January 22, 2017

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Spotlight on the underrated Michael Parks in ‘Tusk’

Whenever articles are written about the best veteran actors in Hollywood, one particular name is always unjustly excluded. That name? Well, Michael Parks of course. The man has always been a respected character actor in the industry (especially earlier on in his career), but up until the last few years it’s really only been Quentin Tarantino putting him on the proper pedestal. Recently though, filmmaker Kevin Smith has picked up that mantle, highlighting him in both Red State and this week’s new outing Tusk. Smith has done more than his part to get Parks into the spotlight, and man does he deserve it.
Parks is likely best known for his role in the show Then Came Bronson, which really put him on the map. Prior to that, he’d been known for a variety of TV movies and his parts in both The Bible: In the Beginning… as well as in Bus Riley’s Back in Town. It was Then Came Bronson though, where he played a reporter turned crusading biker that showed off just how unusual a talent he was. Not everyone would know what to do with him though, which led to him working consistently, but in lower profile fare. Sure, he popped up in Twin Peaks, but it was when Robert Rodgriguez and the aforementioned Tarantino decided to work with him that his career took a new turn.
He’s been a featured cast member in the work of both Rodriguez and Tarantino multiple times, playing memorable if small parts in movies like Django Unchained, From Dusk till Dawn (where he owns the screen and actually inspired Smith to write him his part in Red State), Kill Bill Volume 1/Kill Bill Volume 2, and the double feature Grindhouse, where he played the same part in both Death Proof as well as Planet Terror. He was becoming a fun toy for both of those filmmakers, but he still wasn’t getting the big roles that a man of his caliber deserves so greatly.
Over the past few years though, Smith’s admiration has really given Parks a new act to his career. He’s essentially the lead in the satire Red State, playing the murderous pastor Abin Cooper. For my money, Parks was nomination worthy in that role, essaying a loathsome character that also becomes strangely compelling (he even sings). You want to look away as he spews hate, but you simply can’t. Parks rightly received raves […]

Tarantino and Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse” Blu-ray a giddy, gory treat for fans

Hollywoodnews.com: HollywoodNews.com stays on top of the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases so you know which films are worth your time and money. This week, we review:
“Grindhouse: Two-Disc Collector’s Edition”
Every once in a while, a Blu-ray arrives that furthers the format and (hopefully) convinces a few more film fans to upgrade their systems so they can enjoy the highest-quality presentation. Francis Ford Coppola’s restored “Godfather” trilogy comes to mind, as does the five-disc complete set offering every possible cut of Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner.” Those are must-owns for any collector. So is the new “Grindhouse.”
Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s retro double feature offered fans a time machine of sorts, an experiment in exploitation cinema that produced two intentionally dated, extremely gory grindhouse films surrounded by bogus trailers and clever marketing materials. The directors attracted a fair share of A-list friends for the fun, from Bruce Willis and Josh Brolin to Kurt Russell. On a side note, I would watch as many “Stuntman” Mike films as Russell wanted to make. I love him in that role. He’s the most alluring serial killer we’ve seen on screen in years.
As for the Blu-rays, they manage to make the intentionally grainy visual presentation pop in ways that weren’t exactly possible on the big screen, when “Grindhouse” opened in theaters. The quality audio presentation also amplifies all of the scratches and drags the director’s added to dirty their modern films. That same audio elevates Tarantino’s “Death Proof,” which concludes in a symphony of motor engines that must be experienced in digital, high-def audio. For the first time, the “Grindhouse” Blu-ray brings the grindhouse experience into your own house.
Plus, “Grindhouse” pairs the two films on Blu-ray for the first time, finally recreating Tarantino and Rodriguez’s double-feature intentions. The fake trailers are here (though “Machete” isn’t so fake anymore, not that the movie actually exists). A ton of supplements are included. I’ll feature them below.
These movies aren’t necessarily my taste. Once you get past the shock value, the cleverness of the homage fades (in my opinion). I do love the second half of Tarantino’s “Death Proof,” but again, that’s mainly due to Russell’s maniacal turn as a vehicular psychopath. But I’ve seen enough Blu-ray conversions to know that the “Grindhouse” treatment is something special, and fans of the movie and these directors should be ecstatic.
Bonus features on the “Grindhouse” Blu-ray include:
“Planet Terror” feature […]

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez packaging Blu-ray “Grindhouse”

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: Some exciting DVD news arrived at Hollywood News headquarters this afternoon.
Shortly after Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete” carves its way through multiplexes, the movie that gave “birth” to Danny Trejo’s vengeful killer – “Grindhouse” – will receive its Blu-ray treatment for a two-disc presentation that replicate the back-to-back sensation Rodriguez and his cohort, Quentin Tarantino, planned in the first place. The disc streets on Oct. 5.
That means both “Grindhouse” films – Robert’s “Planet Terror” and Quentin’s “Death Proof” – will be packaged together along with the twisted teaser trailers for bogus films (like “Machete”) that fans adored.
Here are the specs on the two-disc “Grindhouse” Blu-ray:
“Planet Terror” feature film
“Death Proof” feature film
Intermission Cards
“Don’t” trailer
“Werewolf Women of the SS” trailer
“Thanksgiving” trailer
Robert Rodriguez’s 10-Minute Cooking School
The Badass Babes Of Planet Terror
The Guys Of Planet Terror
Casting Rebel
Sickos, Bullets And Explosions: The Stunts Of Planet Terror
The Friend, The Doctor And The Real Estate Agent
Poster Gallery
Intermission Cards
Extended “Werewolf Women Of The SS” trailer with commentary by director Rob Zombie
The Making Of “Werewolf Women Of The SS” Trailer
Extended “Don’t” trailer with commentary by director Edgar Wright
The Making Of “Don’t” Trailer
“Don’t” Storyboard/Trailer Comparison
“Don’t” poster
The Making Of “Thanksgiving” Trailer
Hot Rods of Death Proof
From Texas to Tennessee, The Look of Death Proof
New York Times Talks With Quentin Tarantino and Lynn Hirschberg
Comic Con 2006 Featuring the Directors and Cast of Grindhouse
Stunts on Wheels: The Legendary Drivers of Death Proof
Quentin’s Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke
The Guys Of Death Proof
Kurt Russell As Stuntman Mike
Finding Quentin’s Gals
The UnCut Version of “Baby, It’s You” Performed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Introducing Zoe Bell
Extended Music
Poster Gallery
Meanwhile, Warner Bros. announced that “Nip/Tuck: The Complete Series” will be available in stores on Nov. 2, in a collectible gift set that includes all 100 episodes plus hours of bonus materials.
DVD bonus material is comprised of 11 featurettes from all six seasons including:
“Tell Me What You Don’t Like About Yourself – The Psychology” – This featurette examines new trends in plastic surgery and explores why people become addicts to the surgery.
“Hollywood Hedonism” – This featurette highlights Christian and Sean’s transition to Hollywood and all of the fanfare associated with it.
“Sizzle: The Sexuality of Nip/Tuck”
“Clever Casting: Season Four’s Fabulous Guest Stars”
Gag Reels and Deleted Scenes from various seasons.
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