January 23, 2017

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Sienna Miller opens up about new baby

HollywoodNews.com: Sienna Miller is a new mother to a baby girl, and it seems that the experience is already wonderful for her.
Miller recently opened up about her daughter during a phone interview for HBO’s Summer Television Critics Association panel, states UsMagazine.com. “She’s so cute. She’s screaming upstairs. My brain doesn’t work,” Miller joked.
Miller welcomed her first child with Tom Sturridge less than a month ago.
Do you think she’ll be a good mom?
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Rosie O’Donnell Sounds Off On Russell Brand, Paris Hilton, Roseanne Barr and Herself

HollywoodNews.com: Rosie O’Donnell met with the Television Critics Association to preview her new talk show. The Rosie Show will air on the OWN network this fall, and O’Donnell plans to focus on one celebrity each week.
“First week I hope we get Russell Brand,” O’Donnell said. “I love the guy. I didn’t really know anything about him. He hosted the MTV Awards and I thought, ‘He’s not very funny. Who is he?’ Then I watched him do a comedy special about hosting those awards and it was the most brilliant thing I’d ever seen in my life. Then I started Googling him and found out who he was in England and what happened with him. He did an interview on the BBC that was possibly the most introspective and precise and exact discussion about fame and its effect on your personality and your world and your life that I had every seen anywhere.”
She met Brand and is currently working on securing his appearance. “By chance three months ago I bumped into him at the airport. He is shooting a movie in Miami so I’ve been spending time with him in Miami and I find him fascinating. He would be on an entire show.”
Another guest on O’Donnell’s wish list is a singer. “Maybe the singer Adele, who I think is epic and gorgeous and fantastic and so positive for women in every way. She would be the guest.”
It has been nine years since The Rosie O’Donnell Show ended its daytime talk run, becoming The Caroline Rhea Show for another year. O’Donnell now sees herself re-entering a television world where celebrity is no longer glamorous.
“People are no longer looking for that polished veneer fake Hollywood illusion. Paris Hilton years ago was Zsa Zsa Gabor in some ways. Zsa Zsa and Eva were held up on Merv Griffin and everybody was kept away from them. They were fantastically gorgeous, exotic creatures. Paris Hilton would have been that if it was years ago but now she’s the girl with the sex tape and a reality show and often no underwear.”
Perhaps The Rosie Show can be a counterpoint to the Jersey Shores of the world. “It’s a whole different thing of how we deal with celebrities, what we’re looking for from celebrities. Authenticity, I believe, is making a comeback because of the gross excess of the ‘90s and because of the state of the economy and […]

Jennifer Aniston WON’T be in the “Arrested Development” movie after all

By Fred Topel
HollywoodNews.com: Sorry blogers, news of the Arrested Development movie has been greatly exaggerated. This weekend, reports cast Jennifer Aniston in a role in the proposed feature film of the cancelled Fox comedy series Arrested Development. It stemmed from Aniston co-starring with Jason Bateman in the film The Switch.
Asked to clarify her involvement, Aniston blamed Bateman. “Did you say something that got all of us in trouble?” Aniston asked her costar at a press conference for The Switch.
Actually, it’s not all Bateman’s fault. Bateman explained how the latest rumor got started. “Somebody asked when we were doing the on camera stuff yesterday, she said, ‘You and Jen have done a couple of movies. Are you guys going to keep working together? What about the Arrested Development movie?’” he recalled. “I said, ‘Actually, there’s a great part for her in the Arrested Development movie. I’m going to pitch her.’ Just having fun. There’s about 25 headlines this morning on crappy blogs saying: ‘Jennifer Aniston to do the new Arrested Development movie.’”
Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz himself told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour last week that he’s only halfway through the script. He’s got a new TV show to start up and he doesn’t even know when he can schedule all of his actors together again to do a movie. That left Bateman joking around, and people took it seriously.
“I hate talking about it because there’s never anything significant to report,” Bateman said. “I simply politely answer the questions when they’re asked and inevitably someone will take a line out of a perfunctory answer and try to build a headline around it and then the readers become exhausted and I get blamed for trying to perpetuate a non-update.
There’s nothing new to report but it’s something that we’d all love to do and hopefully soon.”
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Carrie Fisher Opens Up About Drugs, Sobriety, Insanity And Death

