January 19, 2017

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart to promote ‘Twilight’ at end of month

HollywoodNews.com: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will hopefully have their relationship smoothed out by the end of October as they are all set to promote the final ‘Twilight’ film at that time.
The two will allegedly begin a press junket with their castmates on October 28th which will run until November 3rd, states UsMagazine.com. The film will also have an international tour going through Australia, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland, England, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Norway but it is unknown if those two will be involved in all the stops.
It is rumored that they are currently together, but it is allegedly hard as the cheating scandal is so fresh.
Do you think promotions will go smoothly?
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Justin Bieber’s battery case moving forward

HollywoodNews.com: It looks like Justin Bieber can’t yet escape his battery case as it is reportedly moving forward with the L.A. County D.A.
It is reported that the case is now going to be referred to the D.A. for possible criminal charges, states TMZ. The investigation of the case is not yet complete as Bieber is reportedly in Norway, but the matter will allegedly be handled by the D.A. due to its high profile.
Bieber is accused of battery in regard to a matter involving a paparazzo. He could face six months in jail if convicted.
What do you think will happen with the case?
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Janet Jackson does not have a secret son

HollywoodNews.com: I got a kick out of the National Enquirer cover story this week. Janet Jackson’s ex mother in law says that Janet and her son, James, are the parents of Michael Jackson barnicle Omer Bhatti. I don’t know the mechanics of these things: does the Enquirer go to these people and pay them to make up stories? It’s all a lot of fun, I guess. Omer Bhatti, of course, has actual parents in Norway. Their names are Riz and Pia Bhatti.
I’ve written about this a lot over the years. When Omer was 12, they dressed him up a like a mini Michael and brought him to Tunis, where Michael was performing in 1996. Omer did a little moonwalking in the lobby and Michael invited him to his suite. He liked the kid so much that he added the Bhattis to his tour. Then Riz and Pia went to work for him at Neverland.
Over the years, Omer stayed at Neverland even after his parents returned to Norway. When he joined them at home, Omer became a Michael Jackson imitator and made money from it. He let people think he was Michael’s kid. Jackson liked to tell intimates that Omer was his secret illegitimate son; none of it was true. It was just Michael’s fantasy and it was sad.
As far as Janet Jackson goes, I do feel bad for her. For years a persistent rumor circulated that she had a secret child that been raised by her sister, Rebbie. Now it’s this thing. Janet has no children, and I’m sure it’s frustrating to keep reading these crazy stories. Omer Bhatti quite likes it, though, because it perpetuates his connection to Michael Jackson.
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Fantastic Fest 2010 details emerge, promise unique cinema offerings

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: New details emerged this morning for the next Fantastic Fest, the Austin-based film festival that has been described by the trades as “The Geek Telluride.” The sixth annual Fest will be held Sept. 23-30, in Austin, Texas, the hub of unusual cinematic offerings.
In a press release, Fantastic Fest organizers have mapped out what they call “the broad brush strokes of exciting things to come.” Attendees can expect the following programs:
Fantastic Arcade
An independent games festival, Fantastic Arcade, which will run concurrent with the first four days of Fantastic Fest and feature fresh, cutting-edge games designed by independent game developers. Highlights include a games showcase from both major and super-independent game developers, games industry guest speakers and live game demos on the big screens at Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar.
Jeffrey Combs and Stuart Gordon: Nevermore
Jeffrey Combs and Stuart Gordon will be live in person with repertory screenings of “From Beyond” and “Reanimator.” Combs also will be performing his one-man show “NEVERMORE… AN EVENING WITH EDGAR ALLAN POE.” Stuart Gordon wrote the play, using a compilation of historical accounts, actual monologues, articles, letters and Poe’s own words to construct the definitive portrait of American’s most fam ous macabre poet. The play ran for months in Los Angeles and received unanimously glowing reviews.
Extreme Cuisine
Every year, Fantastic Fest incorporates a number of culinary theatrics. This year, Alamo Drafthouse executive chef John Bullington will be kicking off the opening night party by butterfly-butchering an entire adult cow and cooking it in the Argentinian style – smoked on an open fire for 18 hours. Bullington will also be overseeing the annual Fantastic Fest five course feast for the 2010 food-themed feature selection. Expect more signature food and drink pairings as the 2010 Fantastic Fest schedule is announced.
Spotlight: Norway
Though Norway has a long established and well respected film history the nation had long avoided genre film, preferring to make their name at home with broadly commercial comedies and dramas and abroad with high end arthouse film. That changed for good with the arrival of Roar Uthaug and Cold Prey. The first modern slasher movie produced anywhere in the Nordic countries, Cold Prey was initially considered a risky proposition but went on to become a total game-changer for the local industry. A massive smash hit – not only in Norway but throughout the entire region Cold Prey proved to the young generation of […]