October 24, 2016
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“STATE 194” a documentary about Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad

See the trailer for STATE 194, a documentary from director Dan Setton chronicling Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s campaign for Palestine to become the 194th state recognized by the United Nations.
The story has continued to develop after the UN General Assembly voted by an overwhelming majority to recognize Palestine as a non-Member Observer State on Nov. 29, 2012.
The vote came exactly 65 years after the UN passed a resolution to partition Palestine, allowing for the formation of the state of Israel on November 29, 1947.
STATE 194, produced by Participant Media (An Inconvenient Truth, Food, Inc.), will be making its European Premiere at the Berlinale on 8 February in the Panorama section.
Trailer: http://www.takepart.com/state194
If you build the foundations of peace . . . will it come?
This fascinating question lies at the heart of STATE 194, a vital and revealing look deep inside Israel and Palestine at the men and women trying to seize an historic opportunity to end the conflict and make implementing the two-state solution a reality right now. From the halls of power, across youthful social networks and on the streets, it is a remarkable story of those who are attempting to transform an endangered thread of hope into something tangible.
This journey-still-in-progress begins with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who in 2009 launched a daring campaign to change his people’s destiny. For decades, acts of war and terror, political wrangling and diplomacy have failed to solve the territorial disputes of the region; settle the questions of Palestinian independence and Israeli security; or halt ongoing violence. But Fayyad envisioned a different approach. Taking his surprising inspiration from the Israeli battle for U.N. recognition in 1948 – which centered on building the bedrock of civil society to demonstrate their readiness to be a nation — he forged an ambitious 2-year plan to pave roads, raise schools and fast-track creating the core institutions of governance across the West Bank. Fayyad decided even if statehood was stalled, progress didn’t have to be. The plan achieved rapid and dramatic improvements in key development areas, leading President Mahmoud Abbas to take a different risk: presenting the case to the United Nations that Palestine was ready to become the 194th member nation.
Participant Media presents STATE 194 directed by Dan Setton and produced by Setton and Elise Pearlstein. The executive producers are Jeff Skoll and Diane […]

Marie Colvin: Syrian Government Stop the Madness NO MORE KILLINGS!

HollywoodNews.com: Syrian government Stop the Madness NO MORE KILLINGS!
Marie Colvin killed: Syrian forces had pledged to kill ‘any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil’
“Our mission is to report these horrors of war with accuracy and without prejudice,” said Marie Colvin. “The Syrian army is simply shelling a city of cold, starving civilians.”
Today it was confirmed that the war correspondent Marie Colvin has died in the Syrian city of Homs.
Marie Colvin was killed alongside French photographer Remi Ochlik, 28, in a rocket attack on the besieged city of Homs.
What is the world waiting for? We keep watching women and children being killed and we do NOTHING. Call/email your congressman/senator… do something to put pressure on the White House… the killings MUST STOP
R.I.P Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik
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Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” banned in Lebanon

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: What the heck is happening overseas? The United States are supposed to be conservative, with the rest of the world loosening its restrictions on modern media. But first we get a story that Britain has banned a sequel to “The Human Centipede” because of lewd and graphic sexual behavior, and now Lady Gaga is being banned in Lebanon.
Officials in Lebanon banned Gaga’s latest album “Born This Way,” saying that the record is “offensive to Christianity,” according to The Guardian. Copies of the album were “impounded” by the office of general security when they arrived at Beirut’s airport, the paper adds.
“Distributors are prohibited from circulating media that diverges from public decency and morality or is at odds with nationalistic or religious beliefs,” officials said.
Maybe Gaga’s single, “Judas,” ticked them off? How on Earth will her tour survive without Lebanon’s support?

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ banned in Lebanon

HollywoodNews.com: Lady Gaga’s latest album, ‘Born This Way,’ has reportedly been banned in Lebanon due to the decision that it is “offensive to Christianity.”
Thousands of copies were reportedly sent to the Middle East, but Lebanese authorities allegedly quickly impounded them, states NME. The decision was reportedly made “on grounds of bad taste” in regard to the album.
Gaga also had problems with “Born This Way” playing in Malaysia due to references of homosexuality.
What do you think about the ban?
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Khloe Kardashian talks about handling body insults

HollywoodNews.com: Khloe Kardashian and her sisters Kim and Kourtney are known for their bodies, but it isn’t always nice. Luckily, Khloe feels she can finally handle it.
Khloe recently told ‘Cosmopolitan,’ Middle East edition, that she is dealing with the “Kardashian body image,” states The Huffington Post. “If I want to wear a long flowing dress, someone will say I’m pregnant. I believe we’re not given any more than we can handle and most of the time I can handle it,” Khloe says about the constant speculation.
She also revealed that it helps when she has girls come up to her and tell her that they love the Kardashian booty, probably their most famous body part.
What do you think of Khloe Kardashian’s body?
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Spencer and Heidi off to the Middle East for some fighting

