January 17, 2017

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Kate Winslet “saddened” at news of Gloria Stuart’s passing

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: They both played Rose DeWitt Bukater in James Cameron’s Oscar-sweeping masterpiece. Now Kate Winslet has said she is “saddened” to hear that fellow actress Gloria Stuart has died at the age of 100.
“I am so saddened to hear of the loss of this remarkable woman. I feel blessed to have met her, known her, and to have acted alongside her. Anyone who spent time in her presence will know what an extraordinary shining light she truly was. She will be deeply missed,” Winslet said in a statement released this afternoon.
Stuart was a Hollywood veteran with credits that included “The Invisible Man” and “My Favorite Year.” She earned her first Oscar nomination for “Titanic.” She died Sunday evening.
“Gloria Stuart Sheekman expired in her sleep shortly after 8 PM in the evening Sunday September 26th, 2010, in the bed she had built decades earlier out of two life size merry go round horses,” Stuart’s family said in a statement. “She was attended by her daughter Sylvia Vaughn Thompson and her extended family.”
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Jonah Hill on ‘Get Him to the Greek’, ’21 Jumpstreet’, and his directorial debut

By Todd Gilchrist
HollywoodNews.com: Looking back at the last few years, Jonah Hill has been busy: he’s played 12 different characters in just the three years since he starred in Superbad, written for an episode of Saturday Night Live (in which he appeared), and executive produced Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno. But on the eve of his second starring role in Get Him to the Greek – as well as his third, in the acclaimed independent dramedy Cyrus – Hill wants audiences to view him based on these performances rather than the ones which initially earned him the stardom he now enjoys. “
I think [people should] judge me on this year and judge me on next year,” Hill said during a roundtable interview Sunday in Hollywood, Calif. “Because between Cyrus and this movie, I think both characters are completely unrecognizable from my characters in Superbad and Knocked Up.” Hollywood News joined a sizable but thankfully intimate group of reporters to talk to Hill about his turn in the new film Get Him to the Greek. In addition to talking about squaring off against his former Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-star, Russell Brand, Hill offered some updates about his other future projects, and reflected on where he’s at in his career and where he wants it to go.
Hollywood News: How did you wrap your head around this character?

Jonah Hill: I don’t know. I watched My Favorite Year a lot and I watched Midnight Run a lot, and Almost Famous. Those were kind of the three movies that I would watch a lot to prepare. But a big correlation to me was I thought about what if I was 18 and with one of my heroes, so I would often replace Aldous Snow in my head with Bill Murray or Martin Scorsese and just imagine what it would be like to be a young guy and getting to ask them any question that you wanted. [I thought of] Neil Young, and I just kind of thought about my heroes and what it would be like to be around them and get to spend time with them. The movie’s kind of the ultimate fantasy in that way – like who hasn’t fantasized about going on the road for 72 hours with your favorite rock star at some point in your life? That’s every kid’s dream.
Hollywood News: What rock star would it be for you?

Hill: […]