May 01, 2014

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‘Easy A’s’ Emma Stone joins Andrew Garfield in “Spider-Man” Emma Stone has been cast as the female lead in the upcoming “Spider-Man” film from Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, it was announced today by Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Matt Tolmach, president of Columbia Pictures. Stone has been tapped for the role of Gwen Stacy opposite Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. The film, to be directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt and produced by Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, will begin production in December and will be released in theaters nationwide in 3D on July 3, 2012.
The casting continues an association between Sony Pictures Entertainment and the actress, who previously starred in “Superbad,” “The House Bunny,” and “Zombieland,” all for Columbia Pictures; she may currently be seen in Screen Gems’ hit comedy “Easy A,” and takes a cameo role in Screen Gems’ upcoming “Friends with Benefits.”
Commenting on the announcement, Tolmach said, “It’s been an incredible journey for us to watch Emma’s star rise as an actress. She is extraordinarily talented and has a very special on-screen spark that is perfect for this role. Given her history with the studio, casting her in one of our most important franchises is a real thrill.”
Webb added, “The chemistry between Andrew and Emma was stunning and made Emma the clear choice. At the heart of the story of Peter Parker is not only the amazing Spider-Man, but also an ordinary teenager who is wondering what he has to do to get the girl. Andrew and Emma will bring everything audiences expect to these roles, but also make them their own. Much to my surprise, it was fun to find out that our choice for Gwen (Emma) is also a natural blonde.”
EMMA STONE can currently be seen starring in Screen Gems’ hit comedy “Easy A.” Next year, she will star in Warner Bros.’ “Crazy, Stupid, Love” opposite Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling and in “The Help,” the adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s bestselling novel; she also takes a cameo role in Screen Gems’ “Friends with Benefits” and will voice a role in DreamWorks Animation’s comedy “The Croods.” Stone’s recent credits include “Paperman,” “Zombieland,” “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” “The House Bunny,” “The Rocker,” and “Superbad.”
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U2 performs “Spider-Man” Broadway song while on tour overseas

By Sean O’Connell We have had a lot of superhero news the last few days, from rumors of Emma Stone joining Marc Webb’s “Spider-Man” to confirmation that Zack Snyder will be directing the next “Superman” film. Here’s some more hero-related news … sort of.
In Portugal on Sunday, U2 performed a new song titled “Boy Falls From the Sky,” a track from the upcoming Broadway musical, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.” The show has a book by Julie Taymor and Glen Berger, and a score by U2’s Bono and The Edge.
You can hear the tune, and see video of the production, here (with another version on Hero Complex.)
As for the stage production, it opens Nov. 14 at Foxwoods Theatre in Times Square. The cast includes Reeve Carney, Jennifer Damiano and Patrick Page. To learn more, visit
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Emma Stone about to be cast as Mary Jane Watson in “Spider-Man” reboot?

By Sean O’Connell After “Easy A,” most critics predicted big things for charismatic starlet Emma Stone.
They had no idea how right they were.
Stone is about to be offered the role of Mary Jane Watson in Marc Webb’s anticipated reboot of the “Spider-Man” franchise, according to Deadline. This after actresses Dianna Agron (“Glee”) and Georgina Haig (“Wasted on the Young”) were linked to the film as contenders for the coveted role.
Deadline reporter Mike Fleming says Webb also will be filling the role of Gwen Stacy, who is Peter Parker’s first girlfriend in the Marvel Comics. The presence of both Stacy and Watson suggests that Webb’s “Spider-Man,” penned by James Vanderbilt, will draw its inspirations from later animated series like “The Spectacular Spider-Man,” which was set in high school but featured both female characters.
Of course, Andrew Garfield of “The Social Network” and “Never Let Me Go” has landed the lead role of Spider-Man. Other rumors circling around the Internet say Sony is casting for the villain Venom, and is eyeballing Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but that has not been confirmed.
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Andrew Garfield on “The Social Network” and playing Spider-Man

