January 03, 2015
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Will the Academy ever warm to “The Hunger Games” franchise?

Usually, a blockbuster science fiction series with an appeal across the board and strong critical reviews will show up at least somewhere at the Academy Awards. So far though, the two films in The Hunger Games franchise (with the third/next to last one out this weekend) have yet to receive a single Oscar nomination. That’s including Best Original Song, where they always have A list talent contributing music, and all of the technical categories. That’s insane to me. With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 hoping to reverse that trend, but probably unlikely, I got to thinking about the possibility that voters could be waiting for the franchise to end before they honor it…
What I mean by that above statement is that it’s possible they pull a version of what they did with The Lord of the Rings franchise. Essentially, instead of nominating the movies a bunch and just giving it all the wins, they could shut out all the prior versions and then go all in with some citations when things wrap up. It’s not an incredibly likely scenario, but if have closure does anything for them, it’ll help give that last installment a leg up on the other films in the series. At the very least, it’s an interesting theory to consider a bit.
If, for example, the voters decided to finally embrace one of these movies, they’d have a ton of places to consider it in. Best Picture obviously is a long shot, though I could make the case that Jennifer Lawrence usually deserves Best Actress consideration to go along with Elizabeth Banks in Best Supporting Actress. The techs though are where it could shine. Best Production Design, Best Film Editing, Best Makeup & Hairstyling, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Original Song, and Best Visual Effects are all places where it deserves consideration.
That being said, it’s very likely that the entire franchise could wind up shut out completely. For some reason, this gets lumped in for the most part with every other YA or Young Adult production. It’s the same affliction that could prevent Shailene Woodley from being cited for The Fault in Our Stars (or that script from truly competing for a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination). Voters don’t feel the need to go out of their way for this sci-fi blockbuster when there are multiple superhero films (mainly from Marvel), period war epics, and other […]

“Unbroken” by Angelina Jolie: A May Oscar Predictions Update

Now that we’re in the month of May, here I am again with some new and even more up to date Oscar predictions. They won’t be amazingly different from what I put up last month, but honestly, that’s kind of the point. We still have a very long way to go in the season and these new predictions will likely be almost entirely wrong anyway, but with each passing update I do feel a teensy bit more confident in backing these particular horses as opposed to the previous ones. If nothing else, this sort of shows where I’m coming from as the months pass and the race begins to evolve into something actually competitive, especially when precursor season begins.

Much like last time, you can see that films like Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher, and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar are the ones that I have pegged to be the big winners at this year’s ceremony, with Unbroken still dominating at this early point in the season. A lot can and likely will change, but if you’re looking for an early horse to bet on, that’s the one in my eyes. There are some small changes, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s still about Unbroken here for me.

I could go on about the tinkering that I’ve done, but I know at this point you mostly just want to see actual predictions, so here now is how I see the Academy Awards shaping up at this eearly juncture:
1. Unbroken
2. Foxcatcher
3. Men, Women, & Children
4. Big Eyes
5. Boyhood
6. Gone Girl
7. Rosewater
8. The Homesman
9. Interstellar
10. A Most Violent Year
1. Angelina Jolie- Unbroken
2. Bennett Miller – Foxcatcher
3. Jason Reitman – Men, Women, & Children
4. Tim Burton – Big Eyes
5. Richard Linklater – Boyhood
1. Jack O’Connell – Unbroken
2. Steve Carell – Foxcatcher
3. Joaquin Phoenix – Inherent Vice
4. Timothy Spall – Mr. Turner
5. Ben Affleck – Gone Girl
1. Amy Adams – Big Eyes
2. Jessica Chastain – A Most Violent Year
3. Michelle Williams – Suite française
4. Hilary Swank – The Homesman
5. Reese Witherspoon – Wild
1. Mark Ruffalo – Foxcatcher
2. J.K. Simmons – Whiplash
3. Christoph Waltz – Big Eyes
4. Robert Duvall – The Judge
5. Takamasa Ishihara – Unbroken
1. Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl
2. Jena Malone – Inherent Vice
3. Rosemarie DeWitt – Men, Women, & Children
4. Patricia Arquette – Boyhood
5. Hailee Steinfeld – The Homesman
1. Foxcatcher
2. Big Eyes
3. Interstellar
4. […]