HollywoodNews.com: Former ‘Hills’ couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are reportedly soon headed to Abu Dhabi to watch a friend do some fighting.
The two are reportedly going to watch MMA fighter “King” Kevin Casey in the Abu Dhabi Martial Arts Tournament on April 14th, states TMZ.
The reality TV couple is reportedly excited to check out the Middle East and hopefully see their friend win. No word on how Spencer and Heidi are paying for this since they have claimed to be broke.
Do you wish Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag would stay out of the country?
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Worldwide Release Dates for “Deathly Hallows”

By Hanako M. Ricks
HollywoodNews.com: There is now a full schedule for the worldwide release dates for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1,” courtesy of Warner Bros.
A full photo schedule was posted via the Warner Bros./Harry Potter Twitter page, and gives dates for countries in North America, Asia & Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, and Europe regions. The release date here in the States is scheduled for November 19.

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Leopoldo Lopez on why Oliver Stone is wrong about Venezuela

HollywoodNews.com: Below is the original article in which Leopoldo Lopez states why Oliver Stone is wrong about Venezuela as posted on The Huffington Post:
The filmmaker Oliver Stone’s documentary of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has re-energized a long-running debate about the future of Venezuela and what it means for democracy in other countries.
Mr. Stone argues the assault on human rights is of secondary concern, saying: “Why do you seek out the dark side when the guy is doing good things?” After all, “Most peoples’ lives in this country have improved under Chavez.”
Unfortunately, for the vast majority of Venezuelans, this statement could not be further from the truth. If you are among the millions living in barrios, you no longer trust that you will be protected, that services will be delivered, that your lights will stay on or that you will have access to clean water.

As a mayor for eight years of the commercial district of Caracas, I have seen firsthand how dreams have become more elusive for average Venezuelans, replaced by a dangerous sense of frustration and hopelessness.
Venezuela is now the murder capital of the western hemisphere — with a 320 increase in homicides and a 1,400 percent increase in kidnappings since 2000. This pervasive state of insecurity affects all Venezuelans, especially those living in poverty.
Shelves are bare, and Venezuela’s production capacity has deteriorated so much that we have had to increase food imports by 700 percent — including goods such as meat and coffee that were once 100 percent locally produced. Prices are 650 percent higher since Chavez first took office. The recent discovery of 81,000 tons of rotting food in a government-controlled storage facility only added to the sense that this is a problem that the president has created.
Access to clean water and electricity is a similar story. Power outages are now a daily fact of life. Many government agencies have to close early in the afternoon because there is not enough electricity.
These worsening conditions have opened the door to more sinister developments, especially in the border regions with Colombia, where people speak of an alarming growth in guerrilla activity, including the FARC. Last week I visited el Alto Apure in this region and heard a mother of four describe the new reality:
“As mothers we fight a silent war against the recruitment of our children by the elenos or the […]

Black Eyed Peas will be projected in 3D, thanks to James Cameron

Hollywoodnews.com: “Avatar” director James Cameron and the Black Eyed Peas are teaming up to create a feature length concert film.
will.i.am, the Peas bandleader, told Vibe that the band decided to work with Cameron on the 3D project given his expertise with the format. The film will follow the band as they travel the world. It is set to unspool next year.
“We’ve toured from America and Europe, to the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa. It’s not like we go, ‘Yo, we are international, you know what I’m saying? London and Paris!’ Nah, that’s just two cities. We want to go across the planet,” exclaims will.i.am.
“We have the biggest director, because we are the biggest group on the planet,” he explained.
“The Peas are filming it in South America. People will be able to see us in the theatre with the 3D glasses and everything.”
He added that the film will be a full-length feature which follows the band as they tour the world.
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America Ferrera’s ‘The Dry Land’ releases official trailer

HollywoodNews.com: America Ferrera’s latest film, “The Dry Land,” has just released the official trailer for the film.
James (Ryan O’Nan) returns from Iraq to face a new battle—reintegrating into his small-town life in Texas. His wife (America Ferrera), his mother (Melissa Leo), and his friend (Jason Ritter) provide support, but they can’t fully understand the pain and suffering he feels since his tour of duty ended. Lonely, James reconnects with an army buddy (Wilmer Valderrama), who provides him with compassion and camaraderie during his battle to process his experiences in Iraq. But their reunion also exposes the different ways that war affects people—at least on the surface.
This moving, taut story of redemption and reconstruction extends beyond a post-traumatic-stress-disorder narrative. O’Nan is heartbreaking as he explores the depths of his internal struggle; Ferrera fearlessly tackles her role of a young wife in turmoil. The Dry Land is about one man’s fight within his own terrain—his country, home, and mind—and his journey to rebuild what he’s lost.
Watch the new trailer below:
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