By Sean O’Connell Andrew Garfield is going to be a huge star.
And I’m not going out on a limb to proclaim that simply because the young British actor recently signed on to play Spider-Man – a lottery ticket of a role – in Marc Webb’s anticipated Marvel Comics reboot.
Instead, I’m basing it on Garfield’s on-screen performances of late. The 27-year-old actor more than held his own alongside Oscar nominees Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan for Mark Romanek’s “Never Let Me Go.” And he deserves all of the awards buzz Justin Timberlake seems to be getting for David Fincher’s “The Social Network.” In that film, Garfield creates the only character we come close to caring about, and nails his crucial scene (a late confrontation with Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg in the West Coast offices of social media giant, Facebook).
I’ve also been lucky enough to interview Garfield twice in recent weeks, in Toronto for “Go” and in New York for “Network.” He’s funny, charming, grounded but aware of his pending fame. He’s easy at conversation, really listens to every question, and gives you a considered answer. We spoke about the relationship his character, Eduardo, had to have with Jesse’s Mark if “Social Network” was going to connect to its audience.
“I can talk about that for days and weeks and months and years,” Garfield said about working with Eisenberg. “There were some subconscious forces going about during our rehearsal process. Maybe it was just from my own perspective, but my subconscious knew that I had to kind of fall in love with him, see him as a brother, and have a genuine love for him. And it was very easy to project that on such an innocent face and an innocent soul. It’s so weird and awkward saying this about him. [Laughs] But I have been a fan of Jesse as an actor ever since I saw ‘The Squid and the Whale.’ It was just a wonderful thing to have a genuine connection with someone and allow that to bleed into not being filmed.”
As a follow up question, a fellow journalist asked Garfield – with tongue in cheek, I hope – if he has any future plans to announce.
“Yeah, no, I’m going to be Spider-Man,” Garfield said, adding nothing more to his answer.
He sat back in his chair, and saw the wealth of potential stretched out in front [...]

TIFF ’10: Andrew Garfield talks ‘Never Let Me Go’ and his approach to ‘Spider-Man’

By Sean O’Connell Andrew Garfield is having a moment.
For those of you living under a rock (and lacking a decent wireless signal beneath said rock), the British actor has been chosen to don the iconic Spider-Man costume in Marc Webb’s reboot of Marvel’s superhero film franchise. Later this fall, Garfield has a part in David Fincher’s “The Social Network,” which documents the rise and fall of the young men behind Facebook. And at the Toronto International Film Festival, Garfield joins Oscar nominee Keira Knightley and Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan for Mark Romanek’s “Never Let Me Go,” a romantic drama set in an alternate existence where clones are bred for the purpose of donating valuable organs to prevent life-threatening diseases.
Adapted from Kazou Ishiguro’s novel, “Never Let Me Go” is beautiful and sparse, which Garfield would know if he took the time to watch it. He won’t. He tells me that he can’t … at least not objectively.
“All I see is the stuff I don’t do,” he said. “I don’t see any positives. I only see the negatives.

“It’s like listening to your voice recorded back, exponentially, like one-thousand-fold,” Garfield continues with a slight grin. “You are seeing your soul recorded back and its really upsetting. Because you don’t know how you come across. And why should you know how you come across? If you are too conscious of that, then you will be disabled and totally restricted in your own life. I just want to be free and be myself, reinvent myself, play different characters and be different things.”
The next thing he’s going to be, however, is huge. As Spider-Man, Garfield’s going to find it near impossible to avoid seeing himself everywhere. Yet when asked about his approach to taking on such a massive task, Garfield says he’s attempting to view it as just another role in just another movie.
“That may be naïve of me, but that’s how I’m treating it,” Garfield said. “I’m honestly treating it like this is a role that has meant a lot to me since I was four years old. And I have been waiting for the call since then to be given the opportunity to play with a bunch of awesome cameras and effects and to feel like I’m swinging through New York City. It’s a childhood fantasy come to life. But I’m just treating it like an extension of my seven-year-old [...]