Critics’ Choice: Joey Berlin from BFCA

Joey Berlin from the Broadcast Film Critics Association – Critics’ Choice Awards
In 1995, Joey Berlin and Rod Lurie, two entertainment reporters and film critics who had written for rival publications, joined forces to create the Broadcast Film Critics Assn.
While Lurie would go on to carve out a successful Hollywood career as a screenwriter and director with such films as “The Contender” and “The Last Castle,” Berlin hasn’t faired too badly, either, as the president of the BFCA.
Starting with 44 members the first year, the BFCA’s voting membership today hovers between 285 and 290 and the organization bills itself as the largest film critics group in the U.S. and Canada.
At the same time, the BFCA created the Critics’ Choice Awards, a glitzy tux-and-gown gala now televised on the CW Network that features red carpet celebrity arrivals, drawing worldwide media attention and plenty of Oscar buzz since the show coincides with the run-up to the Academy Awards.
But as the show has catapulted the broadcast critics into the Oscar conversation each movies awards season, tax records show that the nonprofit group Berlin leads has paid his privately-owned company, Berlin Entertainment, Inc., hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for production services.
Read prior Broadcast Film Critics Association story here at Hollywoodnews.com
IRS Form 990 filings list Berlin Entertainment, Inc., receiving a combined $992,270 from the nonprofit between fiscal 2009 and 2011.
Berlin notes that his members seem to be satisfied with the job he’s doing since he has been repeatedly re-elected president every two years.
The tax files show that Berlin’s base compensation and benefits were a combined $1,297,133 for the three-year period spanning fiscal 2009 to 2011. But his compensation is listed as coming from “related organizations” and not directly from the BFCA, according to the Form 990 documents, which all nonprofits are required to file with the IRS to qualify for tax-exempt status.
When asked about his sizeable compensation, Berlin told HollywoodNews.com in a recent telephone interview: “I did this for five years for zero compensation, but this is what I do all day, every day. I’m really proud of what we’ve built and accomplished….
“My compensation has grown with the growth of the show,” he adds without apology. “The television show is an incredible benefit to the members.” He notes that these benefits include such things as access and awards screeners. “That seems a comfortable arrangement for everybody.”
One […]

Oscars’ Billion Viewer Envelope

“And the envelope, please….”
It is one of Hollywood’s most iconic phrases, uttered by presenters at the Academy Awards each year and followed by another equally famous quote: “And the Oscar goes to….”
But throughout much of Oscar’s history whenever the pinprick moment arrived when a celebrity presenter would open the envelope and announce the winning nominee, there was nothing special about the envelope itself as opposed to the golden statuette that the winners would clutch while thanking whomever on live TV.
That is, until Marc Friedland decided that the Oscar envelope needed to be its own icon.
The L.A. stationer had an idea: design a classy-looking envelope, that was easy to open and that would provide a treasured keepsake to the winners along with the glittering golden statuette that they clutched in their hands in triumph.
Friedland, owner of Marc Friedland Couture Communications, persuaded the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to have him design an envelope that would not only look elegant to the 1 billion global TV viewers but also be constructed in such a way that celebrity presenters wouldn’t struggle opening the envelopes to the groans and laughter of audiences.
“When I started thinking about this, I wanted something that would be timeless, involving the glamour of Hollywood, but not a period piece. But also something that transcended fashion and trends,” Friedland, 54, told HollywoodNews. “We had to design something that looks great and performs well, too. Like the quintessential Hollywood actress who has to look good on screen but also be talented.”
On Sunday, March 2, the Academy Awards will again be featuring Friedland-designed envelopes. This will mark the fourth year that Friedland’s envelopes will be in use.
And, since there are two dozen categories, Friedland noted, only the presenters and winners will be seen touching the envelopes, making the moment even more special.
Each envelope is handcrafted out of four different papers using 10 different processes, he explains.
The outside of each envelope is made of metallic-gold paper stock with subtle repeats of the Oscar statuettes.
Inside the envelope, the creators note, is a heavyweight ecru card featuring deco gold foil and is accented with a gold-leaf embossed Oscar statuette along with the phrase, “And the Oscar goes to…” The winner’s name is printed in charcoal ink and is mounted onto a matching red lacquer hand-wrapped frame. The back of the card introduces a new feature, indicating the specific […]

