January 21, 2017

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Countdown to “Eclipse”: a Twilight fan guide to key dates during the month of June

By Kim Palacios
HollywoodNews.com: It’s all happening next month: the release of Stephenie Meyer’s new Twilight book, the release of the “Eclipse” soundtrack, the premiere of the movie itself. In order to keep track of it all, here’s your guide to key dates during the month of June:
June 5 . Release date for the latest book in The Twilight Saga, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”, a novella by Stephenie Meyer.
June 6. 2010 MTV Movie Awards air date. Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will be presenting an unseen clip of “Eclipse” and fans will learn the final results of our favorite Twilight star and “New Moon” film nominations.
June 8. Release date for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”, regular and deluxe editions.
June 8. Release date for “Twilight Unbound: The Stephenie Meyer Story Graphic Novel”
June 12. Rob, Kristen, and Taylor to appear at Creation Entertainment’s “The Official Twilight Convention” in Los Angeles
June 18. Stephenie Meyer’s mini press junket for four lucky fan blogs. Should be a big news night for fans!
June 21. At 6AM on this date, fans may begin camping out near the Nokia Theater to witness red carpet festivities around the “Eclipse” premiere
June 23. Jimmy Kimmel special “Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart” to air on ABC at 10:00PM EST
June 24. Red carpet premiere of “Eclipse” in Los Angeles as part of Los Angeles Film Festival
June 29. Release date for “Twilight Saga: Eclipse – The Score” (i.e., the theatrical soundtrack)
June 29. Release date for “The Twilight Saga Eclipse: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion”
June 30. “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” film premieres in the U.S. on traditional screens and on IMAX
Am I missing anything? Post in the comments section so other fans can see what else is going on!
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Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone dishes to Saturday Night Magazine

By Kim Palacios
hollywoodnews.com: In an interview for the June 2010 issue, Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone dished to Saturday Night Magazine. The college-focused reader featured an easygoing conversation with the actor, in which he discussed his heros, strange encounters with fans, his upcoming movies and his six tattoos.
First in line was talk of his upcoming film, “The Last Airbender”, which releases on July 2nd, just two days after “Eclipse”. Jackson plays a young warrior who unwittingly finds himself on a quest to save the world. Said Jackson of the experience, “…that’s one of the really cool things about being an actor: you get paid to learn kung fu!”
When asked about some of his heros, he named Johnny Depp as a modern idol. “I’m just finishing [his] catalogue. I love his style of acting, it’s very organic and down to earth and then it’s also very fantastical at the same time.” His other actor picks were consistent in a single characteristic—their charismatic presence. “Clint Eastwood’s the man,” he continued. “And Jack Nicholson, I love his style.”
Of course, no current interview of the star would be complete without a discussion of Twilight. Jackson spoke about working on the first two films (read the article for a particularly funny anecdote about a fan encounter in “New Moon”. He also promised we’d see more Jasper in “Eclipse”: “Yes, we get to see Jasper back when he was a human which was back in the Civil War. So I got to ride a horse again – I grew up riding so it was fun to get back to that.”
The full interview can be read online at http://www.snmag.com/
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Twilight stars to return to Vanity Fair?

By Kim Palacios
HollywoodNews.com: Though not yet confirmed on VanityFair.com, rumors are afoot that the stars of Twilight will be featured in the magazine in July. Last month there was talk of an interview with the ladies of Twilight; more recently, there have been reports of a July cover featuring more of the cast. Either way, fans are hoping that the rumors are true.
Flawlessly-executed photos have much to do with fan loyalty to the magazine’s Twilight features. The December 2008 issue featured stunning shots of the ensemble “Twilight” cast at play. In stark relief to other photo shoots of the time (which staged dimly-lit scenes, outfitted stars in pale makeup, and simulated the aura of Forks), Vanity Fair gave us sun tans and short sleeves and flushed faces of summer as the cast romped in an arid field.
The Robert Pattinson cover (December 2009) also went over well with fans. With beachfront cliffs as the backdrop and Rob in the wardrobe of a fading New England day, readers were treated to evocative shots of Rob, including one of the actor sporting a tuxedo while seated at a piano oddly placed in a seafront field. Another fan favorite: Rob lounging in a chair reading a copy of a book called “Sex-Driven People”.
Other covers and features have included Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick (most recently as part of a March 2010 cover shared with other up and coming Hollywood women). Vanity Fair has also maintained ongoing coverage of the Twilight brood through its online outlets—VF Daily and affiliate blog Little Gold Men.
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“Eclipse” director David Slade interacts with Twilight fans