Andrew Garfield opens up about chance to play “Spider-Man”

By Sean O’Connell Andrew Garfield is supposed to be talking about “Never Let Me Go.” But it would be difficult – if not impossible – to sit down across from the young star and not ask him questions about his leading role in the soon-to-be-blockbuster “Spider-Man” reboot, directed by Marc Webb.
That’s what happened when the Hollywood Reporter corned Garfield in Telluride, where his latest drama recently screened. Asked about his preparation to play Marvel’s mighty superhero, Garfield said:
“I have been waiting for this phone call for 24 years, for someone to call me up and say, ‘Hey, we want you to pretend to be a character that you’ve always wanted to be all your life, and we’re going to do it with cool cameras and cool effects and you’re going to feel like you’re swinging through New York City. Do you want to do that?’
‘Let me just consult with my seven-year old self and see what he thinks…’
So my seven-year-old self started screaming in my soul and saying, ‘This is what we’ve been waiting for.’
Like every young boy who feels stronger on the inside than they look on the outside, any skinny boy basically who wishes their muscles matched their sense of injustice, God, it’s just the stuff that dreams are made of, for sure. It’s a true fucking honor to be part of this symbol that I actually think is a very important symbol and it’s meant a great deal to me, and it continues to mean something to people. So yeah, I feel like I’ve been preparing for it for a while. Ever since Halloween when I was four years old and I wore my first Spider-Man costume.
You just have to love that enthusiasm, as well as the honesty. I pray the studio system doesn’t grind the energy out of Garfield, because he has some major credits on the horizon. Yes, he stars alongside Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan in Mark Romanek’s “Never Let Me Go.” But he’ll also appear in David Fincher’s anticipated Facebook drama, “The Social Network,” before dinning Spider-Man’s mask for the 2012 summer thriller.
More on Garfield, “Never Let Me Go,” “The Social Network” and, of course, Webb’s “Spider-Man” as news develops.
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Which actress will get to play Spider-Man’s love interest?

By Sean O’Connell The inevitable discussion – since we now know Andrew Garfield will fill the role of everyone’s favorite Web slinger – is whom will Spider-Man romance in Marc Webb’s announced reboot?
For starters, it won’t be Mary Jane Watson. (Thank God!)
I never understood why Sam Raimi whiffed on the chance to properly handle the classic Gwen Stacy storyline in his first “Spider-Man” effort. He has a high-school aged Spider-Man. He has the Green Goblin. And he ha a love interest precariously perched on a Manhattan bridge. Except Raimi used Mary Jane Watson and not Peter Parker’s first true love, Gwen. Missed opportunity.
Webb, meanwhile, may be getting off on the right foot as The Playlist reports that Watson will not be Peter’s squeeze in the film (though the site can not confirm that it’s Gwen we’ll be watching).
As for the actresses vying for the role? Imagine every starlet under the age of 25. Imogen Poots, Teresa Palmer, Emma Roberts and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are contenders. If I remember correctly, “Lovely Bones” star Saoirse Ronan once tweeted that she had auditioned. Needless to say, it’s a coveted role. I hope Webb finds the perfect person to balance Garfield’s young hero.
Once we know for sure who Spidey’s love interest will be, we’ll post it. She’ll likely be cast soon, as filming begins in December ahead of a July 3, 2012 release date.
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“Spider-Man” (finally) making way to Broadway stage in November