By Fred Topel
HollywoodNews.com: Carrie Fisher put all the drama of her drug addiction, her parents’ love triangles and the Star Wars phenomenon in a one woman show based on her book Wishful Drinking. Now HBO is filming it and Fisher entertained the Television Critics Association with more tales of debauchery and tragedy. With all the scandal behind her, she can finally laugh about it.
“Maybe some of it was with 12 step,” Fisher said. “Gradually what I realized was when I got sober, overdosed, went to a mental hospital, all these things, it went in the paper. ‘Guy dead in my bed.’ My thing was wait a second, if it’s going to be out there, please let my version be in it. So it was sort of a bit like that. Also there’s the saying, ‘You’re only as sick as your secrets.’ I’m sure most of you have that T-shirt. If you can claim it, it has very little power over you.”
When Eddie Fisher left Carrie’s mom Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor, it was that day’s Brangelina. Although, it ultimately ruined Fisher’s career and Brad Pitt still seems to get work.
“He didn’t have as big a career as Brad’s to destroy, though it was considerable,” Fisher said. “No, it is very similar and I did point that out to Brad once at a party. He pretended at least to know what I was talking about. Yes, it destroyed my father. It wasn’t simply divorce that destroyed him. It was kind of every choice after that. It was drugs, it was Connie Stevens, it was the Playmate of the Year, it was marrying Ms. Louisiana. My dad is not the bastion of good judgment but he’s really fun.”
Elizabeth Taylor has crossed paths with the Fisher daughter since, and she’s even signed off on mentions of her in Carrie’s show. “I actually gave her an award and thanked her for getting Eddie Fisher out of our house,” Fisher joked. “I mean she’s fine with it. Her grandchildren are friends of mine and my daughter’s. I like Elizabeth. I’ve spent a lot of time with her. She did ‘These Old Broads’ for me and we have an interesting history.”
Fisher consulted all of the celebrities she would mention in her act and respected any sensitivity they had on the subjects. “It wasn’t that they didn’t want to be mentioned. It would be, ‘Don’t say this […]

Spike Lee: U.S. didn’t do the right thing with oil spill

HollywoodNews.com: Spike Lee is in complete disbelief over the government’s claim that 75% of the Gulf Coast oil spill is cleaned up.
Lee championed reporters at the Television Critics Association Sunday to uncover the real story; that the vast majority of oil remains.
While Government scientists have asserted that the oil has been soaked up, its long-term effect on wildlife remains.
Wonderwall was following the story.
Lee was tub thumping his new HBO documentary at TCA entitled “If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise,” a sequel to his 2006 film about the Katrina hurricane aftermath. The movie airs Aug. 23 and 24 on HBO.
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Matthew Perry is enjoying middle age changes

HollywoodNews.com: Actor Matthew Perry has revealed that he doesn’t mind that some of his hair has turned gray.
Perry’s former ‘Friends’ co-star Matt LeBlanc, 43, now boasts a head of silver after ditching the dye jobs. And it looks like Perry is taking a page out of the Joey star’s book by not hiding his gray locks.
While promoting his new TV comedy show ‘Mr Sunshine,’ he told a Television Critics Association panel that he feels “fine” about his silver streaks. When asked if he would resist covering up his grey, the 40-year-old star said: “I think so, until it doesn’t look [right]… and then I’ll change it. But I’m fine with the fact that some of my hair is grey, I think if it was all grey overnight that would be scary.”
He added: “It just happened a year ago, so it’s OK.” But Perry did concede that he has had to make some changes in order to stay fit now that he is entering his 40s.
He said: “You end up doing stuff like hiking and going to the gym and all those things that you said you’d never do… “I actually like to hike now and I live near the ocean and I just kind of walk around and look at that, that’s nice.”
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Swoosie Kurtz discusses her new role on ‘Mike & Molly’

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
HollywoodNews.com: For Swoosie Kurtz, landing on CBS’s forthcoming “Mike & Molly” represents “a whole new time for me and a new road. It’s not just that I’m in a new television show.”
The Emmy and Tony-winning actress will be seen as the mother of Molly (Melissa McCarthy) in the comedy about a young couple (McCarthy and Billy Gardell) who meet in an Overeaters Anonymous group and fall in love. Her second daughter (Katy Mixon) is a wild girl with a fondness for pot.
“This is an entirely different character from any I’ve ever played – this woman you picture with a beer bottle attached to her hand, sitting on a crate at the bowling alley, talking to the guys. She’s loving, she’s insensitive, she’s an oblivious enabling mother. You know that she has something to do with the fact that both daughters have issues they’re dealing with. I’m not sure what it is,” notes Swoosie. She does know, “It’s been indicated to me that they have some really fun stuff for me to do.”
The actress had never before crossed paths with series hit maker Chuck Lorre (“Two and a Half Men,” “The Big Bang Theory”), who is executive producing “Mike & Molly” with Mark Roberts. So she was thrilled when she was contacted by him, and particularly flattered to be cast even before the show’s title stars.
Swoosie’s own mother, author Margo Kurtz, is about to turn 95, she lets us know, and is still doing well. “She and my dad are the most amazing people I’ve ever known. They were the opposite of this mother — supportive, always cheering me on and telling me how great I was, how special, all the things I was doing right. I was beyond blessed,” she says. “I don’t know how people make it with parents who are always undermining them. It reminds me of a friend of mine who was the lead in a play back East. She’d worked so hard and she’d gotten amazing reviews. Her mother came to see the play. Then she comes backstage and says, ‘Ugh! Why are you wearing those shoes?’ It just hit me in the stomach.’”
Swoosie’s late father, legendary WWII aviator Col. Frank Kurtz, also provided her with a life-long gift of fitness. […]

