January 18, 2017

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Beyonce to star in animated film

HollywoodNews.com: Beyonce is ready to get animated as she is reportedly set to star in a new animated film called ‘Epic.’
Beyonce will reportedly do the voice of the character Queen Tara in the CG-animated film, states UsMagazine.com. But she won’t be the only big name in the film as Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Knoxville, Aziz Ansari, Pitbull, Jason Sudeikis and Steven Tyler have allegedly signed on.
The film is expected to be released in May 2013.
Will you check out the film?
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‘True Blood’ Trails 6: When Women Attack

By Anthony D’Alessandro
HollywoodNews.com: Not that the girls on “True Blood” deserve to punch back.
God knows their supernatural better halves have played with more than their minds.
However, did ya notice there was a lot of misandry going on in Sunday’s episode, “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues”?
Misandry is simply defined as the hatred women possess toward men and it’s the opposite of misogyny. Granted, there’s a lot of misogyny that pervades on “True Blood,” however the body count for men outweighed the ladies in “Blues.”
Psychologists point to countless reasons which spur misandrous behavior from a horrible father figure in a woman’s life (Bill Compton’s creator Lorena — see dialogue below) to poor self esteem (Lorena again), poor impulse control and social learning (Ibid). Vampires are innate practitioners of power and control: They bully due to low self esteem (Lorena!) and unresolved conflicts from an earlier life (Eric stumbled upon the murder of his Viking family). So depending on their sex, vampires are either misandrous or misogynistic.
We’ll go easy on Sookie and Tara’s physical abuse in the episode and chalk it up to their self defense. Taking revenge on the obsessive fanged suitor who tied her up and threatened to turn her into a vampire, Tara pulverizes Franklin Mott’s head with a medieval weapon – her hate exemplified by the gallons of blood on her hands. Let’s blame Tara’s action on society as her survival depends on fighting against those more monstrous and superior than her.
Same adage applies to when Sookie and Tara bong the hell out of a guard werewolf with steel bowls and vases in an effort to escape the King of Mississippi’s mansion (The whole sequence reminded me of a Three Stooges clip – with more cinema verite camera movements).
But then there’s the mysterious beaten appearance of Crystal Norris’ fiancé. What’s that all about? Obviously, she has some sort of supernatural gift but her fiancé appears to be a masochist; enjoying whatever Crystal is dishing out.
Which brings us to Lorena’s torture sequence of her protégé and lovelorn mate Bill Compton – a tet-a-tet that not only deconstructs the irony of vampirism, but how both are domestic violence offenders as defined above.
Bill accuses Lorena for turning her lovers into a “violent hateful thing like yourself. Destroying whatever you loved about him to begin with.” […]

More ‘True Blood’ Season 3 spoilers

HollywoodNews.com: Where will “True Blood” go next after last week’s shockingly twisted closing scene? To some equally interesting places, if promos for episodes 4 and 5 are any indication. Additionally, new spoilers for the rest of this season have been released, and they reveal that the complicated love lives of our favorite Bon Temps residents won’t be getting any simpler anytime soon.
Entertainment Weekly reports that Lafeyette will be getting a new love interest in handsome caretaker Jesus, seen nursing his mother in a previous episode, and Jason’s brief glimpse of a mysterious disappearing blonde girl will turn into something much more when Crystal (played by Lindsay Pulsipher) reappears to knock him off his feet with a “powerful, explosive relationship.” Plus, Alan Ball reveals that escalating tensions throughout the season will result in vampires and werewolves “throwing down” by season’s end; we can only assume that phrase is open to interpretation.
No new “True Blood” this weekend, but get ready to sink your fangs into an all-new episode on July 11, featuring Sookie and Alcide at an engagement party, Tara and Franklin on a road trip, and Bill and Lorena at dinner. Check out the preview.
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