By Kim Palacios
HollywoodNews.com: Whereas the Twilight production camp as a whole is notoriously silent, “Eclipse” director David Slade frequently reaches out to fans. The rare Facebook or official web site page update from Summit is more formal, and less frequent, than Slade’s activity on Twitter (@DAVID_A_SLADE).
He won favor with fans in recent weeks by dropping little tidbits on how the production team was doing with the film. In a rare response to rumors flying about tension on the Vancouver re-shoot set, Slade tweeted on May 2nd “So strange, I go away for three weeks and return to all these upsetting completely fabricated rumours. Who makes this stuff up as news.” He went on to set the record straight, on the same day tweeting “REAL NEWS: last 3 weeks have gone fantastic, pick up shoot felt more like a reunion. Rob, Kristen,Taylor the crew & I gave 110%. Onwards!” Most of the time, Slade shows his lighter side, like in his March 19th plug for a YouTube “Eclipse” video spoof: “DAVID_A_SLADE I APPROVE: RT @farglow I approve of this Twilight ECLIPSE spoof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viRSB4kH1Mc GOOD WORK!”
Today, Slade tweeted yet another hit with fans—a twitpic of Ashley Greene as Alice for “Eclipse”. The black and white close-up is a flattering picture of Greene, and was posted in conjunction with the following tweeted message: “Now making the prints for your cinemas. We are officially one step away from the screen. In celebration here is a http://twitpic.com/1qp5o1”
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MTV announces more 2010 MTV Movie Award goodies for Twilight fans

By Kim Palacios
HollywoodNews.com: It just keeps coming—good news for Twilight fans from the 2010 MTV Movie Award camp. This morning, we got new news of two Twilight developments: a new “Eclipse” clip to be presented at the awards by Kristen, Rob, and Taylor and a contest opportunity to see the show in person.
If you watched the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, you might recall the exclusive clip for “New Moon”. The world premiere clip turned out to be a huge catalyst in terms of building excitement for the film given its focus on then-unseen footage alluding to the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle. The other huge upside was the action element, which, at that point was somewhat new to the films. When an unknowing Bella warned Jacob to “run” from the wolves moments before he himself phased into one, fans got a glimpse of the first of the high-tech special effects.
Also announced this morning was news that MTV will give away tickets to attend the awards to a Twitter follower on top of her game. To be eligible, the winner has to retweet a certain hash tag from MTV (#MTVtix) when they see it appear each day this week . Certainly, MTV would like it to trend, and sending a lucky fan to the awards will be a small price to pay for the promo. Full details on how to become eligible are on MTV.com.
These developments come in the wake of other recent news joyfully received by Twihards . Two weeks ago, we learned of finalist noms for Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Anna and “New Moon” in multiple categories. Last week, news broke of Chaske Spencer’s selection as MTV International red carpet correspondence.
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Ryan Seacrest Hints at a Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner Interview!

By Tracy Rosenfield
HollywoodNews.com: On May 21st, Ryan Seacrest’s website published the following statement: “Ask the Eclipse Cast Anything…Got a burning question for the cast of Eclipse? Ask Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, or Taylor Lautner anything by posting your question in the ‘comments’ section below!”
Seacrest doesn’t outright state he’ll actually be interviewing the cast, but one can only assume he’ll have some time with them on or before the June 24th “Eclipse” premiere as he did with the premiere of “New Moon”. However, the “New Moon” interview with Robert Pattinson didn’t go as smoothly as planned. When Seacrest asked THE QUESTION, Pattinson said with a laugh, “I can tell them to watch ‘New Moon’” and then was escorted out of the interview booth by his Summit representative. Take two when The Associated Press asked Pattinson if he had any comments on Kristen Stewart attending the “Remember Me” premiere. He started with “Oh, has she already arrived?” and then his representative cut in with “Thank you very much,” and moved Pattinson onto the next interviewer.
Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner recently attended the Oprah show in Chicago, where Oprah herself asked the same question as Seacrest. Pattinson calmly joked about Stewart being pregnant (likely referencing the many tabloid rumors about that very topic), all three actors laughed and then Oprah moved onto the next subject.
Knowing Seacrest’s luck with the past Pattinson interview, do you think he’ll try to go down the same road again, or focus on the cast and the film, especially considering “Eclipse” is most fans’ favorite book in the series? At this point in the saga (pun intended), it’s likely Seacrest may make a joke, but he’d be wise to stick to film or social topics. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.


Tabloids run amok with rumors about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

By Kim Palacios
hollywoodnews.com: Six months ago, most tabloids were devoid of Twilight stories, leaving fans bereft of juicy news and jonesing for a fix. Yet, in recent weeks, Twilight coverage in tabloid mags has returned with a biting vengeance—this time with headlines so ludicrous that savvy fans are speaking out.
Though most readers have come to expect some exaggeration from gossip rags, recent headlines have been so outlandish as to find some complaining that it’s been taken too far. The field day that ensued after the “Kristen is pregnant” joke on Oprah was expected (unsurprisingly, OK Magazine ran that very headline as a cover). Maybe Rob kind of asked for it, with that one. But what about all the others?
Recently criticized claims have come in two forms: the excessively misleading headline and the highly speculative claim. The former is exemplified in this week’s headline of OK Magazine, which reads “Exclusive: Rob’s Marriage Proposal”. A quick glance at the article itself clearly shows that no formal proposal ever happened. Rather, the magazine reports a monologue from Rob made in front of “Eclipse” cast and crew in which Rob made a broad swathing statement that he’d like to marry Kristen at some point in the future. If this were even true, it would be quite a stretch to call such an episode a proposal. Proposals tend to include rings, getting down on one knee, and requesting an answer from the proposee. Even OK Magazine admits that it included none of those.
Other licentious rumors include US Weekly’s unnamed “source” who gave the lone play-by-play of an “Eclipse” set argument between Kristen and Rob. The details were questionable to begin with and despite references to dozens of eye witnesses, it wasn’t independently corroborated anywhere else.
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Robert Pattinson Wants To Perform On-Stage