By Sean O’Connell Right around the time Sony and director Marc Webb will begin filming their update of the “Spider-Man” film franchise, old Web head will be making his Broadway debut.
The musical “Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark” will begin its much-anticipated preview performances on Nov. 14, said lead producer Michael Cohl. Opening night will then be set for Dec. 21, at the Foxwoods Theatre in New York City.
“Spider-Man” features music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge of the rock supergroup U2. Director Julie Taymor co-wrote the play’s book with Glen Berger.
According to the AP, “Spider-Man” is “destined to be one of the most expensive musicals in Broadway history,” and has been “in the works for six years.”
Between the musical, the upcoming movie, and the ongoing “Spider-Man” comic books, one has to wonder if we are approaching spectacular Spider-Man overkill. We’ll soon find out.
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Andrew Garfield to play Peter Parker in ‘Spider-Man’ After a comprehensive worldwide casting search, Andrew Garfield has been chosen to portray Peter Parker when Spider-Man swings back onto the screen in 3D on July 3, 2012. The new film will begin production in early December directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt. Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad will produce the film from Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios.
Today’s confirmation culminates what has been one of the most eagerly anticipated casting announcements in recent memory. Bloggers, pop culture speculators, and everyday fans have pored over and analyzed every conceivable online rumor in an attempt to discover the identity of the next actor to play Peter Parker. Garfield will immediately begin preparing for the coveted role.
The Spider-Man franchise is one of the most successful in film history and the three previous motion pictures have collectively grossed more than $2.5 billion in worldwide box office.
On selecting Garfield, director Marc Webb said, “Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor’s work understand his extraordinary talents. He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity. Mark my words, you will love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.”
Commenting on the announcement, Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Matt Tolmach, President of Columbia Pictures said, “Spider-Man is a classic superhero — a young man who balances his responsibility to serve humanity and crush evil with the shyness and normalcy of someone struggling to find himself. The role demands an extraordinary actor. You need someone who can magically transform himself from Peter Parker into Spider-Man. An actor who will depict the vulnerability of youth and the strength and confidence of a legendary figure at the same moment. We have found that actor in Andrew Garfield. From the first time we saw him in the upcoming film The Social Network, to his glorious screen test, which floored all of us, we knew that we had found our new Peter Parker.”
Producer Avi Arad added, “I’m incredibly excited about Andrew Garfield. In the Spider-Man tradition, we were looking for a smart, sensitive, and cool new Peter Parker who can inspire us and make us laugh, cry, and cheer. We believe we have found the perfect choice to take on this role and lead us into the future.”
Producer Laura Ziskin said, “We are thrilled to have Andrew Garfield for this new incarnation of Spider-Man under Marc [...]

Josh Hutcherson reportedly cast as Spider-Man in Sony reboot

By Sean O’Connell Has Sony found the next Spider-Man?
“Journey to the Center of the Earth” star Josh Hutcherson has won the lottery … ahem, been selected by Sony and “Spider-Man” director Marc Webb to headline the franchise reboot that’s currently underway at the studio, according to Blue Sky Disney.
Hutcherson’s name certainly has been in the mix as a handful of young actors — from Jamie Bell to Logan Lerman — screen tested for the role of Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego, Spider-Man. And chatter on the requisite message boards and Twitter feeds suggested that an announcement was close, possibly at Comic-Con in San Diego in July.
If this is a legitimate exclusive, it’s a quiet way of getting the news out there. No studio leak to Nikki Finke on Deadline? No “Exclusive” segment on “Attack of the Show” with Webb and Hutcherson announcing the movie marriage?
Blue Sky Disney has had good scoops in the past, but Hutcherson reportedly sat down with journalists at a New York junket for “The Kids Are All Right” today and discussed his audition but confirmed nothing.
Of course, he couldn’t. The studio would have him under wraps until they were ready to get the news out there. And is it good news? I’m going to reserve judgment for right now. I thought Hutcherson held his own alongside Brendan Fraser and a number of CGI beasts in “Journey.” I also thought he did some decent “lifting” as Jess in “Bridge to Terabithia.” But I haven’t seen “Kids” yet, and I think that might give us the best glimpse at his range.
Still, Spider-Man movies are all about the hero, as well as his villain, so let’s get the role cast, tell us who Spidey will be fighting, and let’s get this show on the road!
Marc Webb’s as yet untitled “Spider-Man” reboot swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.
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