January 24, 2017

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Rupert Grint’s Famous Crushes

HollywoodNews.com: ‘Harry Potter’ star, Rupert Grint, has admitted that he has crushes on both Queen Elizabeth, and singer/actress, Juliette Lewis.
When Rupert was asked to choose which crush he would like to go out with most, he replied, “I think it would have to be the queen.” Winnipeg Free Press reports that Rupert said the Queen is ‘pretty foxy’. Rupert adds, “I sat in front of her at her 80th birthday, where we were asked to perform in a play, so that was pretty cool.”
The 22-year-old said his second crush would have to be: “Juliette Lewis, because she’s really cool and in a band.” He also admitted that he isn’t into ‘Disney girls’, such as Miley Cyrus.
Rupert reportedly told Britain’s Glamour magazine: “I haven’t had any very serious relationships. The longest was probably less than a month. I’ve never had a one-night stand.” He adds, “I’m not really looking for anything at the moment. I’m so busy that it’s quite hard to commit.”
While the young star explains that he’s happy being single, he confesses that he gets a lot of attention from the ladies, and the ginger community.
Should Rupert stay single? If he were to want a girlfriend, who would be a good match for him?
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Harry, Ron and Hermione Go On a “Forest Run”

HollywoodNews.com: The third Deathly Hallows segment to be shown during ABC Family’s “Harry Potter Weekend” features interviews and footage of the courageous trio’s time spent on the run – specifically their time in various forests, trying to evade the Snatchers and others who are hunting them. In the clip Dan, Emma and Rupert – along with director David Yates – joke about who in the trio were the fastest runners, and who was trying to catch up. See the video here:

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Daniel Radcliffe Discusses Stature Between Himself and His Character

By Hanako M. Ricks
hollywoodnews.com: When we first meet the title character in the “Harry Potter” series, he’s described as “short and thin” and by the end of the series, it’s mentioned that he’s gotten quite tall – taller than average. However, his portrayer in the films – as much as he fits Harry’s description in most other ways – simply falls short when it comes to that particular trait.
So did he feel any concern about his lack of height for the role? (He stands around 5’5″ tall). He spoke to MTV News at the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and had this to say:
“I didn’t get particularly worried because as long as Emma and Rupert weren’t shooting up too quickly either, I thought we’d all look somewhat relatively the same, so it would be ok.”
He also stated that when people mention how short he is (when meeting him), he always makes a bit of a joke, saying that while he would personally love to be taller, he’s accepted the fact that he’s not and feels that he can either be bitter about it or make jokes to deal with it.
You can see the video clip below:

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Rupert Grint to Appear on BBC’s “Top Gear”

By Hanako M. Ricks
HollywoodNews.com: Harry Potter fans and car fanatics, gear up! Rupert Grint will be appearing on the July 11th episode of popular TV show “Top Gear”. The show is a must-see for car fanatics; the hosts (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May) talk about anything and everything relating to all sorts of cars, luxury, sports, and sometimes more unusual vehicles. The show is fun to watch, and even if you’re not “into” cars it will entertain you with the various challenges and information presented on the show. Celebrities often appear on the show to vie for a chance to drive a lap around the BBC track in one of the featured vehicles for the episode.
Potter fans are familiar with Rupert’s affinity towards unusual vehicles; last year he purchased his very own ice cream truck (a childhood dream) and also purchased hovercraft several years ago. In addition to that, if you consider Rupert’s personality, his natural flair for comedy and his love for acting silly on television (as he did for a special for Comic Relief 2009), his episode should be a lot of fun to watch.
“Top Gear” airs on the BBC Channel; check your local listings for local information.
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