Feature Films on Kodak Dominate Academy Awards®

Argo’s best picture win topped off a successful night at the Academy Awards® for movies originating on Kodak film. In the 85-year history of the awards, no Oscar®-winning best picture has ever been made without motion picture film technology.
In addition to best picture, films on Kodak also won Oscars® in all four acting categories, as well as adapted and original screenplay, among others. In all, movies produced on Kodak stock took home the gold statue in 12 of the 19 narrative feature categories (non-animated). Six of the nine best picture nominees told their memorable stories on celluloid (Argo, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Django Unchained, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Les Miserables).
“We take great pride in our rich history with the Academy Awards®, and this year is no exception,” says Andrew Evenski, president and general manager of Kodak’s Entertainment and Commercial Films Group. “You can listen to all the hype, but the truth is that motion picture film continues to be the gold standard, and last night was certainly proof of that.”
Earlier in the weekend, Film Independent’s Spirit Awards also named a best picture winner, Silver Linings Playbook, which originated on Kodak film. Four of the five nominees in that category also chose Kodak emulsions (Beasts of the Southern Wild, Keep the Lights On, Moonrise Kingdom, and Silver Linings Playbook).
Silver Linings Playbook also won in the directing, adapted screenplay, and best actress categories at the Spirit Awards, while best cinematography honors went to Ben Richardson for Beasts of the Southern Wild. Richardson’s palette was Kodak Super 16 mm film.
Evenski notes that the company is committed to providing filmmakers a range of products. “Filmmakers want creative options. We are as committed as ever to providing them with a choice for telling stories. We are currently making billions of feet of film and, who knows, maybe next year’s best winner is already being shot on Kodak film.”
Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Division is the world-class leader in providing film, digital and hybrid motion imaging products, services, and technology for the professional motion picture and exhibition industries. For more information, visit www.kodak.com/go/motion.
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Andy Samberg hosts the 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards

The Exclusive Canadian Broadcast of the 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, February 23 rd at 10pm ET, will take place on Sony Movie Channel.
All of the action unfolds a day before the Academy Awards® from a beachside tent in Santa Monica, California with comedian and SNL alumni Andy Samberg hosting the 28th annual awards. The Spirit Awards celebrate artist-driven filmmaking and recognize the finest achievements of today’s independent filmmakers and is the premier awards event for the independent film community.
The Spirit Awards ceremony brings together top talent from independent film and Hollywood. 2013 nominees include Silver Linings Playbook and Moonrise Kingdom for Best Feature, Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom) and David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook) for Best Director. Nominees in the acting categories include Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook), Matthew McConaughey (Killer Joe), Helen Hunt (The Sessions) and Bruce Willis (Moonrise Kingdom). Additionally, War Witch from Canada’s Kim Nguyen has been nominated for Best International Feature. Visit www.spiritawards.com for a full list of nominations.
Photo by PRPhoto.com
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Celebrate the Oscars® at Home

Invite your guests with Evite Postmark® – digital cards designed by Marc Friedland www.postmark.com
Invite your friends and family to celebrate the Academy Awards® with the Oscar Collection by Marc Friedland exclusively on Evite Postmark®. Friedland, who designed the Academy Awards winners’ envelope and the official Oscar invitation, designed this Academy-sanctioned online collection, which is available for free and features Oscar-themed invitation designs that inspire hosts to bring classic Hollywood style to their very own Oscar viewing parties.
Toast with Patrón and Ultimat cocktails and Thiénot champagne
Kick off the night with exclusive Governors Ball cocktails: “Patrón Gold Cosmopolitan” and “Ultimat Blue Sunrise” (both cocktail recipes available at the above link). Patrón tequila and Ultimat vodka cocktails will be featured at the Oscars and the Governors Ball.
Oscar winners, nominees and presenters will be toasting to the year in movies with Thiénot champagne, the exclusive champagne of the Oscars. The Academy will showcase Thiénot’s Grande Marque, Thiénot Brut, Thiénot Rosé and the Thiénot Vintage 2005 throughout the night.
Pair your Oscar menu with Sterling Wines
Sterling Vineyards, the landmark Napa winery, will once again provide the featured wines of the Governors Ball. The Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and the Reserve Chardonnay are designed to pair with the extraordinary menu created by Master Chef Wolfgang Puck. Combine a Puck recipe with your favorite wine or visit your local market for a selection of Sterling wines.
Create Oscar-Winning Menu
Master Chef Wolfgang Puck’s Governors Ball menu features imaginative dishes from one-bite hors d’oeuvres to small-plate entrees that have become distinctive signature favorites. Recreate award-worthy dishes for your guests with our featured recipes. Visit the above link for Oscar’s favorite menu ideas.
Cast Your Vote – The Official Oscar Ballot – My Picks http://oscar.go.com/mypicks
Before the show begins, encourage your guests to fill out “My Picks,” the Oscar’s interactive ballot. Users are able to view and share ballots on Facebook as it updates in real time and play along on Oscar Sunday.

