January 21, 2017

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Superman films getting hi-def Blu-ray treatment

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: Can you imagine how amazing Superman’s blue-and-red tights are going to look in high-definition?
As Warner Bros. prepares to reboot the Man of Steel – again – the studio is going back to Superman’s cinematic roots. Not the hero’s black-and-white days. Back to the Richard Donner days, when the director (with Christopher Reeve’s help) took the superhero film franchises to new heights. And they are putting
“Stronger. … Faster. … Sharper!” the Blu-ray clip teases for “Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology.” The package will include
The teaser trailer is heavy on Donner’s original “Superman” and Bryan Singer’s most recent “Superman Returns.” We don’t see a lot of footage from “Superman III” or “The Quest for Peace,” but they are reportedly in the set. We’ll also see “Expanded Edition” cuts of Donner’s two films for the first time on Blu-ray.
This looks like a must-own for Superman fans and collectors.
The “Motion Picture Anthology” will be available on Blu-ray on June 7. The teaser clip is here, and full details of each disc are below:
Superman: The Original Theatrical Movie (1978) and Expanded Edition (2001)
A box-office smash, an Academy Award® winner and a fan favorite since it first flew into theatres in December 1978, Superman: The Movie assembles a cast and creative contingent as only a big movie can. At its heart (just as in three sequels) is Christopher Reeve’s intelligent, affectionate portrayal of a most human Man of Steel.
Variety called Superman “a wonderful, chuckling, preposterously exciting fantasy.”
The movie’s legacy soared even higher when director Richard Donner revisited this beloved adventure 22 years later and integrated eight additional minutes into the film. Enjoy more footage of the Krypton Council, a glimpse of stars of prior Superman incarnations, more of Jor-El underscoring his son’s purpose on Earth and an extended sequence inside Lex Luthor’s gauntlet of doom. Reeve, Marlon Brando (Jor-El), Gene Hackman (Luthor) and Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) give indelible performances that fuel the film’s aura of legend.
Disc #1
• Superman: The Movie, Original Theatrical
• Commentary by Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler (Original Theatrical Version)
• The Making of Superman: The Movie [1978 TV special]
• Superman and the Mole-Men [1951 feature]
• Warner Bros. Cartoons
o Super-Rabbit [1943 WB cartoon]
o Snafuperman [1944 WB cartoon]
o […]

Ryan Reynolds narrates “Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics” trailer

By Scott Mendelson
HollywoodNews.com: This comes out on DVD on November 9th. It apparently screened at the Comic Con last month, and I haven’t heard any real word of mouth either way.
It’s narrated by Ryan Reynolds, and I can only hope it’s as good as the delightful Kevin Burns documentary Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman that was released in June 2009 to coincide with the summer theatrical release of Superman Returns (Kevin Spacey narrated that one).
To read more go to Mendelson’s Memos.
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What’s in store for Superman?

What’s in store for Superman?
On Wednesday. Latino Review posted the first news about a possible next installment in the long-running Superman film series. Specifically, they reported that Blade, Batman Begins and Dark Knight scribe David Goyer was hired to write a follow-up to director Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, entitled Man of Steel. According to writer Kellvin Chavez, the film will not directly follow Singer’s film, but adopt the storyline and mythology of author John Byrne’s stint on the comic book series. Further, it will not be directed by Singer, nor will it feature actor Brandon Routh.
In the late afternoon, IGN Movies confirmed the story, indicating that Goyer wasn’t alone on the project: Jonah Nolan, his co-screenwriter on The Dark Knight, is also working on the Man of Steel. Meanwhile, the site further confirmed that Christopher Nolan, whom it was announced was shepherding Superman back to the screen at the behest of distributor Warner Brothers, would indeed be executive producing the film, but was not going to be directing it, at least not as of right now.
Superman is a franchise that has always been plagued with conflicting plans, canceled ideas, and other issues, even if it features one of the all-time best comic book movies (the original Superman), and certainly one of the most underrated (Superman Returns). Cop Out director Kevin Smith was tapped to put together a franchise reboot in the late 1990s for director Tim Burton and actor Nicholas Cage, and Singer’s efforts of Superman Returns were intended to be the first part of a new trilogy.
Mixed critical reception, not to mention lackluster box office receipts and no doubt creative differences behind the scenes jeopardized the viability of these various iterations of the franchise. But what’s interesting is that longtime distributor Warner Brothers clearly recognizes the value of what is indisputably one of the most well-known and beloved superheroes of all time, all around the world, which is why the studio continues to try and find new ways to breathe life into the character and the series.
Currently it appears as if Goyer and Nolan are in the process of giving Superman another shot at big-screen success, although given the changes and reimaginings of the people involved over the years, their commitment has yet to be officially confirmed. Indeed, until filming of their version is underway, this version seems no more likely than any of the other ones. But like […]