April 24, 2014

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Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba zest ‘Machete’ action politics

By Anthony D’Alessandro
HollywoodNews.com: FILM REVIEW — If there was a classroom full of action directors, such as Michael Bay, Gore Verbinski and McG, Robert Rodriguez would be that rascal who would take them hostage, rap their knuckles with a ruler and stick their noses in a corner.
What would Rodriguez inculcate? How to make an efficient, hyper-kinetic edited, voluptuous action film, employing the most zealous dramatic ensemble.
To fault Rodriguez for his campy, snuff-inspired shoot-em ups would be like shortchanging John Woo’s talents for executing chopsocky ballet or Martin Scorsese’s overindulgence in Italian-Catholic symbolism.
Much like those guys whose cinema is beholden to their heritage, Rodriguez’s actioners, like a rich Sopaipilla drowned in honey, are drenched in sexy melodrama, exploitative action and South of the Border mythos.
So comes his Mexican Rambo film “Machete,” which he co-directed with his rhythmic editor Ethan Maniquis from “Grindhouse.” And while “Machete” is arguably the best action film of the summer, sniping “Salt” in its twists and kicking Adam McKay’s “The Other Guys” in the cajones with its comedy, the film wears its pro-Mexican Immigration message heavily on its sleeve — a bold agenda that is apt to divide action aficionados at the box office: Red state testosterones are apt to walk out while blue state arthouse crowds will savor the ride.
While the knife-wielding ex-Mexican Federale “Machete” is more or less a cinematic cousin to Rodriguez’s “Mariachi” and “Desperado” protag assassins (in fact Rodriguez originally conceived the character during the shoot of the latter film, not the “Grindhouse” faux trailer), it’s the film’s overt political soap box which makes “Machete” a more intelligible ride than its steel barrel predecessors. Sylvester Stallone’s pro-America speech at the end of “Rambo” seems mousy next to the social message which Rodriguez and Maniquis drum about U.S.-Mexico border corruption. The duo play out the drama effectively down to the final moment when Machete (the fierce, somber Danny Trejo) is pulled over by Jessica Alba’s ICE agent Sartana: Instead of handing her his papers, Sartana gives Machete a set of his own.
After watching his wife get beheaded by the drug lord Torrez (a hammy Steven Seagal) in an ambush sting, master of knives Machete retreats to Austin, Texas where he gets by as a day laborer. He is befriended [...]

Lindsay Lohan provocative poster licking a gun

The promotional poster for Lindsay Lohan’s new movie showing the troubled star in a nun’s habit licking a gun has been released.
The actress stars in Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming film Machete, which is set to be released in September. Lohan reportedly plays an avenging character called The Sister in the action thriller, which also stars Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez and Steven Seagal.
In the film, Lohan is said to go topless while swimming in a waterfall with the actress who plays her mother, The Huffington Post reports.
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SXSW: Robert Rodriguez reveals plans for a new Spy Kids movie

Saturday morning during a press conference for Predators in Austin, TX, multi-hyphenate moviemaker Robert Rodriguez announced that he has plans for a new installment in his acclaimed, commercially successful family film series Spy Kids. “I’m actually doing another Spy Kids for The Weinsteins,” he said to members of the press. “That is a new version with new kids and it’s actually pretty cool. That’s probably what I’m going to do right next.”
Although Rodriguez calls Austin home, even stationing his Troublemaker studios in the film-friendly town, the filmmaker was conducting interviews on behalf of a producing project, a sequel-cum-franchise reboot of the alien action series entitled Predators. When asked about the prospect of rebooting his own series, he laughed. “It’s funny,” he said. “It’s like I can go do someone else’s franchise that I don’t own, [but] when I had the idea for this I thought, ‘That’s kind of cool. It’s about 10 years later.’”
Rodriguez said that another installment was an easy decision given the loyalty fans of the previous films have shown him. “That’s my most loyal audience,” Rodriguez observed. “More than the geek crowd are the kids. Every day kids and families come up and say. ‘Thanks for Spy Kids. We’re showing our new kids that.’ So I thought let’s revitalize it with an amazing cast and new kids. That sounds not as good as probably it really is but when you read the script, it actually is. It didn’t sound like we were going back to the well for the fourth time. This actually feels completely new.”
Rodriguez admitted that part of the reason he was so pumped to make the movie was because he just finished the script, and indicated that the film would be markedly different from the earlier films. “I just turned it in so that’s why I’m so excited about it,” he said. “It’s going to be more like the first ones. It’d be very practical, very realistic. It’s like the Casino Royale to For Your Eyes Only. The other movies were the For Your Eyes Onlys. I love For Your Eyes Only, the Roger Moore James Bonds. [But] this is the Casino Royale.”

Predators is being released in July 2010. You can check out footage from last night’s SXSW preview at the film’s official site.