January 22, 2017

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Spotlight on the Stars: Bradley Cooper

First of all, Happy Holidays everyone. For this week’s new spotlight piece, I wanted to cite a modern A-lister who also happens to have some classical charm to him. It’s Bradley Cooper, a newly minted leading man who’s continuing to impress the more we get to see from him. He was once considered a pretty boy of sorts, someone you’d never expect to be an Oscar favorite, but in the span of less than a decade, he’s gone from a lightweight to an absolute A-list star, one who’s now considered basically due for an Academy Award. As such, he’s more than a perfect candidate for the spotlight today.
Cooper got his start mostly on television (though he did appear in the film Wet Hot American Summer), showing up in things like Sex and the City, where he made his debut. There were also parts on a few different versions of Law & Order as well as on short lived shows such as Jack & Bobby and Kitchen Confidential, though he really broke through with the series Alias. There were other movie parts, like The Comebacks, Failure to Launch, The Midnight Meat Train, New York I Love You, The Rocker, Wedding Crashers, and Yes Man, but that spy show opposite Jennifer Garner really set him up to be a star.
He had parts in misfires All About Steve and Case 39, but that same year he also became a future A-lister with his part in the massive success that was The Hangover. That comedy was a huge hit, paving the way for Cooper to get a chance to branch out and explore his talents a bit. Initially, it didn’t go too well, with The A-Team and Valentine’s Day underwhelming, but Limitless proved he could be a leading man, while The Hangover 2 cemented that franchise’s bankability, and in turn…his. He took that industry sway and began to essay the second act of his career. The Words was an attempt at straight drama, while Hit and Run had him steal scenes in a comedy he didn’t lead. They were set up though for what would be the last few years, when he dominated Hollywood.
Cooper not only changed a lot of minds about him with David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook, he also scored his first Academy Award nomination. The citation in Best Actor really let people know that he was something special, which Cooper […]

Bizarre fine levied on Utah theater for screening “The Hangover 2”

By Kim Palacios
hollywoodnews.com: A Salt Lake City movie theater that serves alcohol and only admits viewers who are at least twenty-one was fined more than $1,600 for showing “The Hangover 2,” an R-rated film. The establishment—called “Brewvies”—issued a comment via manager Andy Murphy, who told The Salt Lake Tribune that Brewvies has always complied with the state’s liquor laws, and “doesn’t want to shake up anything.”
Though bizarre, the charge was 100% legal, according to Utah’s State Liquor Board; the ordinances at play prohibit the exhibit of sex acts, full-frontal nudity or even the “caressing” of breasts or buttocks, in any establishment in which alcohol is served. The law was initially targeted to strip clubs, which are not permitted to have nude dancers.
The “Brewvies” fine was prompted by a complaint sent to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and a citation was issued by an officer of the Utah Highway Patrol.
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“Hangover 2” wins Weekend Box Office with $86 million

HollywoodNews.com: It was close, but no cigar, as The Hangover 2 made a run for the R-rated opening weekend record. As it stands, the film pulled in $86.4 million over the Friday-Sunday frame, falling just $5 million short of the $91.7 million mark set by The Matrix Reloaded back in 2003. That film, like The Hangover 2, opened on a Thursday and also bested The Hangover 2 in terms of R-rated 4-day numbers ($118 million Thursday-to-Sunday) and likely R-rated 5-day totals (The Matrix Reloaded grossed $144 million in its first five days, while The Hangover 2 looks to end Monday with ‘just’ $137 million). Still, this is no defeat of any plausible kind for the $80 million sequel. As it is, both films were from Warner Bros so there is little reason to not rejoice. As it is, the film is set to take down the five-day opening weekend record for an R-rated film, which was the $125 million Wednesday-to-Sunday opening of 20th Century Fox’s The Passion of the Christ back in 2004 (the Mel Gibson epic took in $83 million over the Friday-Sunday portion). In terms of pure Fri-Sun numbers, it was the second-biggest opening of the year, coming in just $300,000 ahead of Fast Five and about $4 million behind Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It’s the 25th biggest opening weekend of all time, and easily the biggest opening weekend for a pure live-action comedy (the next closest is Jim Carrey’s Bruce Almighty, which made $67 million on this same weekend back in 2003). It’s also the seventh-biggest Fri-Sun gross for a film that didn’t open on a Friday. It’s $118 million Thurs-Sun total is the 20th biggest four-day gross in history. Depending on where it lands after five days, it could end up in the top-ten five-day totals ever. So it missed the R-rated record book, but it’s doing just fine.
Most importantly (and surprisingly), it played remarkably consistent over the entire weekend. The film opened with $31 million on Thursday, which included $10 million worth of midnight screenings. But the picture was not a front-loaded affair, as it grossed $30 million on Friday, $29 million on Saturday, and an estimated $28 million today. The marketing campaign explicitly promised ‘more of the same’, with a trailer that was almost a […]

“The Hangover 2” brings in $30 million on Friday night

HollywoodNews.com: For the moment, The Hangover 2 seems to be even stronger than I anticipated, while Kung Fu Panda 2 may not be breaking out as large as I hoped. Anyway, The Hangover 2 scored another $30 million on Friday night, showing almost no decline from its $31 million opening day. In fact, when you factor in the $10 million in midnight screenings that made up 1/3 of the opening day, the Friday performance is even more impressive. Point being, there is a chance that The Hangover 2 will have consistent business all weekend long, as opposed to a heavily-front-loaded opening day. The two models that may apply are Sex and the City 2 and Terminator: Salvation. Last year’s TV sequel grossed $51 million in five days, earning $26 of that in the first two. Obviously that film was frontloaded in its first two days, and there is a risk that Hangover 2 may suffer the same fate if it gets harder to do the whole ‘guy’s night out’ thing over the family-friendly holiday (which is a problem that Sex and the City 2 faced last year, with ‘girls’ night out’ being hard to arrange while taking care of the kids and setting up the family events). Under that model, The Hangover 2 will gross $115 million by Monday night, which is still a solid take. Under the Terminator: Salvation model, the film will play all weekend long at a consistent pace, giving The Hangover 2 a stunning $141 million over five days. Obviously, Saturday numbers will tell the tale.

Photo Dreamworks Animation
Kung Fu Panda 2 pulled in $13.5 million on its first Friday. That’s 2.3x its Thursday number, showing that audiences were indeed waiting for the weekend. It still makes me question why Dreamworks wasted a Thursday opening day on this one, as a one-day opening of $19 million is far more impressive than a two-day opening of $19 million. Anyway, it would look like the picture is going to end up with a $75 million five-day total, which is impressive but frankly lower than I would have pegged it, considering the popularity of the original and the strong reviews for this entry. Still, that would still give the picture a 12x weekend multiplier.
The other big news was the expected, but still impressive showing for […]