or for anyone other than himself or herself.
How should a person who meets the eligibility requirements and is interested in this position submit their name for consideration?
Please send us your application by email to HOLLYWOODBLOGGER@YAHOO.COM and no later than midnight PST on Monday, July 19, 2010, with the following information in the body of the email (NO attachments will be opened):
• Your first and last name.
• Your city and state of residence.
• Your current occupation (if any).
• A brief paragraph explaining why you’re one of the world’s biggest “Justin Bieber” fans.
• A brief paragraph explaining why we should hire you as our “Justin Bieber” blogger.


DEADLINE for applications is midnight PST on Monday, July 19, 2010. Post your information in the body of the email (NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE).
We look forward to reading your applications and will announce our selection(s) on Monday, July 25, 2010.
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Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend still adores him

HollywoodNews.com:Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Caitlin Beadles still has eyes for him, even though the pop singer claims that they’re not an item.
Bieber tweeted: “IM SINGLE and READY TO MINGLE!! Haha. (Sic)”
Beadles split from Bieber shortly before his fame skyrocketed early last year.
Apparently, the two have remained close according to the U.K. version of OK! After Beadles had a boating accident last August, Bieber flew to visit her. In December, he serenaded his ex during a Georgia concert.
When Bieber was doing a photo shoot in the Bahamas last month, Beadles was present. On June 6, she tweeted, “Bahamas here I come! Gonna be an awesome week!”
A week later, she posted: “What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas!”
After Bieber returned to Canada, Beadles further tweeted to the pop singer (although it has been removed): “I hate when you have to leave. It’s like half of me is gone. I miss you already!”
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Lady Gaga might get beat by Justin Bieber on Youtube

HollywoodNews.com: Lady Gaga has just surpassed Obama to become the first living person to hit 10 million Facebook fans. She also currently holds the record for the most viewed video on YouTube for her music video for “Bad Romance.”
However, as of tonight Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video currently has 227,371,837 views trailering Gaga’s 238,370,461 views. According to Associated Content, Bieber only had 133 million views on May 12th, but in the following 6 weeks cut his deficit from 70 million to 22 million. He is currently on a pace where he is receiving over one million daily views and at that rate could surpass Gaga in the next two weeks.
Do you think Bieber will surpass Gaga?
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Justin Bieber gives fans preview of 4th of July performance

HollywoodNews.com:Justin Bieber already has a huge following and you can expect his fan base to triple after tomorrow’s performance. Bieber will be performing at the Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular show to celebrate the 4th of July.
Footage of his appearance has officially been released online for fans to preview and shows the hit singer playing his song “Baby.” He told MTV, “I don’t really celebrate 4th of July because I’m from Canada, but it’s still fun to be here. And, you know, I enjoy it. I live here now so, you know … it’s going to be fun.”
He added, “I think New York City kind of represents all of the United States. It’s kind of the center of America. It’s the center of the world they say, so it’s pretty cool.”
Watch the preview below:
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Drake postpones European leg of “Away from Home” tour

HollywoodNews.com: Drake may not be as popular to the media as Justin Bieber, but this kid’s got just as big of a fan base. However, his European fans are about to receive some bad news.
The rapper has just announced that he will have to postpone the European leg of his “Away From Home” tour so that he can attend to his ailing mother who has been battling an arthritic condition, reports MTV. He stated, “Despite my best hopes, it is apparent that my mother will need surgery earlier than anticipated. In light of this news, I have made the difficult decision to cancel my European tour in order to support her during her recovery, just as she supported me through the years. I cannot thank my European fans enough and look forward to performing abroad soon. I ask everyone to please respect my family’s privacy during this time.”
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Justin Bieber shows Minnesota how to have a water fight

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Bieber is currently on his “My World” tour and at one of his latest stops in Minnesota, he showed his fans how a proper water fight should take place.
After the show Bieber, Sean Kingston, and a bunch of his dancers all joined in for huge water fight as fans cheered them on begging to get sprayed by the teen sensation. At one point he even threw out his soaked hat into the crowd for a lucky fan to catch some rare memorabilia. Bieber tweeted, “told u we never stop pranking on this tour…great times!” and then posted the following video documenting the madness:
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It looks like it was a great time had by all.

Justin Bieber puts an end to the crazy rumors

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Bieber has ridden to pop stardom in a short period of time, and with the fame comes a handful of rumors.
However, Bieber has taken to his twitter account to set them all straight. He tweeted, “let’s take some time to answer some crazy rumors….these are always fun…” He then proceeds to list off a series of rumors that are obviously false. They include:
– one…Im not dead. I had to check on this one…but it turns out Im alive
– two…my mom is a moral woman…let’s just leave that one for what it is…because that rumor just grossed and wierded me out…
– 3…I have not joined the Illuminati or any other cult. Im a christian and I pray before every show and am thankful for every blessing
– 4- Im not Peter Pan…Im growing up and my voice will change but no worries Jan Smith is the greatest vocal coach ever…stronger than ever!
– 6- I am not 10 feet tall and I dont shoot fire balls from my arse….that was BraveHeart
– 7 – yes we did skip 5….why??? I dont know….5 was chillin and didnt want to join the fun
– 8 – @asherroth is not my real big bro…he is just the big bro in friendship…we have Bromance. haha
– 9 – Im home schooled and not going to a high school next year in every city we have visited…
– and 10 – No CHUCK NORRIS is not my real father…although he did birth to Hercules
– and the truth is I LOVE MY FRIENDS, FAMILY, and MY FANS. Im the same kid I always was…there is just a lil more pressure. I luv all yall!!
So there you have it…all the fun facts about your favorite pop star. What else would you like to know about Bieber?
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Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love” premieres at #21 on iTunes

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Bieber is one of the artists who really knows how to use his social networking skills to the max.
His latest single, “Somebody to Love” Remix featuring Usher has just been released on iTunes today and it has already hit #21 on the top singles. He tweeted today the following message to his fans, “SOMEBODY TO LOVE remix with USHER is climbing the ITUNES charts!! Let’s get it to #1!! COme on guys…WE CAN DO IT!! thanks so much.”
His music video for the song already has over 12 million views on YouTube. The single on iTunes may not even be a day old, but you can bet that with his twitter skills, the song’s going to hit the top 10 by the end of the week.
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Justin Bieber doesn’t “cancel shows,” even for the BET Awards

HollywoodNews.com: Justin Bieber started the conversations when he was nominated for a BET Award. However, the newcomer didn’t let that hold him back. He has just launched his first headlining tour this week and has let his fans know that although he is honored to be nominated, he will not be attending the show.
He tweeted to his fans the following message, “rolled into Milwaukee for the show today…gonna be huge…22,000 people sold out i heard. Missing everybody out in LA for the BET awards.” He then added, “just wanted to say I would have been at the awards but this show was booked before the nominees came out, and i dont cancel shows…I would never cancel a show and let down the fans unless i had to…but i do wish i was there too, because I am honored to just be nominated.”
He then goes on to explain further details stating, “Why did we not plan for the BET Awards?? Well b honest people, not many of u thought the white boy from Canada was gonna b nominated. but…just goes to show that Music is COLOR BLIND!! It is the Universal Language and good music brings us all together…the way it should be.”
You can bet the BET Awards is going to miss him to help boost the ratings.
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