Adele Will NOT Sing at Golden Globe Awards

Just so we’re all on the same page: Adele will perform “Skyfall” on the Academy Awards show on February 24th– only. She will simply appear, but not sing, on Sunday’s Golden Globes.
I told you last week that the mega-hit British singer had to choose, and that she wouldn’t sacrifice her Oscar slot for the wonky Golden Globes. The Globes are to the Oscars as the American Music Awards are to the Grammys.
Adele, a source close to her says, will arrive in Los Angeles today and remain here through the next six weeks until the Oscar show. Since Adele will be here though the Grammy Awards on February 10th, it’s likely she will show up there and maybe sing “Set Fire to the Rain” – for which she was nominated this year.
It’s unknown at this point if Adele–with her new baby in tow–will take time to explore writing or recording a new album. Her “21″ album remains a bestseller with over 10 million copies sold.
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Marion Cotillard to be nominated for “Best Actress” for her performance in “Rust and Bone”

Our friend and one of our favorite actresses, Marion Cotillard, is on her way to be nominated for “Best Actress” for her performance in “Rust and Bone.” This coming January 10th the Academy Awards will announce the nominees for the Oscars. We strongly believe that Marion will be one of them.
Oscar® winner Marion Cotillard is internationally renowned for her unbridled commitment to her art, challenging herself with each new role.
Cotillard is starring in Jacques Audiard’s “Rust and Bone,” alongside Matthias Schoenaerts, Bouli Lanners and Céline Sallette. The film was co-written by Jacques Audiard and Thomas Bidegain and adapted from the acclaimed book of short stories by Craig Davidson.
Cotillard recently wrapped production on director and co-writer James Gray’s “Untitled James Gray Project,” starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner. The film focuses on ‘Ewa Cybulska,’ (Cotillard) and her sister, ‘Magda,’ who sail to Ellis Island in the early twentieth century, only to be separated when Magda falls ill. With nowhere to go, ‘Ewa’ quickly falls prey to ‘Bruno’ (Phoenix), a charming but wicked man who forces her to perform in his nightly burlesque show. There she encounters the dazzling ‘Orlando the Magician’ (Renner), who sweeps her off her feet and may be her only chance to reunite with her sister and escape the nightmare. Additionally, she also completed production on Guillaume Canet’s “Blood Ties” opposite Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, Mila Kunis, and Zoe Saldana. Set in 1970s Brooklyn, the film explores organized crime and the relationship between two brothers on either side of the law who face off against each other.
In 2008, Cotillard became the second French actress to ever win an Oscar®, and the first to win an acting award for a performance in the French language. The worldwide critical acclaim came for her riveting portrayal of legendary French chanteuse, Edith Piaf, in the film “La Vie En Rose.”
Cotillard’s credits include the successful French “Taxi” film series, written by Luc Besson, Yann Samuell’s “Love Me If You Dare,” and Tim Burton’s “Big Fish.” She garnered her first Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress, for her performance in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s “A Very Long Engagement.” Following that, she went on to star in Ridley Scott’s “A Good Year;” Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies,” and Rob Marshall’s “Nine,” the screen adaptation of the hit musical. Her performance in the film brought her Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award nominations, and she […]

Oscars: The Lead Actor race

As the Academy Awards sent out their ballots this past Monday, Oscar Predictions were recently updated, and pundits attempt to wrap their heads around the state of the race, the term “lock” is being thrown around like popcorn. The Lead Actor race, especially stacked with talent has all but one assured nomination for Daniel Day-Lewis waiting in the wings.
As I mentioned on this week’s Power Hour, the category reminds me of the 2005 season when nine of the world’s finest actors were battling for five spots. Don Cheadle, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood, and Jamie Foxx would fill the Lead Actor lineup with Paul Giamatti, a presumed lock in one of the Best Picture frontrunners, Sideways (2004), being left off.
Other notable omissions were Javier Bardem for The Sea Inside, Jim Carrey for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Liam Neeson for Kinsey, all worthy for citations. This season is bringing up a lot of talk for the infamous “fifth spot,” a term coined for four locks in any respective group of the Academy Awards with one being available to a respective candidate.
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