By Tracy Rosenfield
hollywoodnews.com: Robert Pattinson, best known for his character, Edward Cullen, in the “Twilight” franchise, has also been filming a slew of movies as of late. In 2009, he filmed “Remember Me” in New York in between “New Moon” and “Eclipse”, which both filmed in Vancouver. He just wrapped the screen adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s 1885 novel “Bel Ami” which filmed in Budapest, and he is currently filming the screen adaptation of “Water for Elephants” in Los Angeles. At the end of this year, he’ll start filming “Breaking Dawn”, the fourth novel in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” saga.
Many of Robert Pattinson’s fans also know he’s a musician. He can be seen lugging his guitar when he heads to a filming location and he had two songs appear in the film “Twilight” – Never Think and Let Me Sign, one of which is on the “Twilight” soundtrack. He’s also said during various interviews that much of the down-time on the “Twilight” sets is spent jamming with the other musically-inclined actors.
However, what you might not know is that Pattinson also has an affinity for the stage. During school, Pattinson studied amateur theatre through the Barnes Theatre Company. According to CBS, the actor has told his reps, “stage work is something that I want to do as soon as I get a window… it’s what I trained to do and what I really miss.” Pattinson isn’t bound to his British roots either. He’d take a role in London or on Broadway.
Pattinson moving to the stage would likely pose some logistical challenges – at least at first. At times, he can barely go outdoors without being mobbed by fans. If his work were to switch from screen to stage, how would the crowd handle themselves – knowing he’s right there – in person – just a mere few feet away? First, let’s get Pattinson to the stage. Then we can worry about how to keep the opening applause (screams) to just a few minutes.

Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson
Images by PRPHOTOS

US Weekly to repeat “Sexy Stars of Twilight” special issue

By Kim Palacios
hollywoodnews.com: US Weekly’s “Sexy Stars of Twilight: New Moon” special issue was a huge hit with fans when it hit newsstands in October of last year. Dubbed by some as a “bookazine”, the custom edition was printed on heavier (read: collectible-grade) paper with a focus on telling the stories of the films while showcasing a superior collection of pictures of the stars of Twilight. In recent days, talk of the special issue has been revived—this comes in the wake of US Weekly’s announcement that it will publish yet another Twilight-focused special issue: “The Sexy Stars of Twilight: Eclipse”.
According to BarnesandNoble.com (which has the issue available for pre-order), US Weekly editors announced that the issue will contain the following: 7 posters, 160 photos, and exclusive interviews with principal cast members Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, as well as secondary cast such as Boo Boo Stewart and Nikki Reed.
Speaking of Nikki Reed, reported quotes from her interview have leaked and recent commentary has included rumors of her views on specific members of the cast. Unsurprising are quotes that label Peter Facinelli as the “jokester and prankster” and Jackson Rathbone as “the most artsy, creative, and the most talented”. Indeed, such sentiments have been expressed by other cast before. Newer comments—those getting more attention—are her reported comments about Elizabeth Reaser, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, and Robert Pattinson. She describes Reaser as “the most well-read”, Lutz and Greene as “very driven” (which seems to fit given recent salary negotiation rumors), and Pattinson as “having the best heart”.
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Twilight’s Billy Burke debuts music video

By Kim Palacios
hollywoodnews.com: The Twilight Saga actor brood might well be the most musically talented bunch of any cast of a non-musical production. Recently, yet another Twilight star has stepped up his musical game—this time it’s Billy Burke.
Via his newly-launched web site (http://www.billyburke.net/), Billy Burke released the video for his single “Removed”. Fans subscribing to his site awoke to find links to the music video in their inbox, as well as an announcement for a giveaway to the premiere of Eclipse. Yet, all fans may access the video—and the contest—by heading to the web site itself.
In contrast with the character he plays in the Twilight Saga (Bella’s middle-aged loner of a father, Charlie Swan) Billy Burke exudes a much younger, much cooler persona in real life. In his video, web site gallery, and red carpet shots, Burke appears sans moustache, flannel shirts, and $10 hair cut. Real life is more likely to find him in distressed jeans or styled pants, revealing shirts, a soul patch and two-day stubble. This grittier image gels with the sound of his music, and the design of his music video.
Joining Burke in the arena of musical talent are Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone. Pattinson plays the piano, the guitar, and has recorded as a vocalist (including two tracks on the Twilight soundtrack). Rathbone plays guitar and sings (among other things) with his up-and-coming band 100 Monkeys.
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