January 25, 2017

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Hollywood Film Awards: “Why It Mattered”

“This was a great opportunity for a studio and its talent, especially now that the show is on CBS (regardless of the ratings – 4.1 million) – essentially, a free ad for a movie that is about to be released. (The telecast itself told viewers right at the beginning that they would be getting a look at “the highly anticipated movies you are going to want to see” and that it would serve as “a guide to films that are going to be coming to theaters”)” according to the Hollywood Reporter.THR.COM

“For movies that have not yet been seen by the vast majority of moviegoers – i.e. Unbroken,Still Alice, Foxcatcher, The Imitation Game, etc. – the motivations and benefits of a HFA appearance are even clearer.” THR.COM

Winners: Hollywood Film Awards 2014
“I think that the holier-than-thou crowd could use a reality check: Even the Oscars, that oldest and most revered of awards season institutions, was created as a promotional vehicle for the movies made by the studios whose leaders founded the Academy. (Moreover, over its first few years, the winners of the Oscars were determined by a Central Board of Judges of five people, overseen by Louis B. Mayer.) In short, it’s a tale as old as time. This is show business,” from

Sony to stop paying for 3D glasses in theaters

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: Could this be the beginning of the end of the recent 3D craze?
There’s no denying that 3D has helped studios beef up their profits as audience members pay extra at the ticket window to see enhanced versions of select films. But a move by a major studio could derail the gravy train and force patrons to rethink how much they’ll pay for a 3D movie experience.
Sony Pictures confirmed that they will stop paying for the 3D disposable glasses used in theaters starting in May 2012. Of course, the studio has “The Amazing Spider-Man” coming to 3D theaters next July, so this is a bold statement, to say the least.
You might not have known this, but the studios eat the cost of the glasses, and it could cost up to $10 million additional per film (at a price of $.50 per pair of glasses).
The studio, according to EW.com, is “reportedly in favor of an ownership model that would force audiences to purchase the glasses — a system that is already common in Europe and Australia.” This, in theory, would cut down on the need to recycle glasses, so long as people bought one pair for a fixed price and held on to their glasses.
“If you already have your own pair from the last time you went to the movies, then you don’t have to spend that extra [price],” says Rick Heineman of RealD. “Or, in many cases, people are buying their own pairs of premium eyewear, whether it’s from Oakley, Polaroid, or Prada.”
What do you think? Would you buy one pair and hold on to them? Would you mind if 3D tickets increased even more to cover the costs? Will this change the process much, or is it yet another cost-increase in our rapidly changing economy that moviegoers will simply have to absorb? Let us know what you think below.
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This Week In Movies By Pete Hammond “Rio”

By Pete Hammond
Family films continue to rule this week at the movies, and not just in America. With an estimated $40 million in its domestic launch and a very impressive $168 million worldwide 20th Century Fox’s Rio is clearly taking flight. The tale of a macaw who can’t fly and his adventures in Brazil had the year’s best opening in the States following an international debut last week. It soared past the $37 million opening of another family hit with three letters in its title, Hop (now up to $82 million in its third week) although to be fair Rio has the advantage of hiked-up 3D ticket prices while the 2D Hop was relying on regular admissions. Both films though prove the resilience of the family market in saving Hollywood from itself and both are “originals”. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rio is doing well . It comes from Blue Sky, the same company responsible for the monster Ice Age series. This one works as an animated charmer with bright, colorful visuals , a great voice cast and characters and some seriously terrific music. Sergio Mendes of Brasil ’66, ’77,’88 etc was involved along with other fantastic Brazilian musicians . You can already bet the Jamie Foxx –will.i.am duet “Fly Love” will be an Oscar contender. Standouts in the cast are Jesse Eisenberg, at his neurotic best in the lead role and Anne Hathaway as his love interest along with Foxx , George Lopez and Jemaine Clement as a psychotic bird. I’ve decided these ‘G’ and ‘PG’ rated flicks this season are really the pick of the crop. Not quite sure why it is the animators who are turning it out so consistently but the rest of the industry could take a lesson in the kind of quality work these artists are doing. It’s reflected in the box office and audience satisfaction. Rio scored a solid “A” from Cinemascore which means it should have a long play in theatres and probably spawn a whole new franchise for Fox. Even the 3D effects here are winning and the dark glasses don’t really take away from the overall sunniness of the picture.
Opening opposite it in a wide break this weekend was the fourth installment of the endless Scream horror series. I am not sure why 11 years after the third […]