Jon Voight using Skype to get to know grandkids

HollywoodNews.com: Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight has revealed that he is trying to stay in contact with his grandchildren via ‘Skype.’
The veteran actor, 71, said he is doing “everything” he can to stay in touch with the Salt star, 34, and partner Brad Pitt, 46, as they travel the world with their children to film sets.
Voight added that while he is in Texas filming his new TV show ‘Lone Star,’ he will be using ‘Skype’ to build on his relationship with his famous daughter and her six children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox.
At the ‘Television Critics Association’ event for ‘Lone Star,’ in LA, yesterday, Voight told UsMagazine: “I’m gonna miss my connection to my grandkids. But I’m trying to Skype and use everything I can do to stay in touch.”
The ‘Midnight Cowboy’ star said he would love for the family to visit him in Texas, but said it would probably be easier if he goes to them.
He said: “I hope, but it’s gonna be tough… It’s very difficult for them to go anywhere easily. It’s kind of easier for me to jump.”
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Dexter Stars And Producers Preview Season Five

By Fred Topel
HollywoodNews.com: Showtime unveiled the fifth season of Dexter for the Television Critics Association today at their fall press tour at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills. The show picks up right where they left off last year, with the shocking reveal that Trinity (John Lithgow) had murdered Rita in the bathtub before Dexter got to him. Michael C. Hall gets to play Dexter exploring grief for the first time in his fictional life.
“What’s interesting is this idea of atonement, this idea that Dexter is forced through what’s written into these situations that he has to step into waters that he never anticipated stepping in,” Hall said. “It starts out subterranean but there is some sort of appetite to address his maybe not even consciously acknowledged sense of guilt or remorse or need for atonement. The circumstances in his life offer him an opportunity to do that in a way he doesn’t create consciously.”
Chip Johanessen is joining the Dexter team as an executive producer. He sees Dexter’s new developments as a reinvention of sorts. “He had this origin story that was the discovery of season one,” Johanessen said. “When he was three years old, he saw his mother chopped up. He was born in blood. He now has this adult origin story, the way he brought his wife into this horrible mess that it’s turned into which is very relatable, the way we melt down our own existence. That event at the end of four, it’s not the story of season five but it filters through.”
Julie Benz has been reported to reappear as Rita for season five. She will not be an imaginary vision like Dexter’s father. That’s Harry’s own territory. Clips of the new episode still show Rita in the bathtub, but that’s not Benz’s only cameo. “You’ll be seeing her more than dead in the bathtub for sure,” Johanessen said.
New guest stars will be helping Dexter through the grieving process. Peter Weller, Julia Stiles and Johnny Lee Miller have roles this year. “Peter Weller was part of the original pitch to Showtime,” Johanessen said. “He’s going to be a big problem for Dexter especially in the back part. We called him Weller when we conceived him. Then we had to change the name when we got the guy we wanted. He’s an ex-cop, cocaine cowboy era cop who gets into trouble and ends up posing a […]

Fox Explains Ellens “American Idol” Departure

HollywoodNews.com: Ellen Degeneres had just saved American Idol from the loss of Paula Abdul when she announced that she would be leaving the show too. Last week the announcement sent the Television Critics Association buzzing as their fall press tour began. Today is Fox’s session and Fox President of Entertainment Peter Rice told the TCA that Degeneres’s departure was amicable.
“In early June I met with Ellen and we talked about the season and her feelings about the season,” Rice said. “Really, the idea was that she wasn’t comfortable, she didn’t’ feel like it was a good fit for her. I tried to persuade her it would be different in the future but we came to an agreement that we’d begin to look for new judges. As that played out over the summer, we’d either say ‘we can’t replace you’ or ‘we can move on without you.’ That’s where we got to last week.”
Announcing Ellen’s departure last week as a strategic move by Fox. They knew they were facing the press so they were ready to talk about it. “We felt confident we could come up with a panel that didn’t include Ellen as a judge and I felt it would be disingenuous to sit here and talk about Ellen being on Idol next year when that wasn’t going to be the case. We decided to announce last week. That created another round of speculation. You find out information as you should as journalists, then we have to respond. Much of the information that has been written has been accurate and some has been wildly inaccurate. I won’t get into either confirming or denying which ones they are but it does make it difficult for us in the job we’re trying to do and the business we’re trying to run.”
So they are assembling a new panel of judges to fill both Ellen and Simon’s spots, but they haven’t signed any deals. “The only thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is no one has signed a deal on either side of the camera to join American Idol who wasn’t on last year. It’s not a fun announcement. It’s certainly not the choice I would have made but it is the truth as I sit here today. There are no signed deals. There is tremendous speculation. I wish we were going to walk out a panel of judges for next year […]

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